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  1. Check out Outdoor Research hats. The one I have has a very wide brim. It easily shades my ears, neck, and face. The brim is flexible so it has some give in the wind.
  2. craSSh

    This Is a Sunset

    Sunday’s sunset
  3. craSSh

    This Is a Sunset

  4. craSSh

    Minn Kota Puck Placement

    I told my installer to cover up the holes from the old trolling motor, here’s what he did. I still need to trim the star board to match the contours of the boat. Hope these help
  5. craSSh

    04 2200v w/150 v-max

    Do you know when was the last time it had a carb job? You should be seeing more max rpms. I'm not familiar with your prop, but I have 150 vmax ox66 and see 56-5800 with my OFX4 17
  6. craSSh

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    Have you considered anything in the panhandle? Destin/ Santa Rosa Beach area to be exact... White sugar sand beaches and emerald water. Plenty of shops and restaurants down 30A and things to do
  7. craSSh

    Dog Island

    Nice catch! The trout bite has definitely caught fire in our area, cobia are starting to show up too
  8. craSSh

    TM shaft length?

    I have 80# , 60" , 24volt Terrova on my 2200v. It replaced a 54" tiller steer. Definitely go with at least the 60". The 80# works fine for me in N Florida gulf
  9. craSSh

    farewell Abbey

    Sorry for you and your family's loss. May she rest in peace
  10. craSSh

    Original Hewes decal removal

    I've use the 3m eraser wheel to remove adhesives on my truck and boat... Worked like a charm. It truly is a great tool to have.
  11. craSSh

    Clean Up & Refresh

    Looks good. Great idea with the teak
  12. craSSh

    What did you do to your boat today?

    The PP was extremely noisy last time out, so I read I needed to change/add fluid. My lab is such a good boy, he always waits patiently while I work on the boat... he gets an occasional frisbee, ball, stick, or dummy throw while waiting. He loves riding in the boat too. The Terminal Tamer is a good invention, I also saw it on Ship Shape and ordered one shortly after...another one of those "Why didn't I think of that" inventions.
  13. craSSh

    What did you do to your boat today?

    On Thursday I planned on putting a new starting/house battery in and also changing the fluid in the Power Pole. Took out the C-monster to drain the fluid and clean the screens. While moving the hydraulic lines I snapped the blue one, my bad luck didn’t stop there. I took the pump off the reservoir to clean the screens and during reassembly I ended up stripping one of the screws. I called JL Marine/Power Pole and they said they would send new lines, reservoir, and a quart of fluid... Terrific customer service!!!! The package came Friday afternoon, they even included new screens. Saturday morning I decide to finish what I had started. Cleaned up the compartment, moved the battery tray so things aren’t so cramped in there and I’m good to go for now. I’ve had to use Power Pole customer service before and they are a no hassle top shelf company.
  14. craSSh


    I ran down to Shell Point to get the boat yesterday and ended up pulling all the furniture out. Storm surge supposed to be bad. Hopefully after this passes I’ll still have a place there
  15. craSSh

    Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    I use improved clinch or palomar
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