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  1. craSSh

    Flashlight Gear Heads: Surefire G2 help?

    Check this out. Replacement bulb and reflector. Replace Q5 led bulb for Surefire 6P 9P G2 C2 Z2 M2 P61 G3 Lamp Torch Flashlight https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DFGDG88/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_oLEtEbR3XQSQX
  2. Years ago, tarpon would get stacked up in Mud Cove at Alligator Point, along with the big sharks. Water clarity is horrible there, so I'm not sure about fly fishing
  3. craSSh

    Help with Navigation light Question

    Get a volt meter and test it at the light. Chances are the wire has corrosion and is not getting the full voltage it needs.
  4. craSSh

    THIS is a sunrise

    Livewell is full... just waiting on the wind to die down a bit
  5. craSSh

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Finally got around to putting in my Battery Tender trolling motor plug. Next on the agenda is rewire the bilge, livewell, and recirculation pumps.
  6. craSSh

    Battery post distribution block

    I'm pretty sure you're referring to the Terminal Tamer
  7. craSSh

    New Pathfinder Owner

    Congrats on the new boat!
  8. craSSh

    Garden and Gun Good Dog Photo Contest

    I’m partial to whichever one I have at the moment. I have a chocolate now and he is awesome
  9. craSSh

    Garden and Gun Good Dog Photo Contest

    She's gorgeous. Good luck!
  10. craSSh

    Spinning or Baitcaster

    I use both. The lure/bait plays a factor to which one is being used , and also what the targeted species. I like using my baitcasters more, but I'll only use artificials. I find I get less hand fatigue using the baitcaster. I only use high speed baitcasters... 7:1 and 8:1. I'll use spinning gear for both live bait and artificial. If my hands get fatigued using one style, I pick up the other.
  11. craSSh

    Prop advice

    PowerTech and Prop Gods both recommended the PT OFX4/17 to me. I'm pleased with it. It never blows out in turns and has a great hole shot. I get 5800 @ 45-46 with fishing load , 2-3 people.
  12. craSSh

    Soft Science Customer Service

    I've had great experience with their customer service also. Very comfortable shoes!
  13. craSSh

    The official "What did you catch today" thread

    I was bouncing jigs on the bottom around a sunken barge in 14 ft
  14. craSSh

    The official "What did you catch today" thread

    A quick mid morning trip
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