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  1. Master Repair.....The BEST!!!!!!!

    Hello, I have a 2007 Hewes Red Fisher showroom new and garage kept, I had an electrical fire 2 years ago. I was devastated, i called the factory they recommended Master Repair in Stuart, Florida. I live in Longwood Florida, which is 3 hours away. i made the decision to take my pride and joy to Mike and Scott at Master Repair. I know everyone has heard the saying: "Better than new", well take it to the bank when i tell you the craftsmanship by the Team at Master Repair. Their workmanship and attention detail is second to none. I have used the boat for 2 years since the complete overhaul, there has not been the first issue. I just went back this Monday for a trolling motor upgrade, when i got there the i felt like i was dealing with family by the way i was treated, my boat was backed into the shop and safety covers were draped all over the boat to limit dirt and damage. The upgrade was done in a timely manner, Scott did the trolling motor upgrade and Mike checked the complete electrical system and verified that all systems and the batteries were functional. This is truly the only place i would take by boat for service and repairs, to me it is worth drive to receive this high level of customer service and the attention to detail. They treated my boat as if i just purchased it from the factory. Mike, his wife Rose and Technician Scott are the BEST in the business, they exceed all aspects of customer service. Rick
  2. The boat is 2007, the charger was a Battery Tender. Thanks the boat was a great find, we bought is used 3 years ago, it had 160 hours on the engine.
  3. Good morning, I would like to take a minute and share one of the positive experiences in my life. I was directed to Mike @ Master Repair Electrical Rigging Specialist in Stuart Florida with a severely fire damaged Hewes Red Fisher. Mike and his professional staff far exceeded any of my wildest expectations. I am true perfectionist and Mike made look like a little leaguer. About 6 weeks ago my boat’s trickle charger failed and my entire electrical harness was damaged along with my fuel line. Fortunately, the fuel did not ignite and there was no structural damage to the boat. I called Hewes and spoke with a friend who had a major re-do on his boat, both referred me to Master Repair. I spoke with Mike on the phone, he was a true professional and he advised he was 3 week out before he could take my boat, 3 weeks to the day he called and took my boat. When I arrived, he staff took control of my boat, backed into the shop and immediately covered it with padded covered so they would not scuff or damage by boat. The shop was spotless and hospital clean. I watched a technician using a hand drill, when he finished he put the drill down and picked up a hand vac and cleaned up the shavings. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike inspected the boat and the verdict was not good, the insurance adjuster came by the shop. They discussed the damages. A decision was made to completely rewire the boat. There was no structural damage, just wiring issues. Mike and his staff rewired the boat from front to back, new batteries, charger, control panel and power pole controller. I water tested the boat at Mike’s urging since I am from Orlando which is 3 hours away from Mike’s shop. The boat performed flawlessly and there were no issues. I can honestly say this was probably one of the most positive customer service and professional experience in my life. I had a friend stop by after I got my boat back home and this friend has been a yacht broker for 30 years, he look at Mike's work and told this is: "Yacht quality workmanship." My thanks, to Mike, Rose, Jeff & Scott. Rick