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  1. Release well plumbing

    My release well drains into the bilge also
  2. Who fishes with their best friend?

    I take my choc lab on the lake. He hasn't been in the Pathfinder yet. I plan to take him this fall when it cools off.
  3. Pathfinder 2300DV T-Top lacing

    If it's Dacron you should be good to go. Nylon braid, Dacron, or polyester chord is what's recommended.
  4. THIS is a sunrise

    Snapped this on the way out this morning. I wish there were more clouds... it got hot awfully quick!!!
  5. I watch my water pressure gauge and make sure I have ample pressure. That being said I have not paid attention to pressure in relation to height, just the fact that the higher up the motor the less water pressure. I only jack it way up if I need to.
  6. Livewell Pumps

    I ran a Shurflo Pro Baitmaster in my last boat (not an MBG boat). It's a dual purpose pump that can be used as a washdown and livewell pump. It worked great for my use.
  7. Prop Input Request

    I have a PowerTech OFX4 17. It is 15.25" x 17. It works great for me and is highly recommended by many.
  8. Prop Input Request

    You said the prop worked fine... Curious why you need a new one?
  9. Pathfinder 2000v vs 20000

    Same boat
  10. Reds Devils Elbow

    Nice and Go Noles!
  11. THIS is a sunrise

    Tuesday morning heading out of the St Marks River
  12. Advice on VHF radio and antenna

    After pondering where to mount my antenna for greatest effectiveness, here's what I came up with. I unscrew the antenna and keep it in the front compartment. I got a Standard Horizon gx1700 with built in gps
  13. Pathfinder hull damage - What to do

    I see you bought the boat you were asking about on the floridasportsman forum.... awesome!!!! It's a 14 year old boat, it's gonna have some bumps and bruises. Mine has the same wear. I just haven't got around to fixing it yet... no water intrusion on mine. Did you get the 4 blade yet? Good luck with it!
  14. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    I just measured mine...just shy of 29'
  15. Powertech NRS?

    Call PowerTech directly and speak with Marcus or Steven.