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  1. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    When I mentioned switching to "both" to crank the engine, I should have mentioned that I was talking about a situation where neither battery was by itself strong enough to crank the big motor.
  2. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    That’s great. If you can switch to both (the house/cranking battery and a trolling motor battery), that should be enough juice to crank the big motor.
  3. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    I couldn’t agree more with Capt. Troy. I have 2 AGM’s for a 24v troller on a 22 Pathfinder. I have 2 more batteries for house and starting. A day of fishing, while running electronics, amped stereo, and one live well, WILL deplete a fully charged house battery. Many a day I have had to switch to the 2nd battery to crank the big motor to head home. If you prefer not to add a 5th battery, you should strongly consider keeping a good set of jumper cables onboard!
  4. Boat cover price

    They sure advertise Sunbrella as a fabric option.
  5. My new Maverick!

    Nice! Congratulations on a beautiful ride!
  6. 18 MA w/ F150 Prop Update

    I agree with the comments about propping to run close to the max on rpms. Just looking at the speed without concern about the max rpm is probably not healthy for the engine. That is why I said if you consult with Yamaha and most of the Yamaha mechanics, they will usually recommend to prop it so that it turns up close to the upper max rpm range, which for an F150, is 6000 rpms. Even the performance bulletins have to be taken with a grain of salt, because they are not "real world" conditions. They are taken on a boat that is as light as the boat will ever be. I can just about guarantee that any prop they used for the performance bulletin needs to be at least 1 to 2 inches less pitch by the time an owner gets the boat geared up for "actual" use.
  7. 18 MA w/ F150 Prop Update

    All depends what Yamaha says is the max operating range. Yamaha and mechanics will always recommend to prop it so it turns close to the top of the operating range at normal loads. Oh, I see now. It's an F150. So it should be close to 6000 rpms. That is my opinion, for what it's worth!
  8. What is this?

    Oh yeah! It is a combination bottle opener, hook holder, fingernail cleaner, and thing-a-ma-doogy!
  9. 05 2200 wiring schematic

    Look under Pathfinder, then under Product Information. The first topic is Wiring Diagrams.
  10. Congratulations! Sounds like it is going to be a nice ride! Last spring, I repowered my old 2200V with a 225 SHO. You will love the get and go these motors have!
  11. This looks like one you could buy based on the pictures!
  12. Between the marina electrical outlets, both on their docks and the cleaning racks, plus the electrical outlets at my community dock, I don't have any problem keeping the batteries charged up. Sometimes, I might have to leave it plugged in on a wash rack for a few hours after I leave, but the guys will unplug it and toss the cord into the boat before they put it back in the barn. My Powermania usually will charge up the batteries in about 3 hours or so. One thing you might want to consider, if a power outlet is going to be a problem at your marina, is the Stealth AC/DC charger that charges your batteries anytime you are running the big motor. They are very popular with boats fishing for days away from a power supply. You need to post some pictures of the new ride when it comes in. What kind of power?
  13. Look on the MBG gear site. They sell both the long and the short standpipes.
  14. 2200xl te coolers

    Thanks! You too! Must be the color....... You will enjoy the boat!
  15. 2200xl te coolers

    120 QT Igloo fits. I am not sure what size Yeti, Engle, etc, fits. Must be something about the color. I bought this boat a couple of years ago. It was a barn find 2007 2200V with 79 hours on the motor. LOL
  16. 2200xl te coolers

    Wow!!!!! What a find! Congratulations! How about some good close up pictures of the boat! You can find a new cooler anywhere anytime. Finding an eleven year old, like new, stored indoors 2007 2200 Pathfinder with 93 hours is like winning the lottery. At least, it is like a rare barn find! LOL
  17. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    You guys need to give it a few years. With global warming and melting sea ice, you should have 6 or 8 feet at low tide in just a couple of years!
  18. Best Battery Charger?

    A friend of mine had a Quad Pro dealer installed charger (about a $500 charger if I remember correctly) in his brand new 2016 24 Pathfinder bought in March, 2016. By September, 2017, the charger was dead. He had to bit the bullet, and put in a AC/DC Stealth on the fly charger. I had a Powermania charger installed in my 2007 2200V in March, 2016. My charger is still going strong!
  19. Best Battery Charger?

    Charge on the fly - Stealth Plug in - Powermania. Nuff said!
  20. Grand Kid Sitting

    Nice life lesson!
  21. $$$$$$$

    If I had all the money that was somewhere out in the wild blue yonder, spent on boats, gas, diesel, and fishing, I could be sipping on an umbrella sarsaparilla somewhere in the south Pacific now. But the thing is...........you ain't gonna take any of it with you! And boy, have I enjoyed the hobby!
  22. Newbie 97 Maverick RL

    If it were me, I would want to have that gelcoat crack ground out, checked out, and repaired. I would also want to replace what appears to be the drain plug.
  23. Mercury Outboards

    That is one heck of a deal for a 4 stroke 225!
  24. Lappy console door

    Boat Outfitters can custom make any door you desire. If I'm not mistaken, they are the world's largest user of starboard. Their workmanship is first class, at any rate!