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  1. I just finished (mostly?) redoing my 17' MA and added a Mercury 115 Pro XS, anybody out there running something similar? I have a 14x17 4 blade Turning Point on now for testing and it seems very close but I'd like to hear what you all may think?
  2. New EPA fuel system. Fueling takes forever.

    If the fuel tank on that boat is aluminum (I can't recall?) it will have internal grade valves, these valves regulate the flow by pressure inside the tank, as the tank fills it vents to the valve that is at the highest point, IF that valve is faulty there is nothing that can be done to change it. (the tank has a valve on each end and a center FLV that they are attached to internally, the external hoses running from the FLV are your vent and feed lines. It's going to sound stupid but if you lower the bow of the boat as low as possible and then try to fill the tank you'll confirm that its an internal issue, if it doesn't then you probably have a collapsed fuel fill hose) Same will go for a crosslink tank but those fittings will be surface mounted okay ?
  3. Maverick 17, 1998

    I loaded a Merc 115 pro XS on my 2000' 17" MA and it runs great, still doing some prop testing and breaking in but it's already pushing up 48 mph , my hope is 51-52. I wouldn't go bigger, that hull will ride low enough on the stern, my goal was to reduce weight. Speed is fun but at the risk of tearing up the boat not for me....
  4. Sea Star helm issues

    I I think (pretty sure) that the HH 5271 is a front mount helm 1.5 CU. IN and the -3 is most likely a 1.7 CU.IN. helm. The basic difference that you'll notice would be turns lock to lock...
  5. I was in E City this weekend and my neighbor and a buddy went out (blowing like crazy too) and caught 11 Tarpon lipping 2, on fly! Hell I can't hit my fence and they're tossing in 25MPH winds...!
  6. New MinnKota service center in Oakland Park

    Nice Bob... congrats!
  7. Tab dilemma

    I don't think Boat Leveler is in business anymore, Bennett has a sample replacement for those actuators and hydraulics. It may be worth it to fill and replace with Bolt trim tabs.
  8. Master Angler 17 Repair

    Personally I'd do a "cap off", at that point you have everything in front of you (if you have the time and cash) to do a full refit. Good luck, send some pics when you can I would bet a bunch of guys on this forum would be interested in seeing your progress!
  9. SeaDek cost on Hewes 16 Lappy?

    I'd like to chime in on the point regarding distortion and "shiny gelcoat"... NO MATTER what product you may put down distortion (or color) can occur even in gelcoat where an area of your boat has a vertical surface in a radius corner where magnification of light is present. These are areas where solar reflection is greatest. It happens to everything, ever see a dashboard on a car distort, or burnt looking areas on a headliner? That can happen to SeaDek or any other product that you would consider putting down, there is a simple way to mitigate it as well... (It is a bit unfortunate that SeaDek also gets "fingered" for products claiming to be the same but are not. I've seen the copy cat products fare far worse in a very short period of time..) Anyway, I am redoing my old 2000 17' MA and it's going to get a full original SeaDek treatment, the wife can't wait...!
  10. Checking in on our Florida Members

    Was at E City the last couple of weekends, de mucking my place and our neighbors. I have to applaud the people down there because that place is a wreck and everyone is beat down but hard after it and working together to salvage what they have left and are helping each other as much as possible. This last weekend, was better, we had electricity and water to clean with. Plenty of drinking water now but the cleanup is still tedious and slow, they need to get the trash picked up simply to help people feel better too. That was difficult to see... and its everywhere. If anyone can go help those folks out check in at the city complex when you head in.
  11. Checking in on our Florida Members

    Good luck with your place down at Choko, our friends moved up to the condo at the Estuary in E City and now they can't get back home unless they walk... The road is really beat up and power could be down for quite awhile there, I heard Red Cross is there with food and water now so that's a relief but certainly not good news for friends and the people trying to operate a business over there. Best of luck man.
  12. Checking in on our Florida Members

    I just bought a condo in Everglades City and closed last month on the 15th, been getting painting and all of that stuff done since. Someone there sent me pics of water 5 feet up my garage door... Can't get back in there now for a couple of weeks! Ibex starts for us on Sunday setup, then runs through Thursday.... I hope that everyone is okay....
  13. Keelguard on a HPX 17

    You can't go over that ridge for sure.... I would but it up to the ridge....
  14. Keelguard on a HPX 17

    I am not sure what the stem line of your boat looks like but... You want to start the Keelguard above (high enough, perhaps 10", instructions will indicate a generic location) where the waterline is on the leading edge, depending on the length it'll then go back to about the point where the stem starts to flatten out into the running surface. So when you beach, the leading edge will be well above the impacted surface and the trailing edge will still protect the "V" of your bow transition then aft to the keel area. That is the lowest part of your hull surface right?
  15. How do you stay in shape?

    Well you killed me at 12 oz curls... Bike ride (baseball knees) no sugars or soda drinks, low caffeine, reduced carb intake (sorry rice and potatoes!) and protein as a primary diet intake. Crunches sit-ups light weights.... Need to do more heavy lifting though!
  16. Repower Recommendation for Lappy

    I just put a Mercury 115 Pro XS 4 stroke on my 17' MA, runs great, and I optioned up to the Command Thrust lower unit so I can run a bigger wheel, I like it?
  17. Does the squeaky wheel just need grease?

    The back side of tat tilt helm is a mechanical knuckle (inside that silicone cover), I can't recall where to lube it but if you look at the Seastar website I think it has some directions. The problem is the lube can also heat up and melt so something high temp (I guess?) would be recommended.
  18. Newer Console on Older MA

    I'm thinking about a new HPX console for my 17' MA next summer probably, still thinking that one out... Or I may just upgrade to a 21' MA... Okay I can dream right?
  19. Trolling Motor Size

    60" 80lb minimum, My 17' MA has a 60" 70lb...
  20. Newer Console on Older MA

    Great topic.... I've wondered the same thing, also I have thought of an "offset" console location for thought?
  21. Potential death trap or normal??

    Change it out, that isn't correct. And that hose doesn't meet USCG standards for that application, I can't tell but that is certainly a B-1 (it may be B-1-15?) type hose, that product is only to be used in an open environment in an engine feed application. That's not good. It looks like someone replaced it, I can assure that it didn't come from MBG that way! Also, I assume that hose is attached to the fuel tank, again a huge NO-NO! Not good bud...
  22. Look what I found!!

    Dang man, great DEAL!!!
  23. Wowee... Yamaha just closed the deal to purchase Bennett Marine Trim Tabs! That's crazy, our industry has been consolidating so much it is crazy! This will certainly shake things up, again!
  24. Yamaha buys Bennett Marine Trim Tabs

    I spoke with the people at Bennett yesterday and they reassured me that Yamaha has no intention of making any changes at Bennett for some time, they will inject energy into the marketing campaigns and of course new product engineering and design. I agree that this is a good transition for both companies, I am not always a fan of corporate consolidation but it is what it is. I am looking for some new and interesting technology coming from this though, the Bennett Auto Trim Pro is making huge strides and I'm sure that Yama has a lot of interest in that as well...