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  1. Hello, -For sale is a 16 Pitch Powertech SCD3 K16. -Prop is used. Has slight signs of wear (See pictures). Great backup prop. Or re-finish to brand new! -I will cover shipping cost. -$150! -Perfect prop for Yamaha F70.
  2. JnamJnam

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Yep... That transition into fall! Just hoping for one nice less windy weather day.
  3. JnamJnam

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Fingers crossed for a less windy tournament this year...
  4. JnamJnam

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    I will be running my HPX-S again this year. Staying across the road at Kon Tiki if you want a test ride!
  5. JnamJnam

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    I've wanted to buy a SAT phone for a while... However I couldn't bite the bullet on a $500-700 phone with a monthly subscription that costs more than my regular cell phone service. I ended up with a Spot X. I can send and receive text messages. In case of emergency I have the SOS option. The reviews on this product were not favorable however I have had great success down in ENP. Texts go through within minutes. Haven't had to use the SOS option yet.... THANKFULLY! The phone is $200 and the monthly subscription is only $10 a month for 20 texts a month...
  6. JnamJnam

    2018 Maverick 18HPX

    One of the best looking 18HPX'VS out there! Good luck with the sale.
  7. JnamJnam

    2018 70 hp Yamaha

    Hours on motor?
  8. Depends on how you outfit the boat. I had a HPX18V with a 115 that in my opinion floated very level. No porpoise problems at all. I've seen a couple HPX18V's that guys have rigged with 150 and 175HP motors with duel power-poles. Those boats squat... Keep it simple the boat is designed as a poling skiff. Not a bass boat!
  9. JnamJnam

    2019 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    Another awesome year at the Tarpon Lodge. Thanks to Maverick Boat Group! See you all again in Islamorada.
  10. JnamJnam

    1993 Mirage Re-Wiring

    Reach out to - http://rsmarineservice.com/ Not a big overhead operation. Father and son team. Quality work! Located right off Alico Road Fort Myers.
  11. JnamJnam

    Any updates?

    No signs of red tide! I fished from N-Cap to Bocoa on Saturday. Lots of life / lots of bait.
  12. JnamJnam

    Trolling Motor Batteries

    https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/bluetop-dual-purpose-deep-cycle-and-starting/d34m In the mid-range price. 5-6 year battery no problem.
  13. JnamJnam

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Just sounds like its running like a 19Pitch at those low RPM levels...
  14. JnamJnam

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Very strange... Can you upload a picture of the tag on the prop? It definitely says SCB4 - 15?
  15. JnamJnam

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Is the 4 blade a brand new prop? That just doesn't make sense. Is the hub inside the prop spinning correctly or is there major slip?
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