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  1. Pathfinder 2300DV T-Top lacing

    If it's Dacron you should be good to go. Nylon braid, Dacron, or polyester chord is what's recommended.
  2. THIS is a sunrise

    Snapped this on the way out this morning. I wish there were more clouds... it got hot awfully quick!!!
  3. I watch my water pressure gauge and make sure I have ample pressure. That being said I have not paid attention to pressure in relation to height, just the fact that the higher up the motor the less water pressure. I only jack it way up if I need to.
  4. Livewell Pumps

    I ran a Shurflo Pro Baitmaster in my last boat (not an MBG boat). It's a dual purpose pump that can be used as a washdown and livewell pump. It worked great for my use.
  5. Prop Input Request

    I have a PowerTech OFX4 17. It is 15.25" x 17. It works great for me and is highly recommended by many.
  6. Prop Input Request

    You said the prop worked fine... Curious why you need a new one?
  7. Pathfinder 2000v vs 20000

    Same boat
  8. Reds Devils Elbow

    Nice and Go Noles!
  9. THIS is a sunrise

    Tuesday morning heading out of the St Marks River
  10. Advice on VHF radio and antenna

    After pondering where to mount my antenna for greatest effectiveness, here's what I came up with. I unscrew the antenna and keep it in the front compartment. I got a Standard Horizon gx1700 with built in gps
  11. Pathfinder hull damage - What to do

    I see you bought the boat you were asking about on the floridasportsman forum.... awesome!!!! It's a 14 year old boat, it's gonna have some bumps and bruises. Mine has the same wear. I just haven't got around to fixing it yet... no water intrusion on mine. Did you get the 4 blade yet? Good luck with it!
  12. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    I just measured mine...just shy of 29'
  13. Powertech NRS?

    Call PowerTech directly and speak with Marcus or Steven.
  14. F115 enough for a 2000V?

    Does the boat have a t top? I almost pulled the trigger on a 2000v with t top and F115. The owner said it didn't have any troubles getting on plane and topped out at 35mph on gps. I suspect without the top it would've been a lil faster. The boat was priced right but I think buyers, including myself, felt it was under powered because of the extra drag/weight of the t top. He ended up taking it off the classifieds after 3 months. Without the t top I prolly would've bought it. I don't know how loaded down you plan on running. Good luck!
  15. WTB Powertech OFX 4

    Got mine from Prop Gods in Sarasota. It was $499 but had to pay tax and shipping, so it came out to about $100 more than the one you saw on FB. I called PowerTech and they told me there were two distributors near me, one in Sarasota and one in Jax. I've heard nothing but good things about Ken at Prop Gods so he got the call. I see you're close to Jax.