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  1. Gmullek

    SOLD - 2009 Pathfinder 2000V

    Yes, indeed it is a great boat. The only reason I'm even looking to sell it is I want something to fit in my garage at the house we just moved to. I'm the original owner and will hate to see it go.
  2. Gmullek

    SOLD - 2009 Pathfinder 2000V

    Engine was serviced last August. Less than 10 hrs (guessing maybe 5 or so) since the 600 hour service was done. Copy of the invoice showing all the work completed is included. It’s ready to go for the next ~100 hrs. Engine has always been serviced every 100 hrs. Boat also comes with a custom cover. The boat has always either been covered or under a roof.
  3. SOLD 2009 Pathfinder 2000V with 2009 Yamaha F150 with 585 hours. 10 ft Blade Power Pole, MotorGuide Xi5 24v 80lb trolling motor with 60 in shaft. Lowrance HDS7 fishfinder/chart plotter, Radio, on board charger, 2 house/crank batteries and 2 trolling motor batteries, 4 blade PowerTech Prop, Sport Trail Aluminum Trailer Asking $28,000. Boat is located near Mobile Al. 251 776 3308
  4. Gmullek

    Pathfinder 2000V

    I’m running a Power tech 4 blade prop on my Yam F150 It’s the one Marcus at PowerTech recommended specific for this hull without a jack plate. It has helped with the porpoising issue this hull is known for vs the 3 blade I had prior. I still have to use the trim tabs but not as much. I don’t remember the exact model but they will know what works.
  5. Gmullek

    Pathfinder 2000V

    I have a 2009 2000V and use a 24 volt MotorGuide Xi5 with a 60" shaft. It's been just fine for me. I don't think I would go with less than the 60" shaft.
  6. Gmullek

    Ditch Bag

    Great thread here. I experienced my own close call when my wife was 6 months pregnant with our first child. I live in Mobile AL and fish a lot in the MS Sound / Mobile Bay. I was out by myself one day and managed to go over board while setting a small bait net (shrimp trawl) off the back of my 2000V. I was in water well over my head and over 2 miles from anything I could stand up in. LIke most "inshore" guys around here I had no life jacket on and to make it worse was not wearing the kill switch because it wasn't long enough to reach the back deck of my boat. Boat was in gear at an idle and it was a sick feeling watching it leave me. Conditions were choppy 1-2 ft seas and there was not way I was catching it. ~4-5 hours later I made it to the nearest mud lump of an island and an hour after that thankfully the Sheriff's Flotilla picked me up. Later I learned she received a call from the Marine Police from my phone that my boat had been found and I was not in it. Not a phone call you ever want your wife to get. The only reason I made it was the tide was going slack and the summer time wind direction helped go in the only direction of shallow water anywhere close to me. Different conditions and I would have easily washed out of the MS Sound in to the gulf. Just a couple of many Lessons I Learned that day LIfe Jackets only work if you are wearing them. When an emergency strikes you might not be able to put it on. I now wear a Mustang Elite Inflatable any time the motor is running and all the time if by myself. I found that even with others on board I rarely take it off, and if I do its when we stop to fish and are usually in shallow water. Winter time conditons, it just stays on regardless. I also now own a PLB tied off to the D-Ring on my life jacket and it fits nicely inside so I always have it on me. If you are on my boat and the outboard is running, you will wear a life jacket....other wise I won't let you on. To me they are like seat belts and should always be worn. I know I'm preaching to the choir with some of you but it still amazes me the lack of life jacket use I see on my local waters. I get it that for most of us we think it won't happen to us....that was me for a long time. Kill Switches have to be connected to you to work. I was at an idle and would have thought I was low risk, but still wish I had been wearing it that day. Bottom line is if you spend enough time on a boat, one day something will happen that you didn't expect.....it's going to happen. You want to have enough safeguards in place so that you keep the tragedy from happening....what can you do to stack the deck in your favor? I'm in the minority when it comes to these types of stories. Usually they end much differently. Thankfully mine didn't and I try to share my experience any chance I get. This thread is making me think about what I keep on my boat and I've gotten several ideas on things I can do to improve. Just wanted to contribute from my own personal story. Thank you to everyone that has chimed in on this one. Greg
  7. Gmullek

    XI5 / I-Pilot Trolling Motor Install

    Thanks for the input. How do you like the Xi5?
  8. I am wanting to upgrade the trolling motor on my 2000V Pathfinder. I'm concerned about bow roller interference since the GPS controlled trolling motors have some overhang (don't want to rip it off when launching). What are folks doing to prevent this? When I look at the front of my boat and where I think I would have to mount the quick release bracket, it looks like the bow cleat may have to go to give adequate clearance from the bow roller.
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