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  1. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    Looked closely today with my 225 SHO. At 4100 rpm’s doing 35 mph I was getting 3.5 mpg. At 5000 rpm’s, I was doing 45 mph at 3.1 mpg.
  2. IMHO, Sport Trail is at least on a par with Ameratrail, if not even better! Those two trailers are at the top of the heap!
  3. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    I think you are way over propped. That motor should turn near 6000 rpm’s at WOT. I have a 225 SHO on a 2007 2200V.....a lighter boat than your TRS. I spin a PT OFX 3 blade, 19 pitch. At 3800 rpms, I am getting 3.3 to 3.4 mpg. I get 3 mpg all the way up to 4500 rpm’s. It will spin all the way up to 6000 rpm’s trimmed out. I would suggest an OFX3, 17” to see how it does. I would be willing to bet your mileage would pick up, and so would your rpm’s. Give the folks at PowerTech a call and get their advice!
  4. Hull pad?

    I can only speak for my 2007 2200V, but it doesn't have a pad. It does have a pocket, but I am pretty sure that is not considered a pad. A pad is a flat section on the keel at the stern. Here is an image of a pad, and the pocket on my boat.
  5. Hull pad?

    Hmmmm. I didn't know any Pathfinders had a pad.
  6. Capt. Troys Marina????

    I went sail fishing in Guatemala a few years ago. The marina had an armed guard with an AK type weapon stationed on the dock 24/7. Sounds like your marina needs to do the same!
  7. 2012 24 TRS 300 yamaha prop

    Look under the topic Pathfinder prop discussion above. There are several good threads about your setup.
  8. New Master Angler???

    Not exactly the same. The higher over the gunnel, as in the boat in the picture, the more extreme the movement will be. Compare running a boat from a tuna tower vs the flybridge.
  9. Happy Birthday America

    Yep. Great picture suitable for Time-Life! Did Ron take that picture?
  10. Bottom paint

    For small, trailer type boats, say like bay boats or flats boats, many of my friends are just like me! We would not even consider buying a boat that has been bottom painted. Period. It doesn't matter what the topside condition is. We just wouldn't go look. Too many to choose from without even having to consider a bottom painted boat!
  11. Bad Day

    That should be a lesson to marina operators. They should have standards that in-water owners should have to adhere to.......or be run out! These type owners and their boats can be a threat to other boats in close proximity. Sometimes, their money might not be worth it.
  12. Towing 2200V as a tender

    Are you considering the trailer towing bow eye to be a "relatively high tow attachment point?" I don't see how you could get a "lower" attachment point?
  13. 23 HPS TRADE for 24 TRS

    And I thought I had a nice collection of coolers!!!!! Good luck with your boat!
  14. Man, sorry for your problem. And to your credit, you are taking it like a real classy gentlemen (much better than me!). Seems like most MBG folks are like that, with me being the exception! Good luck!
  15. Friction Hinge for Front Dry Storage

    Maxum Hardware is the distributor for the Ameratool gas shocks. I ordered them straight from them. The SS ends look a lot better than the black plastic ends.