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  1. DaveC

    SeaDek and Trolling Motor Mount

    Remove the mount, add 1/4" HDPE sized to fit, use a good methacrylate to bound them and reattach... Don't forget to use a thin membrane under the HDPE for a sealant...
  2. DaveC

    21 Master Angler SOLD

    That is a pretty awesome rig! Got to say that is the boat of my dreams right there... I'd love to have a chat, I have a freshly redone 2000' 17'MA new everything, thoughts?
  3. DaveC

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    I changed a few times and I didn't log my last set-up... I'll be back in E City Friday night and I'll let you know, sorry?
  4. DaveC

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    I have that exact setup on my 2000 17' MA, I think that I can still get a bit more out of it but with full fuel, gear and my wife and I its a solid 47mph...
  5. DaveC

    Master anglers vs 1900v/2000v

    I LOVE my 17 MA... it eats chop and runs shallow enough for the way I fish... great boats!
  6. DaveC

    21 Master Angler

    Sweet boat and a very lucky new owner.
  7. Nice report and great pics, as usual!
  8. DaveC

    MA 21 biggest jacklplate setback

    Call Scott at Porta Bracket... His products are expensive but his geometry is the most accurate, and he's a great wealth of knowledge...
  9. DaveC

    21 Master Angler

    That was a steal and an AWESOME 21'!
  10. DaveC

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    The mounting bracket can swing down to the deck and you can remove from that position. I haven't had too but I "think" the cap can remove and the rods be pulled up, good question that I am going to review...
  11. DaveC

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    My 12' Talon works great... it's quiet and I don't need another hydraulic pump in my already cramped battery compartment?
  12. DaveC

    Porta Bracket question.

    I understand that the Porta Bracket doesn't allow the motor to torque and move, I saw a cool vid on you tube of a 115mph boat and the motor was rock solid! Granted my boat isn't in that category but we are hanging some high HP stuff on the stern so I want something that doesn't rack and keeps my motor driving forward rather than changing the angle of thrust to run shallow.
  13. DaveC

    Porta Bracket question.

    So... what if they had a gauge? I look at the geometry and the action of that trapezoid design and since I run in shallower water it should also allow me to go even skinnier and keep my prop / shaft parallel to the running surface without trimming the motor right?
  14. DaveC

    Garmin ????

    Great point on removing the GPS nav systems, i'd hate to see what the waterways looked like then! Whew!
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