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  1. Time to Re-power

    Actually, I do now run it like a “scalded ape!” If conditions allow, it is very common for me to run 5000 rpms, with the hope that the load, heat, and crankcase pressure will eventually seat the rings. These SHO engines really started out on bass boats, and you can read until you get bleary eyed on bass boat forums about the “making oil” problem with the V-6 SHO’s. It’s kind of funny, but in my first call to the Yamaha tech help line, the tech guy tried to act like he had never heard of the issue! But no, I don’t think I just got a lemon. Other than this issue, I absolutely love the motor! It is a beast! I just think before the honing marks get worn down, you need to run it, and run it hard! JMHO! For the long term, I actually have high hopes that because of the high tech, hard, plasma cylinder walls, that the rings will eventually seal, and will last thousands of hours!
  2. Time to Re-power

    I erred on the side of caution, the manufacturer, and the operator’s manual. I followed the manual’s break in procedure rather than so many who told me to run it like I stole it. The first time I pulled the dipstick, the level was 7 inches over the full mark. I bought a pump on a bucket and have been pumping oil/gas out of the motor ever since. I have over 100 hours on the motor, and it is still “making oil.” I have bought 3 gallons of Yamalube to replace oil/gas to keep good oil in the crankcase. I have been in constant communication with the Yamaha tech people in Atlanta, and they won’t even reimburse me for the Yamalube! You are right. The first 10 hours of break in ARE critical. If the rings don’t get honed in against the plasma walled cylinders in those 10 hours, then........
  3. Time to Re-power

    There is a big debate on how to break these SHO motors in. Personally, I would run it like a scalded ape from the get go! It will run like a scaled ape! Congrats on the repowered!
  4. Hull/Gunnel Detailing

    Mary Kate On Off will usually remove the yellowing below the water line. Just wipe on, then wipe off. Rinse well. Don't get it in your eyes! I will leave the rest to the compound and buffing experts. The easy way is to allow a good professional detailer at it. They can make it look like new for probably $300 to $500.
  5. Console rod holders

    I would start my search by calling Ray in parts at Maverick Boat Group, and tell him what you are looking for. He might know a source to call.
  6. Stuck in Choko mud

    I thought with global warming, we were going to have sea levels rising. What happened? We might need to check with Al Gore! LOL
  7. Chip ended up with serious liver cancer and probably a lot more. He went from wagging his tail 1000 times a day this past weekend, to not eating Monday. Long story short, I had to say goodbye this afternoon. A quick true story. After my divorce 10 years ago, I dated a series of nice ladies, who all loved Chip. But the first time Debbie came to the house, she sat down in the den while I went to let Chip in to meet her, He trotted up to her, took one sniff, and quickly hiked his leg and sprayed her down! He never did that to any of the others, and has never done that since. That was his way of telling me she was a keeper. We have been happily married ever since! Good dog! I will miss him!
  8. What did you do to your boat today?

    Sure will. He stays busy, and he is a worker! Six days a week. I had him fix a few dings last year. Matched it up so well I couldn’t find them when he was done.
  9. What did you do to your boat today?

    Gator in Thunderbolt. I think his business name is Alligator Fiberglass, or something like that. He is right next to River Service in Thunderbolt. He use to be the painter for Blackfin Yachts.
  10. 14 years!!!!!! Wow! You were lucky to have him so long. I am sorry. Bud and my Chip went the same day.
  11. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Good question. He says 4 blade in his description up top, but it seems like his model number indicates a 3 blade.
  12. Motor is Shaking when Trimmed Up?

    Beautiful chocolate! I went on a final day dove shoot yesterday afternoon, and had 3 chocolates, all females, around me in the field.
  13. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    Jig and plastic for trout and reds, I tie straight to my 8 lb mono running line. For popping and float corks, I range from 15 to 20 lb flouro leader. Our water doesn’t compare in clarity with south Florida water! I wish......
  14. What did you do to your boat today?

    Nice wintertime projects, dcathey. I am taking advantage of sub 50 degree water temps too. My Pathy is in the “gelcoat booth” having some minor nicks and abrasions, that typically occur during the year, repaired. My middle initial is “a,” which stands for anal. After it comes out, hopefully this week, it will get detailed before going back in the barn.
  15. 50 F water temp in South Georgia

    I spoke with the Coastal Resources Division yesterday. They reported no confirmed trout kills......only a few unconfirmed, third hand reports. He did say some personnel did a trawl survey for another project this week, and caught some 4 and 5 inch trout, which is a very good sign if trout that small survived the cold water! The CRD has implanted Operation ROE, a voluntary program of “release over eighteen,” meaning please release all trout over 18,” since they are exponentially greater spawners.
  16. I feel such guilt that he had to love an SOB like me! He was never down, even after I would be an A-H whipping him for something he didn't deserve a whipping for. He would just look up, smile, and wag his tail......right back at me. He never had a down day in his life! The only time in 11 years he never wagged his tail upon seeing me was yesterday when they brought him in the room.
  17. Insurance might have covered it......... Or, he might not have insurance.
  18. Transducer question?

    When I put a fancy Garmin GPS plotter/sounder on my Pathfinder, I didn’t use the transom mount transducer that could see left, right, use x-rays and gamma rays that came in the box. First, I knew it would be only time before I would break it off messing around in shallow water. And two, I fish “known” shallow water drops whether I can “see” the drop or not. And three, I don’t like the look of a black cable routed out of the motor well and snaked down the transom. I installed an angled bronze thru hull transducer that will read the bottom at any speed and give me the water temperature. I don’t think the fish in the cooler know whether they were “seen” by the Garmin or not! LOL
  19. Ulterra Users - Take Note-Discconnect ALL POWER

    And I thank Mike and his excellent staff at Master Repair for keeping their customers informed about the latest and greatest!
  20. My New (to me) Hewes ‘93 Bonefisher

    Congratulations on your nice find! And welcome to the forum. I hope it doesn’t take long to start hooking up.
  21. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    I don’t remember. I just remember the folks at Master Repair mentioning they should be disconnected from power when not in use, so I have always done that. Must be some slight power draw.....maybe the GPS is still functioning?
  22. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    I know an Ulterra needs to be disconnected from the batteries when not being used. Not sure about your trolling motor.
  23. Duracell AGMs??

    Same here. Two AGM batteries for 24 V Ulterra, plus 2 wet cell starting batteries. I charge the 2 AGM’s plus 1 wet cell starting battery with a 3 bank, 20 amp Powermania. After two years, all are going strong.
  24. Since Smooth Move always posts those pictures of amazingly delicious looking fish dishes, I thought I would try it. Here is a picture of what use to be 4 broiled trout filets, before the remaining 2 disappeared.