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  1. Goatro

    New Trailer Brakes

    Google boat trailer parts. Give them a call. They answered all my questions. But I didn’t look at tie down parts. I wanted to change to Kodiak brand. I called and asked for rotor size and figment around a 14” wheel.
  2. Goatro

    New Trailer Brakes

    Well after installing the backing plates at 9:00 oclock position. I had to change them to 12:00 oclock position. Ameritrail doesn't leave much brake lines to play with. All pressured up and bled down. Test run tomorrow to see how they perform. After the price on all stainless hardware I shouldn't have to hit the brakes on my truck at all. I'll post some pics up later. Bot is still being cleaned up.
  3. Goatro

    New Trailer Brakes

    7 spoke wheels I have on trailer
  4. Goatro

    New Trailer Brakes

    Thanks. I have 5 lug hubs but the aluminum wheels I have are the 7 spoke.
  5. Goatro

    New Trailer Brakes

    I was doing routine check on my bearings and brakes. I too will be replacing all my rotors, hubs and calipers. Calipers and rotors are corroded and just gone. Going to this same system. One question I have for All Wet is do you have aluminum wheels. I have ordered the Kodiak stainless hubs and wanted to make sure the studs will be long enough to tighten the lugs on the 7 spoke aluminum wheels.
  6. Goatro

    LED Lights under console??

    Thanks guys. That's the one I need. Appreciate the help.
  7. Goatro

    LED Lights under console??

    I have a 2012 2300 and one on the led light housing broke under the console. It won’t hold the light in place cause one of the ears on it is broke off. Anyone know who is manufacture of them. Looking to replace instead of just slapping a ton of silicone and gluing it back.
  8. Goatro

    24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for 23 HPS?

    Here’s the video of movement. I have cleaned the boat since video. 1AA201F3-8B14-4262-A46D-90E9894248FF.MOV
  9. Goatro

    24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for 23 HPS?

    When I measured the travel. I think it was 9' of travel. I have a video of mine mounted. I'll have to post it.
  10. Goatro

    24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for 23 HPS?

    Look at the trolling motor mounts from R&R Design. There is a video on You Tube on how it works and the install process. I installed one on my 2300 and works good. I have a MK Ulterra mounted on the bow.
  11. Goatro

    2013 2300 HPS / SHO250

    I am interested in it.
  12. Goatro

    2013 Pathfinder 24 TRS

    Nice boat. Did this boat sale or is it still on the market.
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