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  1. Colorado Matt

    Which boat cover for a 2005 HPX-T?

    Just an update to wrap this thread up. I ended up having Scotties Canvas build my cover out of WeatherMax 80, using the Solar Fix thread, which carries a lifetime warranty. It has trailer tie-downs to allow for towing with the cover on. The total price was $1745. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but the fit and quality of construction is top notch. Overall, I am very pleased.
  2. Colorado Matt

    Replace Carpet under Gunnel Area MA 18.5

    Hi, I just went thru this exact project on my HPX-T. Why boat makers choose to put carpet anywhere on a boat is beyond me. Anyway, I had raw unfinished fiberglass under the carpet on my gunnels. The only solution I liked was to have those areas gel-coated first, then have the Seadek installed over that. The gel-coating was almost as expensive as the Seadek, but I think it was well worth it. Matt
  3. Colorado Matt

    Which boat cover for a 2005 HPX-T?

    Thanks, Tails. We've had patio furniture that was covered in the Sunbrella fabric, and it held up well. I recently saw a cover that appeared to be made from thin neoprene. It looked nice. But I haven't found a supplier, yet. Matt
  4. Colorado Matt

    Which boat cover for a 2005 HPX-T?

    Hmm...I know it's not the most interesting topic, but aren't there any opinions and reccomendations on covers? Has this topic been beaten to death? My searches didn't turn much up. Is there a better forum to ask this question? Matt
  5. Colorado Matt

    Which boat cover for a 2005 HPX-T?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for recommendations for a boat cover for my 2005 HPX-T. I see they are offered in few different materials. What are the pros and cons of each type? I'm looking for a tight-fitting cover that can remain on when I travel with the boat. Preferably something that isn't too difficult to take on and off. I have added a windshield to the console of my boat, so I'm thinking that may require a custom-made cover. Is that correct? If so, recommendations on qualified cover-makers in the Ft. Myers area would be most appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  6. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Thanks for the compliments, guys. I bought the boat from Claire's crazy cuban ex-husband, after they divorced. I never got to meet Claire, but If I did, I'd thank her for taking good care of her boat. ;-) Matt
  7. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Finally!! The Seadeck installation had a few hiccups. They cut 2 panels with the texture in the wrong direction, which caused a week delay. They also had to return to adhere a few corner/edges that had started to lift. I hope that isn't a on-going problem. Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the project, and I think it was a worthwhile upgrade. Let me know what you think. Sorry about the rotated pics, Im not sure how to change that Matt
  8. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Update. The gel coating took longer than anticipated, but I'm being told it turned out great, so I didn't mind the wait. I've been very impressed with Castaway Custom's professionalism and customer service. They sent a tech to laser measure for the Seadek the day they got confirmation the gel-coating was complete. I received the layout below and their official quote the day after. I initially questioned why the middle and forward gunwale mats didn't show a space for the forward rod holders, but was assured that was just a scaling quirk with the drawing program. The Seadek should be cut this week, and installed the first part of next week. I requested to have the installer photograph the completed job, and I will share those as soon as I can. Can't wait!! Matt
  9. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Hi SouthernWake, The Seadek requires a smooth surface to adhere to, so the choices were either gel-coat or some sort of epoxy coating over the raw fiberglass beneath the carpet before the Seadek is installed. If you look closely at the first HPX pic I posted above, there are small areas of the hull visible around the edges of the Seadeck on the gunnel walls. I prefer that look over covering the entire area in Seadek, hence my choice to gel-coat first. My plan on the rod holders is to retain a few scraps of Seadek to apply just to the surfaces that the rods rest on, instead of wrapping a continuous piece of carpet like the factory did. I hope that helps, Matt
  10. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Just a quick update on this project. The gel coating and painting on the gunnel walls will be completed this week, hopefully. I chose to have the original rod holders gel-coated and painted as well. The quote was for $1000, which was more than I was expecting, but I guess that's why they say BOAT stands for Bust Out Another Thousand. ;-) Once that is complete, Castaway Customs will laser measure for the Seadek. Ryan said the Seadek work should only take about 5-6 days. Their quote was $1500. My wife gave me the stink eye when I told her what the entire project will cost, but I think she will change her attitude when she sees it. I'm looking forward to it, and I will post pics of the completed job as soon as possible. Matt
  11. Colorado Matt

    Livewell work on a HPX-T

    Hi, I had the live well pump on my HPX-T relocated to near the bilge pump for easier access. I assume the shop that did it had a very small and limber mechanic because I'm pretty sure the only access to it is from the starboard rear hatch. I knew I wasn't going to squeeze my large azz in there. Good luck, Matt
  12. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    I will certainly keep this thread updated the best I can. I live in Colorado and my boat stays on Sanibel Island at a friend's house. I'll be having the work done in Ft. Myers at Dan Fowler Marine. I will request he take progress pics, but I can't guarantee that will happen. At any rate, my buddy will gladly take pics for me when the work is complete, and I will post them here. Thanks for the input, gentlemen. Matt
  13. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Hi Compton, Yes, my rod holders are different than those pictured, but are generally in the same spots. Below is a pic of what mine look like. Since I'm gel coating under the gunnels anyway, I'm considering removing the original rod holders (not the ideal design, IMO) and installing more modern versions in the same locations. Any recommendations are welcomed. I'm dealing with Ryan at Castaway. I will reach out to him for suggestions as well. Matt
  14. Colorado Matt

    HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Jscann, Thanks for your reply. I've watched a few videos on gel coating, and it doesn't look too difficult. My biggest concern is color matching the paint, since there will be small areas of the gunnels that the Seadek won't cover. BTW, here's an example pic of the areas I'm going to Seadek from the Castaway Customs website. Only mine will be done in mocha over black in the faux teak pattern (second pic). I think it should look sharp, and best of all will get rid of the crummy carpet. Good luck and I hope you document your project here. Matt
  15. Hello, I am removing the deteriorating carpet on the gunnels of my 2005 Maverick HPXT and I'm seeking suggestions and advice on how to properly refinish those areas. I no longer want any carpet on the boat. My preference is Seadek. Unfortunately, the gunnel surfaces are raw fiberglass under the carpet, and will need gel coating and painting before the Seadek can be installed. Is gel coating and painting these areas a DIY project for a relatively handy guy? I've restored vehicles, including bodywork and painting them, in the past, but I've never worked with fiberglass. Or, is this a job best left to a professional? Any suggestions on the rod holders? Currently, they are painted wood with strips of carpet glued to the curved surfaces where the rods sit. Should I glass and gel coat them as well? If so, will Seadek stick well enough to the tight curves of the rod holders to provide protection for the rods and reels? Or, do you have a better idea? If any of you have tackled this or a similar project, and have pics and/or insights, please do share. Thanks in advance, Matt
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