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    1998 redfisher 19

    40 gal tank, not sure on the capacity as my plate was so faded that it couldn' be read. 175hp max, 1050lb hull weight. 10.5" draft.
  2. cflredfisher19

    Binnacle Handle Replacement?

    Not sure if just the handle is replaceable, yours is in a lot better shape than the one was on my dad's 92 bonefisher. His was spreading and cracking the plastic, we replaced it with a newer binnacle. No regrets, so much smoother and an updated look. Wasn't too bad money wise nor work wise changing out, not a bad job if you end up replacing with new.
  3. cflredfisher19

    Best trailer for 18’ Redfisher

    AmeriTrail in St. Cloud FL I believe is the current supplier for trailers to MBG, or at least they were a couple years ago when my dad needed a new one for his 1992 Bonefisher, didn't hurt that they're 5mins from his house either. I also had them fix /correctly set up the trailer for my 99 red 19 when I got it too, was a little more than I wanted to spend but worth it.
  4. cflredfisher19

    Is this bad?

    No, no wood in them, all klegecell (not sure I spelled it right) structural foam.
  5. cflredfisher19

    Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    I have a 99 19 red with a 175 merc efi. With a 4 blade 24" prop, no clue who makes it, only marking on it is a scratched in/engraved 24P on it, 4 people, none of us being small, 235-280, plus gear, tm, 2 tm batts, 25-30 gals of fuel, rear lw empty, front lw with ice and drinks, no problem getting on plane, and hit 48mph. Probably could've gotten another 1 or 2 out of it, but wasn't worried about it. Fastest it's gone is 58 with just me (265) two rods, 5-6 gals of fuel, and tm with tm batts, and she was aired out. Thinking it may have only been sitting on the pad as it was trimmed to the moon and the feel of the boat changed and the small waves/large wind ripple was having an affect on it, only time it never felt solid. Draft with two people is probably 10.5 - 11 inches, haven't measured, but it gets really close to my dad's 16 bonefisher.
  6. cflredfisher19

    Checking in on our Florida Members

    St. Cloud area here (south of Orlando) did just fine here, no power but running on a generator. My boat and my dad's boat, 92 bonefisher, did just fine. Had them hooked up to the trucks and tucked up to the house. Winds were not quite as bad as Charlie was, definitely didn't sound as bad.
  7. cflredfisher19

    Recent, weird wildlive experiances

    Have had issues a couple times with dolphins eating fish that you just released, mostly around the dragon point area on the banana river side. Other than that, my weird/strange experience is I found and caught a triple tail that was lost as could be, found him in less than 2 ft of water on a flat in the port st John's area.
  8. cflredfisher19

    Options for a 10k budget flats boat

    Look around really hard, I picked up my 19 redfisher last year for just under 10, it wasn't perfect, but nothing major, just some time and research.
  9. cflredfisher19

    Cooler Recommendations

    I bought a rtic 45 and soft 30 back when they were 30% off ($208 for both shipped), talked myself into justifying the 45 for the reasons that it could be used as a seat and a casting platform, and it does both pretty well. The soft is absolutely perfect for long day trips. The lawsuit with yeti, rtic has changed the outer design some, but all the main, and replaceable parts are still the same. Used some Walmart igloo for years with my dad, they worked great for day trips, just not something I'd want my 240lbs to stand on, or sit on after a few years. They're 10-12 yrs old now, have no latches, on their 3rd? set of hinges, and are literally falling apart, but how much can you ask from a $35 cooler?
  10. cflredfisher19

    99 Redfisher 19

    I also have a 99 19 red, I have mine in the center consol under the front seat. I bought a set of 20 or 25' 4 gauge jumper cables and cut the ends off and ran them through. If you open the hatch that you're thinking of putting them in, on the shelf at the back of the hatch, there should be an access panel. Take the panel off and look into it on the starboard side, down and aft, you should see two holes that should have pvc pipe in them, go for the large one towards the center of the boat, that one runs back towards the consol. I borrowed a 36" long bore scope from a friend to find it. Used a fish tape in the pipe, and fashioned a hook out of a metal coat hanger to grab the fish tape and pull it up through the hole under the consol. Pulled jet line through it, taped my cables to the jet line, pulled them from the front to the back, done.