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  1. Flatsout1171

    Clarion cmd8

  2. Flatsout1171

    Clarion cmd8

    Okay I haven’t been on here in awhile I’m dropping the price just to get rid of it. Just taking up space in the cabinet in the garage lol
  3. Flatsout1171

    Clarion cmd8

    Price drop
  4. Flatsout1171

    Clarion cmd8

    Clarion cmd8 with mw 1 remote asking $125 obo nothing wrong with it just went with a Bluetooth style radio
  5. Flatsout1171


    Thanks for the response. I'm looking for a good hole shot not to concerned about top end being as that I normally run 40-45mph. Not real concerned on how fast I can get to the fishing spots.hahaha
  6. Flatsout1171

    Power pole

    I've been looking and I can't fit it in the bilge mine is to crowded and under my seat i have a cushion and it gets water in there so I'm going to put it under the console
  7. Flatsout1171

    Power pole

    I called power pole this morning and they are sending me 20 ft length of tubing and a quart of oil and fittings all for free just had to pay $14 in shipping. They are the best in customer service. I was willing to pay for everything but he said no he will send it to me as long as I pay for shipping.
  8. Flatsout1171

    Power pole

    I'm thinking of relocating my power pole pump from the starboard side back hatch area to underneath the console. Has anybody done this? I looked on power pole website and they only sell the tubing in 15ft lengths and when I measured it roughly is 18 ft is what I need.looking to see if anybody else has done this? 2005 21 ft redfish is the boat. Thanks
  9. Flatsout1171

    Power Pole XL 8'

    Send pics to 2threenine-233-osevensixfour.
  10. Flatsout1171

    Power pole

    So today I installed the Bluetooth module on my power pole.started downloading the software got through the first step pump flashed red then back to green. Did the next step of instructions but it never would download the second software update? Tried it 3 times same result. So now my pump doesn't work at all. Green led on cmonster pump. Anybody have the same issue and of course JL marine isn't open today for me to call.
  11. Flatsout1171

    Kevlar hull?

    So today at work. I was talking with a co worker who owns a 2003 21 redfisher.That his was a Kevlar hull? I didn't know they had that option in 2003?
  12. Flatsout1171

    2004 VMax starts and stalls

    I had the same issue with my 2005 250hpdi dropped it off at the mechanic and found that my fuel line from the seprator to motor had collapsed inside.just picked it up dropped in cranked right up idled great and runs like a rapped ape.
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