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  1. Stiletto 4 blade

    Like others have said many times, every boat/prop combination is different as propping is more art than science. If you were looking at a Power Tech OFX4 19 inch prop, that would be way, way over propped. But since you mentioned a 14 1/4 diameter prop, that is not a PT OFX prop. You really need to be more specific about the make and model prop you are considering before anybody could really comment about it. Edit: I see now your title shows a Stiletto prop. And since you posted back in October, I guess there isn't much info about Stiletto props. Sorry.
  2. 20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    Nor for landlubber hunter/gatherers.
  3. 23 HPS Propping

    What motor? Is it an OFX3 prop?
  4. 2400 TRS F300 Prop

    Without knowing what your WOT rpm’s, you really have no idea if you are over propped or under propped.
  5. Improved Cheese Grater

    It sounds like the pump, while sitting still, could be trying to pump more water than the 4 small holes can supply.
  6. Gas shock brackets

    Measurements are critical! I must have measured a dozen times for each hatch. And I still drilled the holes holding my breath. I tried to get Master Repair to install them for me, and they wouldn’t! Chickens! LOL
  7. Gas shock brackets

    I was able to order the shocks through a Pathfinder dealer, working with Ray. They were also lower priced than other online sources. But you can order straight from Maxum Hardware, the distributor for Ameratool. They are the 750 series, with a length of 15", and a compressed length of 9". They have 30 lbs of pressure. Here is a link to the Maxum Hardware page. https://www.maxumhardware.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=75&osCsid=f4do58heifcg1r0s8gh6e6s130 I added those shocks to 4 of my hatches, and it was a great upgrade!
  8. OX66 100 hour help

    This ^. Good point!
  9. Loose Power poles

    And I didn't say it earlier, but I'm pretty sure Mike did it because he installed so many PP's, that came back in loose or shifted on the bracket. So, to keep them from coming back in to his shop, he started adding a 5th bolt to the mount. And apparently, that did the trick! Nothing more complicated, underhanded, or devious than that! Mike tried his darndest to talk me into 2 PP's, but initially, I didn't even want one. I let him talk me into putting one 10' PP on. My area of fishing is usually anchoring in 6 - 10' and fishing to 2 - 4.' For example, this past Saturday, I caught a limit of trout by myself around high tide in a couple of hours of fishing. But I was fishing 6' down to catch them, and the boat was probably anchored down with the Ulterra in 12.' So, I rarely even use the PP.
  10. OX66 100 hour help

    Check with SIM Yamaha online. That guy is very helpful, his prices are good, and they might have a kit that includes everything you need. As far as the year, I am not sure about back then, but they do not put year models on them now. Only date of manufacture. That should be on the other side of the engine. edit: I see the fine print. The current policy started after 2005. So yours should have a model year, it seems. I can't remember the guy's name at SIM, but he could probably set you up with exactly what you need with your serial number.
  11. Loose Power poles

    Since this post is apparently referring to my post, I thought I would clear up some apparent inaccuracies about what I said. 1. With all due respect to Rep. Blake when he said there is “no such thing,” that is not correct with my install. See No. 2. 2. I am not only “claiming,” but in fact, my installer did absolutely drill an extra hole for his stated reason to prevent movement of the PP. I did not express an opinion on whether it corrected a problem or whether there is a problem. 3. I never stated that the extra hole was “factory” or whether or not the factory recommended it. I don’t think any reasonable person would or could infer either from my post.
  12. 2000 18.5 Maverick Master Angler - Project

    Good, well thought out decision!!!!
  13. Improved Cheese Grater

    Ain't nooooooo way! That couldn't have taken over 2 minutes! LOL If you don't mind, could you help me out by telling me the length's of the silver, aluminum oxide space age tape used! That could save me some time.
  14. 2012 23 HPS - Sold

    This is a beautiful boat and a darn good deal, it seems to me. Somebody should jump on this!
  15. Improved Cheese Grater

    I went back to his thread, and from what I gather, the speed increased from 68.7 to 74.6 just with the cheese grater mod and raising the tabs as far as possible. So really, sounds like they did both changes at the same time, and not really possible to isolate the speed increase due only to the plate.
  16. Improved Cheese Grater

