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  1. I am not sure of your problem. Are you saying you can turn on the bait well and it runs fine? And you have a separate switch and pump that is for recirculation? How many pumps do you have back in the aft starboard side rigging compartment? For example, I have two separate pumps for my main bait well with a separate switch for each. One pump will draw in raw water continuously. The other pump simply recirculates the water in the bait well after injecting air into the water.
  2. Just look at the first post in this forum titled Pathfinder Wiring Diagrams.
  3. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    I tend to think that Yeti is bowing to the PC end of the spectrum. They had to know what they were doing when they did it. And they had to know that this kind of news would spread like wildfire among the hunting population. And they had to know that no matter how the news came out, and how NRA would respond to it, and how Yeti would respond to it, the hunting fraternity and gun owners in general will only see it in a very narrow light........anti gun! It was entirely calculated. The damage has been done!
  4. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    I have a Yeti 20 qt cooler and a Yeti tumbler, and I won’t blow up either. I will err on the side of extreme caution, however, and make sure I don’t acquire any more Yeti products! Just to be on the safe side!
  5. Console Nav Lights

    I wanted LED lights when I changed mine, so I went with the Perko chrome over brass LED sidelights. They are quite proud of them, though.
  6. Hatch cylinders

    Most guys find their hatch rubber gaskets at MacMaster Carr. Do a search on here for the part number.
  7. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    Just curious. Why a colored non skid. Is it because it wouldn't show dirt, grime, and stains as bad?
  8. 250 SHO reliability questions

    Yes, all the 4.2 engines are plasma lined cylinders, done to decrease weight. But that theory, in my mind, kind of falls apart when you think about where the "making oil" problem first became so infamous.......the bass fishermen and the 250 SHO's on their bass boats. Obviously, bass fishermen don't do any trolling, and very little idling around, that I know of. They usually get up, and run as fast as conditions allow from Point A to Point B, and shut down. Then, they do it all over again. All over and over again during a day of fishing. But I do think it has something to do with breaking in the rings against the super slick plasma lines walls. I am no mechanic, but as I understand it, the honing marks are only there for a short period during break in, and the sooner (especially during break in) and more that you build up heat and pressure in the engine, the sooner the rings will seat properly to provide a seal. I followed Yamaha's break in procedure precisely, but wished I had followed the advice of a slew of people who advised me to run it like I stole it during the break in.
  9. Heading over to steinhatchee

    They look more like sea monsters than mere fishes!!!!
  10. 250 SHO reliability questions

    Do you have a t-top? I hit 56 mph at 6000 rpms today on an older 2007 2200V, with no top. This is a 225 SHO turning a PT OFX3 x 19.” I think a PT might do you some good!😃
  11. What did you do to your boat today?

    Dropped the boat in the water, after a professional detail job, for the first time since the end of December. The SHO fired up before it made one revolution! It topped out at 56 mph at 6000 rpms. Just right!
  12. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    The main boating forum.
  13. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    I posted.a thread along with the picture on The Hull Truth. I hope you don’t mind.
  14. 250 SHO reliability questions

    I have put 130 hours on my 2017 225 SHO. The only issue has been one that is well known.... the so called “making oil” problem. Over the last 30 or 40 hours, I have been running it “like I stole it.” and the making oil issue seems to be subsiding. Hopefully, I have that solved. But the torque and speed of these motors has to be felt to be believed! I love mine! I went from an F150 to the SHO, and it made my 2007 2200V a completely different animal!!!!
  15. Hatch cylinders

    My gas shockswere Ameritool brand. I bought a few from the distributor for Ameritool, which is Maxum Hardware. Then I ordered a few from from MBG (Ray in Parts) through a Pathfinder dealer. They were cheaper by a good bit straight from Pathfinder (MBG). All of my shocks were 30 lb shocks. You can look up model info on the barrel of the shock. I did buy the round, SS ends from Maxum, and they are a nice little upgrade from the plastic, standard ends that you have. Nice looking boat you have, by the way!