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  1. Juvy Micro Tarpon SWFL

    Lots of talk of negative water in the SWFL area... Here is something positive to look at! Juvy Tarpon has been off the charts in the SWFL area.
  2. 18HPX - Battery Location

    Wow. Very clean setup. I like the box with the breaker on the outside. Do you know who makes that box? Or was that an aftermarket creation? I have to do the same thing with a my cooler however that is also not a solution for me. I want to have the boat balanced at all times regardless of how much ice I have in my cooler or fuel in my tank. I really think the best option is to have all 3 batteries in the front hatch.
  3. 18HPX - Battery Location

    Hello All, I know a similar topic has been discussed before... I have a 2013 18HPXV with a 115. I absolutely love the boat! My only complaint is that when I am under a half tank of fuel I start to get hull slap when push poling an angler due the chines being right at the water line. (this is without the trolling motor on the bow. 95% of the time I keep the trolling motor off. Yes I could keep it on and eliminate the slap but that's not the point. I dont want it on the bow because of fly line) The boat came rigged with the main starting battery in the front hatch and the two trolling motor batteries in the console. (Kinda backwards I would say) I know I have room to put all 3 batteries up front (If i move the starting battery vertical and put the two trolling motor batteries in horizontal right up against the fuel tank) but I wanted to see your guys suggestions on how to mount... where to put the breaker... where to run the inline changer ect... If you think this will be too much weight for the front of the boat. If you think its crazy to have 3 batteries right next to 30G of fuel.... Hoping somebody out there has already run this setup and that I could see pictures. Pictures attached of my current bow. Thanks in advance.
  4. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    I’m in for two. Across the road at Kon Tiki again!
  5. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    I've been using an Ulterra for that last year and a half with zero issues at all! Once you go with an Ulterra you will never want to go back. The idea of going to the bow and using my back everytime I want to move spots seems crazy to me now! haha
  6. Is there a Good Prop Shop Near Fort Myers

    Burris Propeller in Cape Coral. Probably $100.
  7. Mercury Spitfire X7 21p Prop

    Make an offer! One of the most desired props for the F115
  8. SellIng/trade Maverick mirage with 115 sho

    Love the older Mirages! This one is definitely a beauty!!! Should sell pretty quick.
  9. I stepped down to a 19p prop and have had this prop sitting in my garage for a few months. Fast 4 Blade Prop! Excellent condition. Only used for maybe 3 months. Will sell with brand new Mercury Hub Kit. I will cover shipping, $350. New $500.
  10. WTB- Fly line stripping bucket

    Here is the link to where I got mine. http://stripandfeed.com/?page_id=77
  11. Back in an HPX-V

    Awesome! I saw that boat at Fort Myers Marine. Knew it wouldn't last long!
  12. FWC tripletail and sheepshead size changes

    Awesome. Now time to tighten up some other regulations! Give Redfish a season so they have a period to recover or change the slot and make it a smaller gap.
  13. Power Pole question

    Assuming you have the CMonster Pump... There is an app you can download on your phone called "CMonster". This app will actually run diagnosis on both pumps and it will also allow you to change the speeds that the poles go up and down...
  14. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    Same with my 2013.
  15. Looking to possibly upgrade

    The Maverick will be a MUCH better ride. It is actually a very dry ride for its size. Arguably one of the best riding flat bottom skiffs out. The bow entry slices through the chop. The cap extends a lot further out than the hull which really helps to stay dry.