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  1. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    They are working on some things also the thermostats were all crapped up
  2. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    thank you oh no its getting all slimed up with cast nets and chum, I fish my boats pretty hard. Thats what there meant for!
  3. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    the boat was floated!!!! the boat went down the river like a shot for 400yds.... looks like the fuel pump is gonna need a cleaning. gonna work on that this week and get fishin on it!!!!
  4. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    I apologize for he painfully slow progress, its just with me in NJ , things dont get done as fast!!!! hopefully some inwater pics to follow this weekend
  5. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    here are some pics when we were over at Randys shop Durite boatworks figuring out where the leak was coming from. Seadek from Open Water Concepts and cushions are going on in the next few weeks also
  6. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    unfortunatley the boat didnt make it in the water when I was down there from an unexpected fuel leak that was resolved(chain that holds the fuel cap was leaking) figured out what is was but by the time it was fixed I was home. everyhinf in functioning on the boat now with the exception of the vhf radio which is getting installed in the next few days.
  7. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    hopefully everything goes smoothly for a little cruise on tues electronics are done, wiring is down, with the exception of the vhf radio which will be comepleted shortly. batteries are in , all the hardware is mounted and just some small stuff left to finish saturday and monday.
  8. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    well the end is near and it will be splashing on tues on a long awaited restoration. couple things left to do like trolling motor shoe, seadek under gunnels, and jackplate eventually.
  9. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    here are some more of the console rigging getting finished up
  10. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    yes the floor drains themselves are from gemlux and they have the check ball built into them . correct about the vacuum bagging process, thay basically lay a layer of plastic with a sticky bead of tack around the outside and they laminate the materials then lay the plastic over it and pull out the excess and give the perfect layup. there are many different type of vacuum bagging, this is the basic way. If you are new to fiberglass its not worth the headache and the possibility of messing up the entire floor. easier to just laminate and roll it out. Pics of the hardware will be here shortly, everything got put on hold for about to weeks since the hurricane
  11. 2012 Ameratrail for 2009 and up 18 HPX

    how much room between the fender wells?
  12. Atlas jack plate

    still for sale?
  13. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    its gettting there..... some more pics tomorrow, rigging is moving right along, we decided to add a fusion radio with the new wired nrx300 remote. so all that will be there at the end of the week for them to start installing. more parts are back from powder coating. rubrail is also there.
  14. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    its going in the hatch you sit on while you drive we are there are two on the console and two going on the side of the gunnel all powder coated satin black.
  15. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    alright here are some more rigging pics, they are going kinda of slow as we were still bringing in parts that were needed , but now things are going along nice and smooth , all the componenents have been mounted and now just running wires all over the place and plumbing hoses to the livewells. you can see the titled element transducer that was installed in the bilge the last pic is something I have been working on for a little while. I know tackle storage is a problem in flats boats from everything getting wet. I ordered 12 of guide series waterproof tackle containers from Plano and went to work with about $250 worth of 1/4" starboard and 1/2" . The 1/4" starboard was a pain in the *** to keep straight and get the #6 screws in and countersunk. There are dividers between all the tackle boxes made up of 1/2" starboard made into tracks. there are 6 deep boxs and 6 shallow. I also incorporated a couple of slots for pliers and scissors, then I took some scrap starboard and made my own leader dispenser with 1/2" stainless threaded rod to hold the spools. I also took one of the push pins and secured the leader dispenser from moving. the hatch opening in the boat from front to back is 16 1/4" and this tackle storage was built at 16" to accommodate 3 deep boxes and 2 shallow boxes maximizing our already tight space. the boxes have an 3/16" play front to back and side to side. The side compartments I made wide enough to accommodate 2 more plano stoarge containers if needed. We are going to add some seadeak to the bottom of it to keep it from scraping the storage box.