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  1. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    I just measured mine...just shy of 29'
  2. Powertech NRS?

    Call PowerTech directly and speak with Marcus or Steven.
  3. F115 enough for a 2000V?

    Does the boat have a t top? I almost pulled the trigger on a 2000v with t top and F115. The owner said it didn't have any troubles getting on plane and topped out at 35mph on gps. I suspect without the top it would've been a lil faster. The boat was priced right but I think buyers, including myself, felt it was under powered because of the extra drag/weight of the t top. He ended up taking it off the classifieds after 3 months. Without the t top I prolly would've bought it. I don't know how loaded down you plan on running. Good luck!
  4. WTB Powertech OFX 4

    Got mine from Prop Gods in Sarasota. It was $499 but had to pay tax and shipping, so it came out to about $100 more than the one you saw on FB. I called PowerTech and they told me there were two distributors near me, one in Sarasota and one in Jax. I've heard nothing but good things about Ken at Prop Gods so he got the call. I see you're close to Jax.
  5. WTB Powertech OFX 4

    Same one I just bought. I think you'll be happy with it
  6. Dog names

    My coworker has a male yellow lab named Anchor. She had a black named Reef, but he drowned. She's getting a female chocolate in 3 weeks and already named her Sayler. My chocolate is named Flint, he's an awesome dog!
  7. I have that same one from Costco. Haven't used it on the water yet, but when I returned from a fishing trip I was gonna flush the motor on the muffs. Battery was dragging really bad. Hooked up the little jump box and it fired right up. I also jumped a vehicle with it. It stays in my truck and goes on the boat every time.
  8. I almost bit. Gonna get a gen2 shortly
  9. Pathfinder & specks Just go together

    Awesome. Love it when they're on fire!
  10. Boca Grip knockoffs??
  11. Boat Shoes

    I used to go barefoot or flip flops until I saw one of my friends take a grouper's dorsal fin under his big toe toenail. From then on I wear shoes while fishing and that was 15+ years ago. i usually wear some type of leather boat/deck shoe (Sperry, Irish Setter, West Marine brand). The problem with leather is that they all end up stinking. I bought a pair of Soft Science Fin, wore them once and they rubbed my heel raw. I emailed Soft Science and they are supposed to be sending me 2 pair of Fin 2.0 in different sizes to try. If these don't work out I'll prolly get some of the Columbia water shoes or Olukais
  12. 2200 TRS - New Last May

    Spotless!!! Beautiful boat and photos
  13. New to me 2003 2200v

    Nice. I got a 2003 2200v as well. I love it
  14. 2006 2200 TE with some upgrades.

    Wow! Looks great!
  15. Portable Battery Jumper

    That's the one I have too. Bought it specifically to carry on the boat but haven't had the need to use it for that purpose. I did use it to charge my mobile devices during the power outages from Hurricane Hermine, it worked great for that