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  1. Mercury Spitfire X7 21p Prop

    Make an offer! One of the most desired props for the F115
  2. Maverick mirage 2 with 115 sho

    Love the older Mirages! This one is definitely a beauty!!! Should sell pretty quick.
  3. I stepped down to a 19p prop and have had this prop sitting in my garage for a few months. Fast 4 Blade Prop! Excellent condition. Only used for maybe 3 months. Will sell with brand new Mercury Hub Kit. I will cover shipping, $350. New $500.
  4. WTB- Fly line stripping bucket

    Here is the link to where I got mine. http://stripandfeed.com/?page_id=77
  5. Back in an HPX-V

    Awesome! I saw that boat at Fort Myers Marine. Knew it wouldn't last long!
  6. FWC tripletail and sheepshead size changes

    Awesome. Now time to tighten up some other regulations! Give Redfish a season so they have a period to recover or change the slot and make it a smaller gap.
  7. Power Pole question

    Assuming you have the CMonster Pump... There is an app you can download on your phone called "CMonster". This app will actually run diagnosis on both pumps and it will also allow you to change the speeds that the poles go up and down...
  8. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    Same with my 2013.
  9. Looking to possibly upgrade

    The Maverick will be a MUCH better ride. It is actually a very dry ride for its size. Arguably one of the best riding flat bottom skiffs out. The bow entry slices through the chop. The cap extends a lot further out than the hull which really helps to stay dry.
  10. Hello Everyone, I am finally having a casting platform built for my boat. The builder is asking me for the height of the backrest. Can somebody on here give me a suggestion on how my the backrest should be. (It will be removable) I am also thinking of going 16" Tall on the platform... Thank you
  11. Great time of year to fish Pine Island Sound!
  12. North Captiva, Bokeelia, Pineland recomendations

    Pineisland is full of life right now! Fished the last 3 days out of Pineland. Some of the best fishing I can remember in years. Water is extremely clear right now! Big trout are everywhere! Bull Reds are around!
  13. Ameratrail! Last weekend I blew a tire on 75 coming home from the Everglades. In the process I lost my fender, wheel well liner, side step rail, and tail lights. I called Ameratrail on Monday and had the replacement parts to my house on Tuesday. Took 20 minutes to bolt back. Extremely impressed with their customer service.
  14. Camping in Choko

    I was told by John the ranger (I am sure if you have ever put in at Outdoor Resorts you know who I am talking about LOL) that it is first come first serve. Just pitch your tent and it is yours. Lots of tree debris in the water to dodge but besides that it really looks untouched.