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  1. JnamJnam

    2018 maverick HPXS for sale (open to trades)

    Correct. This is a 2 degree boat.
  2. JnamJnam

    Deadrise 17 HPX-V vs. 17 HPX-S

    Gotcha. I live in Fort Myers. Fish Pine-Island, Matlacha, EsteroBay, and the Everglades. The S is the perfect boat for these locations. Happy to take you out if you ever want a test ride. - https://flyfishswflorida.com/the-boat
  3. JnamJnam

    Deadrise 17 HPX-V vs. 17 HPX-S

    Really depends on what type of fishing you plan to do. Where are you located? DRAFT: The S is 2-3 inches shallower in draft. That may not seem like a lot but it all depends on the areas you fish. RIDE: The V is going to have a smoother less "pounding ride" due to the dead-rise. However I will argue that the S is actually drier. Its nearly impossible to get wet in the boat. POLEABILITY: The 17S and 17V is very close in pole ability... I would give the nudge 17S.
  4. Just upgraded to a 24' Push pole. For sale is a Stiffy Hybrid Push Pole - 21' in excellent condition. Located in SWFL (Fort Myers) $500 FIRM
  5. Great deal. Surprised it hasn't sold yet!
  6. JnamJnam

    2016 Maverick 17 HPX-V 115 Yamaha SHO For Sale

    Sweet color combo!!!
  7. JnamJnam

    Deadrise 17 HPX-V vs. 17 HPX-S

    The 17S is a 2 degree boat. I went from a V to an S if you have any questions. LOVE THE S!
  8. JnamJnam

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    I cannot wait. This is honestly my favorite week of the year!
  9. JnamJnam

    GPS Failure Expected Saturday

    Fished Saturday and Sunday without any interruption on my Lowrance.
  10. JnamJnam

    GPS Failure Expected Saturday

    Same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. Was just a blown fuse in the fuse box under the console.
  11. JnamJnam

    HPX 17 Owners- I have a question

    16 Pitch prop on my 17HPXS. WOT is 41MPH.
  12. JnamJnam

    Any updates?

    Headed to Pine Island for the weekend. Hoping to do some pre-season/early-season tarpon flyfishing. Supposedly they are out there! Will report back after the weekend.
  13. Hello All, I know there are a couple forum members here that are located in SWFL. I am a freak about my boat and I want to have some of the wiring under my console cleaned up. I do not feel that my abilities of clean electrical work are adequate for my happiness. Does anybody have a suggestion for a wiring Guru in the SWFL area? Thanks
  14. JnamJnam

    2017 Maverick 17HPXS Factory Demo

    That was quick!!! Figured it would be. BEST boat on the market hands down.
  15. JnamJnam

    WTB 24' Push Pole

    Have a 21' that I want to replace with a 24'. Preferably a stiffy Hybrid or Guide.... Thanks in advance.
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