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  1. JnamJnam

    2017 Maverick 17HPXS Factory Demo

    That was quick!!! Figured it would be. BEST boat on the market hands down.
  2. JnamJnam

    WTB 24' Push Pole

    Have a 21' that I want to replace with a 24'. Preferably a stiffy Hybrid or Guide.... Thanks in advance.
  3. JnamJnam

    Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    I upgraded to the FMT chip. Have the Navonics chip if anybody wants to make an offer for it!
  4. JnamJnam

    Any updates?

    Trippled up 4 times in the day!
  5. JnamJnam

    Any updates?

    I fished just a little bit north of N-Cap last weekend and was blown away by the amount of life! We caught 42 redfish. Noticeably a lot of the fish were little which is awesome to see. Most fish were in the 16-18" range. Biggest was 34". From my opinion the area is recovering quite well! Other guys I have talked to said its been the best in years. Hopefully they extend the catch and release again when it is up for debate.
  6. JnamJnam

    2019 HPX 18V jackplate

    Not needed. I had an 18V with a Jackplate. Ended up taking it off.
  7. JnamJnam

    HPX V18 2013 blackout package

    Wow killer deal. You are giving it away! I just sold my 2013 18V for alot more...
  8. Very next day I brought him to the Everglades to learn how to fly fish. He killed it! 30 Snook on fly his first time ever fly fishing! He was pumped!!! Way more exciting to watch him catch fish than fish myself. Here is the video from the glades if interested: I love all of Pine Island Sound. Cant really give you a specific area as really all of it is productive!
  9. JnamJnam

    2009 Maverick 18HPXV

    Wow! That is going to sell very very quickly. Would be surprised if it made it 3 days.
  10. JnamJnam

    Propeller Shops Fort Myers Area

    I second Burris in Cape Coral. Great work! Old timer guy who has been doing this for 40+ years.
  11. JnamJnam

    Catch and release extended

    AWESOME NEWS! Glad they extended it. I was worried it was only going to be for the month.
  12. JnamJnam

    2018 HPXS

    Such an awesome boat! I just downsized from an 18V to the 17S! Absolutely in love with it.
  13. Hello, I have a Atlast Micro Jacker jackplate for sale. This is in good working order! No issues whatsoever. Jack plate was only on the boat for about a year. Does not come with the wiring. Just the Pump! Will cover shipping - $350. "Smallest & lightest hydraulic jack on the market - weighs 23 pounds •Perfect for shallow water skiffs & flat boats •Smallest footprint available: 14-5/8”W x 11-1/2”H •Strong & fast actuator - 8 seconds top to bottom •115 HP outboards max. •425 lbs. max. dry weight"