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  1. I didn't intend to be condescending. I apologize. But to think that MBG, or any boat builder is going to invest in the resources that would enable them to track and issue recall notices on every outsourced part that goes on their boats is just plain......well...... folly! I can just see every wire, wire connector, fuse, breaker, battery, hose, thru hull, cleat, horn, light, PUMP, SWITCH, windshield, latch, hinge, deck hardware, and on and on maintained in a proprietary data base for notifying the entire customer base on recalls! And that is exactly what you suggested MBG should be doing. Sorry. This ain't the aerospace industry! If you think MBG boats are premium priced now, just wait! LOL If you had to pay for the bait well full of pilchards, I am very sorry for your loss!
  2. If the sea chest grate is a standard size, I will sign up for one!!!!!!!!! I have my paypal ready to go! I just didn't realize that the metal grate wasn't completely flush to begin with? I am dropping my boat in the water today, and am going to take a look.
  3. You can buy a $200,000 Barker, and have stuff go wrong. Boats are not cars. And for sure, boat manufacturers are not auto manufacturers. I don't know of any boat manufacturer that has a recall system in place for outsourced parts and equipment. Maybe some do, but I am not familiar with them. Did MGB even know about this pump issue? It sounds like they stood behind the product and made it good under warranty........as they should have. I had a friend who purchased a 2016 2400 brand new and fully loaded. After about a year, he kept collecting water in the bilge. It turned out that all the thru hulls in the sea chest had to be pulled out and reinstalled. It shouldn't have happened, but MBG paid the bill at a non MBG dealer.......no questions asked. Stuff is always going to happen with boats.....it is the nature of the beast. But how the manufacturer stands behind the product is what separates the wheat from the chafe. I can't fault MBG for their customer service after the sale! Premium price? Off the top of my head, I suspect I could name 8 or 10 bay boats more expensive than a Pathfinder. And some considerably more expensive! If the lower unit on the Yamaha started leaking oil unnoticed because a seal wasn't seated properly at the factory and went bad, would that also be MBG's fault?
  4. Careful running early morning

    I was doing a slow pre dawn run south down the ICW a couple of weeks ago. Every 20 seconds or so, I would check things out with an LED flashlight. Fortunately I spotted a real DA running north with NO navigation lights! It doesn’t matter how careful you are, bad outcomes can still occur! You cant be too careful! It’s never what you know. It’s what you don’t know!
  5. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    I bought my trailer from Peter in Destin. They sold a new 22, and the owner didn't want the trailer. It was used once to deliver the new boat to their customer. I got a good deal on the 2016 trailer.
  6. If the wiring and connections are of sufficient quality and size, you can’t blame MBG for pump failures. They didn’t make the pumps. I have the same pumps, and I just replaced one after one and a half years of fairly heavy use. I was satisfied with that life span. Again, MBG didn’t make the trim tab switch. Sometimes, new boats have to have the gremlins worked out. One other thought. When you keep a boat out in the weather and in the salt air, electrical stuff will necessarily have shorter lives. That is to be expected.
  7. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    I could go in and point out all your errors Capt Lucky, and that would put your entire post into question! But I feel it would be a total waste of my time. And I don’t have any time to spare.
  8. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    I believe the mods should zap this post.
  9. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Yep, I lost 4 fish in a row a week ago on properly tied improved clinch knots. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't there! So, I quickly tied on another hook with the old, plain jane figure 8 knot and cinched it down good, and haven't had a failure since. Go figure.............
  10. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    haha. The pitch of that prop looks like it's got to be a 35 or 40 inch pitch!!!!!!
  11. It’s a shame the water is still so hot in October! I got an early start with a couple of friends, and we managed to find a bunch of nice trout and reds.
  12. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    That’s right. He is talking the the total cost on the supercharger, which takes it up to the 500 hp range. As far as a ECU flash, I like to think of the old saying that there is no replacement for displacement. I remember the old, heavy, big displacement, 2 stroke Detroit’s and the heavy Cat diesels, pumping out 200 and 250 hp, but would run forever (tens of thousands of hours). Well, if you look at the Mercury 350 Verado’s and the 400R, that hp is produced out of a 2.6 liter displacement motor. Well, my 225 SHO is a 4.2 liter displacement. So to tune it up to 320 hp, that is still a much, much lower hp to displacement ratio than the Mercury motors! Just my uneducated thinking......
  13. Ignition switch rubber melted

