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  1. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    Bring me a new 21’ and I would be a very happy man!
  2. On board charger

    Yep... I have seen it out in LA at a couple redfish tournaments, but you're right…. All that glitters!!!
  3. On board charger

    I am running a Powermania, for me it was important that I had a waterproof charger, one that would charge each profile and one that would charge on low AC input power. For example, if you're at a small hotel down in the end unit and there are half dozen boats between you and the front door you "may" be getting 100 volts AC, then you hang an extension chord of 25' that plugs into the onboard. About that time your AC line loss could be down another couple of volts, most chargers won't work at or below those levels, Powermania will put out 100% power at 90 VAC.... And it'll recharge a dead battery. Now allow me to qualify, I also am the manufacturers rep for that charger brand... but they do work well and better than most, but certainly use what you are most comfortable with...
  4. Jack Plates by Seastar, Who Woulda Thunk It!

    That is the old Detwieler jack plate. they bought them a few years ago. Detwieler built them for years out in South Texas...
  5. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Hey Nag... How's it going? Any luck with the Mav?
  6. It is very possible that the length of the sending unit is incorrect from the tank supplier, even today with the new diurnal standards and the negative affect that has on fuel capacities the issue that you are describing sounds like the tank supplier ran a series with an incorrect sending unit. If it's to short it can't read.
  7. Cup holders that fit Yeti, Rtic tumblers

    Here is a quick pick with a full size RTIC tumbler...
  8. Cup holders that fit Yeti, Rtic tumblers

    Tigress makes a cup holder designed to fit all Yeti style cups, its pretty new (we just came out with them end of 17'), they're big but they work great. A number of OEM's are now offering them on their boats... not cheap though? But well made.. I'll post some pics and a contact at a retail outlet in a bit okay?
  9. Casting Platform Height (W/ Backrest)

    Measure to the top of your hips, that would become the top of the leaning post pad, your seat should fit in it. IMO the backrest should fall at that point for comfort and also to maintain a lower profile for casting etc..
  10. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Good luck man, I love your boat... I just wish the wifey would let me bring another one home because that’d be the one! Great price!!!
  11. New to me first maverick

    Nice boat, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it too!
  12. sea deck

    Here is my 17' MA...
  13. Newbie owner here 1987 18 Maverick

    way to go! Congratulations on a great boat!
  14. I have had it on my F250 for a few years now, been awesome (IMO), really easy to wash and it makes getting the bugs off the front grill WAY easier... And it hasn't lost any luster or ability to bead water at all, so far.
  15. Permits for the ENP...

    Okay, I hate to ask this and I know that this topic was discussed not long ago... New permit regs... what are they? I have to buy mine and I can't find much detail on this? I know that its about 40 per person on the boat but... I am in dire need of direction on this, sorry for my lack of knowledge but???
  16. Permits for the ENP...

    Thanks Paul... See Bobby was right, you ARE the man!
  17. Delray Peacocks.

    I'm glad that they're doing well as far north as Delray... I need to get after it! Nice pics guys!
  18. CFCW_Flyer(!).pdf I thought that I'd pass this along to you all... SeaDek is hosting a golf tournament for the Captains Of Clean Water in April... Perhaps we can all pass along, great cause for all.
  19. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    Point... but people simply don’t donate without something reciprocal, so different tournaments help generate much needed funds and helps people engage... Everyone could just donate cash directly as well.
  20. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    Here is the registration and a form for sponsorship as well...! SeaDek-CFCW_PlayerRegistration(1).pdf SeaDek-CFCW_SponsorRegistration (2).pdf I also added the mission statement from SeaDek FYI... CFCW Mission Statement(1).pdf
  21. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    I'll get it and post! Thanks for letting me know!
  22. Hey everybody, please don't forget the Everglades City Seafood Festival is coming up, the weekend of the 9th ! that town and Choco took a slug from Irma and they've all been working hard to bounce back, show them some love if you can! And go on an empty stomach...!
  23. Anyone dealt with Tweeters rusting?

    Try the Fusion Signature series speakers, same cutout as the JL's and they have Titanium Tweeters... won't rust and they sound great too.
  24. Everglades City Seafood Festival!

    Maybe we can meet up there Paul, Reichart said that you're the man!