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  1. Permits for the ENP...

    Okay, I hate to ask this and I know that this topic was discussed not long ago... New permit regs... what are they? I have to buy mine and I can't find much detail on this? I know that its about 40 per person on the boat but... I am in dire need of direction on this, sorry for my lack of knowledge but???
  2. Permits for the ENP...

    Thanks Paul... See Bobby was right, you ARE the man!
  3. Delray Peacocks.

    I'm glad that they're doing well as far north as Delray... I need to get after it! Nice pics guys!
  4. CFCW_Flyer(!).pdf I thought that I'd pass this along to you all... SeaDek is hosting a golf tournament for the Captains Of Clean Water in April... Perhaps we can all pass along, great cause for all.
  5. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    Point... but people simply don’t donate without something reciprocal, so different tournaments help generate much needed funds and helps people engage... Everyone could just donate cash directly as well.
  6. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    Here is the registration and a form for sponsorship as well...! SeaDek-CFCW_PlayerRegistration(1).pdf SeaDek-CFCW_SponsorRegistration (2).pdf I also added the mission statement from SeaDek FYI... CFCW Mission Statement(1).pdf
  7. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    I'll get it and post! Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Hey everybody, please don't forget the Everglades City Seafood Festival is coming up, the weekend of the 9th ! that town and Choco took a slug from Irma and they've all been working hard to bounce back, show them some love if you can! And go on an empty stomach...!
  9. Anyone dealt with Tweeters rusting?

    Try the Fusion Signature series speakers, same cutout as the JL's and they have Titanium Tweeters... won't rust and they sound great too.
  10. Everglades City Seafood Festival!

    Maybe we can meet up there Paul, Reichart said that you're the man!
  11. The boat is done... thanks Inshore Marine for all of your effort (I still have that little thing to fix?) I thought that I'd show you the SeaDek install, they did a great job!!! Sorry but I don't know why the pics posted this way, to big perhaps?
  12. Finally finished the Mav 17'

    Thanks...! Now it needs to get some slime on it!
  13. Mercury Verado

    Warm Fusion White (IMO) would look best, what color are your metal components? If you haven't added much to the transom then go with a contrast color of the power pole or other metal rigging?
  14. Sorry to hear, sad....
  15. 2017: Was a great year for the boating industry, we saw average gains of more than 8% across the industry which was awesome! 2018: We are forecasting similar growth for the year currently, but we are VERY optimistic that the overall numbers will be better, feedback on gains from the OEM's has been very favorable with many seeing their production at capacity for Q1-2 and 3 for some! As the economy continues to grow and stabilize we all should have an excellent year!
  16. 2003 HPX/Bonefisher Trim Tab Screws

    No backing screws, probably # 10 or 12 SS screws typically.
  17. Just bought this a few weeks ago, have the poling platform off for redo. Installed Uflex Hyco hydraulic steering, Garmin 73 Sideview and a Minn Kota 70# thrust trolling motor w-remote.... I am hoping to have Bob at Inshore redo the paint soon then new trim tabs and some custom SeaDek. I also think that I will have the steering wheel and all SS grabs and running lights hydro dipped, what do you think?
  18. My "new" 2000 17' MA...

    Well boat is done...
  19. When you get the aluminum fender upgrade it comes with it, well worth it for me...
  20. Yea... I love the steps as well... its amazing how many times you find yourself leaning over the gunnel into the boat when it's on the trailer... And I have those short legs and an old man belly so that's good for me!