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  1. Mercury Verado

    Warm Fusion White (IMO) would look best, what color are your metal components? If you haven't added much to the transom then go with a contrast color of the power pole or other metal rigging?
  2. Sorry to hear, sad....
  3. 2017: Was a great year for the boating industry, we saw average gains of more than 8% across the industry which was awesome! 2018: We are forecasting similar growth for the year currently, but we are VERY optimistic that the overall numbers will be better, feedback on gains from the OEM's has been very favorable with many seeing their production at capacity for Q1-2 and 3 for some! As the economy continues to grow and stabilize we all should have an excellent year!
  4. 2003 HPX/Bonefisher Trim Tab Screws

    No backing screws, probably # 10 or 12 SS screws typically.
  5. My "new" 2000 17' MA...

    Well boat is done...
  6. When you get the aluminum fender upgrade it comes with it, well worth it for me...
  7. Yea... I love the steps as well... its amazing how many times you find yourself leaning over the gunnel into the boat when it's on the trailer... And I have those short legs and an old man belly so that's good for me!
  8. Sure thing, I think that Bob at IMS may have a couple of pics but nevertheless here you have it!
  9. Marpac shark eye measurements

    They all come from the same factory...
  10. Bob at Inshore hooked me up on a Continental, my 17' MA was sitting on an old Galvanized Continental that was beat to death, looked like crap but towed perfectly. It was a bit higher than I would've liked so we put another on under it and I am very happy with it so far. Tows very well and then launches easily, it's an MA so it floats off a bit differently than an HPX but I am very happy with my decision and of Bobby for taking care of me!
  11. 2000 master angler

    My 2000 is exactly the same boat, very nice! I repowered with a Mercury 115 Pro XS, love it just like you'll love your new power!