    One other question, Geeviam. Did you drill the angled holes with a hand drill or on a drill press?
  17. Improved Cheese Grater

    Seems to me like you could chain the tongue to a tree, and use a tow strap from your transom to your truck to slide the boat back on the trailer to expose the sea chest. It wouldn't have to be slid very far back to expose it........what, maybe a couple or three feet. When done, just winch it back up tight.
  18. Improved Cheese Grater

    Geeviam, what is the app. size of your plate.....L x W? I ask because I found a 12” x 12”, .375 inch thick for about $40 online. Also, did you use 4200 or 5200? And are your holes all the way through your hull? Did you go with slightly larger diameter screws? Can lexan be worked like wood? For ex, can the corners and edges be sanded? i inntend to look at mine this weekend. I am fortunate because I keep my boat in a marina barn, and can just have the forklift man set it down gently on a wash rack off center to expose the grate. It would make this mod easy peasy for me! I am like you, this would be a very worthwhile mod if it only stopped my mid range porpoising. Any speed gain at all would be just gravy!
  19. Loose Power poles

    I remember when Mike at Master Repair installed my PP, he made a point to tell me they drilled a hole for another bolt as shown in the picture, and I suspect the reason was to prevent what happened to you. It does seem like he mentioned to prevent movement or looseness. They install so much of this stuff, like PP’s, trolling motors and such, they seem to know all the tricks!
  20. 26 HPS Dash Dimensions

    At least on the new boats pictured on the Pathfinder web site, the steering wheel is over on the left side of the console. I don't know about year models prior to those shown on the website.
  21. Improved Cheese Grater

    If it is the lip at the rear of the plate that is causing most of the loss of performance, what do you think of shimming the rear (for example, start with some SS washers for the middle screws , and increase the number of SS washers for the rear screws) so that my factory SS plate ends up flush with the hull, thereby eliminating the lip? I have just the main centerline bait well with one pump, and it works perfectly for my fishing (for example, I have never experienced an air lock), so I am like Capt. Troy somewhat in that I don't want to fix something that ain't broken.
  22. Improved Cheese Grater

    This would be a very, very simple product for a machine shop to manufacture. The shop could buy the lexan in large quantities, mill it down and drill the holes with a CNC machine, and presto, finished product for sale in minutes.......literally! The only research left unfinished at this point are the optimal sizes, configuration, and placement of the holes. Wonder why MBG wouldn't want to check into this to gain a few extra mph for their performance bulletins and to sell for retrofitting by customers? $34.29 for the old style, SS model grate, and $68.99 for the new style, high performance Lexan grate. People spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars doing the prop dance trying to eke out an extra mile an hour, so what's $50 or $75, or even a $100, for a sure fire, no brainer, performance enhancement? Now, it makes me wonder if my low profile, bronze thru hull transducer affected my performance any? LOL
  23. Improved Cheese Grater

    So if I am understanding you, the issue was not one of the plate protruding "below" the hull, but being "recessed" or "inset" to the hull, which caused the unwanted turbulence and slower speeds, etc.........I guess primarily at the aft end of the plate I had been confused because on my Pathfinder, the standard SS factory plate is recessed. And I didn't see how changing out or modifying my plate would provide any benefit because it was already recessed. I had it all bassackwards! So, you are saying the slight recess at the aft end of the plate was robbing the boat of better performance. It is just hard for my little pea brain to accept the fact that that little bitty lip could cause a speed loss of several miler per hour. If I am understanding you correctly............ If this is all true, this could make for a pretty profitable little side business........considering how many thousands and thousands of Mavs, Hewes, and Pathys are on the water! I will certainly line up to buy one if somebody wants to make me one. If I could buy a replacement grate for say, $100, to gain 2 mph on top end, I would jump all over it. The other performance gains would be just gravy! (I have a buddy, who happens to own a 24 Pathfinder, who also happens to own a pretty nice machine shop! I might have to pitch the idea to him, if the performance gains are serious enough.)
  24. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    Pretty nifty! Thanks for sharing. I think I might give these a shot.