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  1. REpower 2200

    I have a 2013 2400 TRS with a 250 VMAX SHO (short shaft). Prop is Yamaha Pro Series 14-1/2" X 21" pitch (3 blade). It runs 52-55 MPH (depending on load) turning 5900-6000 RPM at full throttle. Great engine/prop, but only issue is it requires 89 octane gas. This engine should be plenty of power for your 2200.
  2. Prop for 2003 2400V with 250hp SHO

    My 2013 2400 TRS came with a 250 VMAX SHO (short shaft). It has a Yamaha Pro Series (vented) 3-blade 14-1/2" x 21" pitch. Very good hole shot and turns 5900-6000 RPM at full throttle. Also recommended by Bauman's Marine Propeller Service in Houston.
  3. King Starboard Color?

    Thanks guys. I got corrected by my dealer that my gelcoat color is actually pure white.
  4. Need to do some custom work with King Starboard and trying to match my 2013 Pathfinder (Oyster White gelcoat). Which color matches best? Arctic White Seafoam Fish White
  5. 2400 TRS Console Top

    I have a 2013 2400 TRS. Problem is top of console is slick and I am looking for a cost effective solution that will "grip" things like cell phones, etc. and also pad / protect it from getting beat up. Anyone already solved this problem?