    Any Yamaha dealer or Sim Yamaha online.
  14. Back in a Pathy

    Must not be any 26'ers around on the forum. If I knew the answers, I would answer and so would many others. If anybody has answers to questions, they usually are fairly promptly offered. Now, if you need to know something about a 2200V, ask away! LOL
  15. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Bery, bery interesting!!!!!!! Fascinating for sure!!!!! Thanks for the info. Speed isn't for everyone. But for instance, I made an hour and ten minute high speed run (averaged probably 40 mph at 4400 - 4500 rpms) south in the ICW yesterday to catch fish. An extra 5 or 10 mph is very desirable for me in that case! "We Flashed a 2002 22 Pathfinder with a VF 225 SHO, the guy is trying to prop it perfectly but is getting 64 mph out of it now, and still gaining. This one impressed me, and is the one on the Nizpro Facebook Page. " Bryan, I wonder if you could check back with this customer and find out what prop he is using. This is exactly the same set up that I have.
  16. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Back when I was dealing with the “making oil” problem and talking with the Yamaha customer service people in Atlanta, I point blank asked them if the 200, 225, and the 250 SHO were identical engines except for the ECU’s. They would never give me a straight answer! LOL
  17. another Buddy is gone.

    Great pictures of a good lookin’ buddy. Sorry for your loss!
  18. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Yep. That and the question of insurance are two other serious considerations. Hydro Tec is actually selling the ECU and the programmer where you can program your own ECU. You can go up some or a lot and back down to stock anytime you want to. Pretty slick. You can then program other boats, or split the cost with buddies and spread the expense. I think it's about $1400.
  19. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Yep, I have seen that. That is a little toooooooo exotic, not to mention expensive, for my blood! LOL Then, I would have to cough up the entrance fees for the boat races! It just keeps adding up........
  20. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Go to the BBC forum, Bass Boat Central, scroll down to the Yamaha forum, then select Yamaha - High Performance. You can spend a day reading actual results from people who have done the ECU flash. It is pretty interesting, if nothing else.
  21. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    I have read and continue to read a bunch about flashing the ECU on the Bass Boat Forum. There are several different outfits in the US that do it. Generally, it seems the people that have done it see some additional top speed after changing props, but to me, the reported gains don't seem to match up with the supposed hp and torque gains. It would add up to well over a thousand bucks invested, after changing props, for what seems like just 3 or 4 miles per hour, maybe, on top end. I am still interested, though, for my 225 SHO.......after warranty expiration. I would love to see more evidence, for instance, if you have yours flashed. You would think in your case, that an additional 66 hp would add at least 6 or 8 mph on top end! I would assume in my case, going from whatever my engine produces, say 230 or 235 hp, up to 332 hp, adding 100 hp, would, after the appropriate prop change, easily add 10 or 15 mph. I would love to see it!!!!!! Please keep us posted. Thanks.
  22. Broiled filets kick

    I have been on a broiled fish kick lately. I have always fried everything....all the time. But these trout and redfish filets are so tasty, and so much less “filling” broiled. No oil to mess with, and literally takes only minutes to prepare and cook! It is like a “eureka” moment for me. This was last night.
  23. July trout trip.

    The guide.
  24. July trout trip.

    Since everyone is posting up bull reds, I felt like I needed to stick up for the wily and elusive spotted sea trout! A fishing buddy, his son, and I made a spur of the moment trip to Port Sulphur. We haven’t been out there in probably 10 years, and fishing was so slow around here, we rounded up someone we’ve never fished with before and drove out for two days of fishing back in mid July. We got out limits both days. The second day, we had our limit of big trout by 8:45 am!
  25. Latch key

    Yes, he is the parts guy. Very helpful. If they don’t have any more keys, let me know.