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  1. JnamJnam

    Any updates?

    No signs of red tide! I fished from N-Cap to Bocoa on Saturday. Lots of life / lots of bait.
  2. JnamJnam

    Trolling Motor Batteries

    https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/bluetop-dual-purpose-deep-cycle-and-starting/d34m In the mid-range price. 5-6 year battery no problem.
  3. JnamJnam

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Just sounds like its running like a 19Pitch at those low RPM levels...
  4. JnamJnam

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Very strange... Can you upload a picture of the tag on the prop? It definitely says SCB4 - 15?
  5. JnamJnam

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Is the 4 blade a brand new prop? That just doesn't make sense. Is the hub inside the prop spinning correctly or is there major slip?
  6. JnamJnam

    2018 HPX-S

    Wow Beautiful Boat! I would be all over this if I didn't have one already... 🤩
  7. JnamJnam

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Something doesn't seem right here... You have a 17HPX-S with the 70HP Yamaha? You should be able to reach 6000 with the 15 Powertech no problem. I currently run the 16Pitch 3 blade on my HPX-S. I can run 42MPH at 6300RPMS. I previously ran the 15Pitch 4 blade on my HPX-S. I would get 39MPH at 6200PRMS. I also run jackplate, tabs, and powerpole. Have you adjusted your trim and jackplate while running?
  8. JnamJnam

    Estero Bay update

    Awesome. I live right on Mullock Creek.
  9. JnamJnam

    Estero Bay update

    Flatsdoctor - Where do you put in at? I am out in Estero typically 3-4 days a week. I have yet to see an HPX-T in the bay!
  10. Awesome Sunday down in the Everglades! Left outdoor resorts at 6AM. Tarpon on by 7AM. Landed fished around 7:30 on the 12wt. Completed the slam by 9AM. Water is very clean right now. Tons of bait around! Which means lots of fish around. Definitely a busy weekend on the water with lots of other boats running around! But nobody where we wanted to fish.
  11. JnamJnam

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Anybody else studying Google Earth and planning your routes out yet?.. Or am I just too excited? 🤣
  12. JnamJnam

    Facts on hpxs

    It has a small semi-tunel. Not the full on Tunnel that the HPX-T had.
  13. JnamJnam

    Facts on hpxs

    Where are you located? I will find some ankle deep water let you stand there and watch me run through it. Jack up / Trim up - 4 Blade prop 5" running draft.
  14. JnamJnam

    Maverick 17HPX-S - 8 Month Review

    Awesome! Enjoy the search.
  15. JnamJnam

    Maverick 17HPX-S - 8 Month Review

    The one on the right is for a Go-Pro camera release mount. The one on the left is to fill the hydraulic steering fluid (SeaStar). True depth is right at 5-7" - unloaded vs. loaded with two anglers and gear. Running is scary shallow! More shallow then I ever want to run.
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