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  1. JEM

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    The Minn Kota's do have a huge remote, that also can operate all your household systems......tv, stereo, A/C, etc........no doubt about it. That is exactly why I bought the micro remote and have that attached to my belt loop, and leave the big remote on top of the console. The only time I use the big remote is to deploy, stow, and trim the troller. And I am usually at the console to do that stuff anyway. The fewer, essential buttons on the micro remote, which is already down at hand level, allow me to operate the motor without looking down.
  2. JEM

    Bait & Release Well Plumbing 2003 RF18

    This is a picture from an Islamorada 24 with the SS ball valves.
  3. It handled great. I spun it around pretty tight, and it never broke loose. His boat is as heavy as a 24 comes with a hard top, 5 batteries, a 10 power pole, and that big old tackle cabinet/leaning post. At 5700 rpm WOT, I felt like a 19” would be perfect for him. The only problem is the 20 pitch is the smallest they make. It was superior, in my opinion, to his Yamaha prop in every way.
  4. JEM

    Bait & Release Well Plumbing 2003 RF18

    Just search on google, or anywhere online. I believe you need a 316 stainless ball valve. This is a picture of my SS ball valve.
  5. Well, I have a little info for the 24 TRS owners. This past weekend, a friend wasn't feeling too well, but had been wanting to try my prop. He was maxing out about 5400 rpms and about 53 or 54 mph. His 2016 has a F300 Yamaha, a hard top, a 112V Ulterra, 5 batteries, and the deluxe leaning post/tackle cabinet. He left the marina, and left me his keys. Always one to enjoy tinkering with props, I pulled his Yamaha 4 blade, 15" dia X 21" pitch prop off, and popped my Merc Bravo 1 FS, 20" on, and took it for a spin. Here is a photo of the results. 5700 rpms and 56 mph. Certainly better than the Yamaha prop, imho.
  6. JEM

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Man, was that your brand spankin’ new Bravo? If so, I hate that for you. Back to my low skill level, maybe somebody here can offer some advice. The forward inner screw head just fell off when I was removing the SS cheese grater., leaving maybe a 1/8 inch of the screwshaft. I tried the smallest easy out I had to reverse the screw to no avail. I went and bought a tiny needle nose vice grip to try and get a grip on it, but still no good. As a last resort, I just ground the stub down flush, but I don’t like having but one screw fastener at the forward end of the plate. I guess my options are hope some 4200 will hold it down, or move over a little and drill a new hole, making sure I don’t go completely through the hull. I just wondered if anybody had any other ideas how to drill that reminder of a screw out, without really making a mess out of it?
  7. JEM

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I worked on and off Saturday and this afternoon on the new and improved DIY sea chest plate, a/k/a a cheese grater plate. I thought it would be a couple of hours and done. Nope. It is a lot of tedious work to sand to fit, and especially to drill the screw holes to fit existing screw holes in the hull. I think it was really above my pay grade. But I think I have it ready to install, but with predicted lows lower than the temps for 4200 to set up, I will wait for next weekend. I can’t imagine doing this whie the boat is on a trailer!
  8. With the hard top, I believe a Merc Bravo 1 FS 20” prop would do great for you!
  9. JEM

    Yamaha 2014 250 SHO for sale

    You should indicate how many hours.
  10. JEM

    23 HPS // 250 SHO

    Just curious......what was your WOT rpm?
  11. JEM

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    Whew! That plug is expensive!!!! More than twice the cost of the Battery Tender plug, which has been the gold standard for trolling motor plugs.
  12. JEM

    A chilly predawn ride

    Was worth it. Fished solo this morning and kept 15 trout and 1 red. I’m still trying to thaw my fingers out!
  13. JEM

    Boat Insurance

    Foremost is really good insurance!
  14. JEM

    Finally pulled the trigger

    If the gauges are still working properly, I believe there are people out there that can replace/repair them for a good bit cheaper than buying new. I know a guy at my marina showed me his gauge that he just got back that he had sent off for new glass. Good luck with the new ride!
  15. JEM

    GPS Screen Size

    That 840 was 11.5" L x 7.4" W. That was pretty big. The 942xs, because it is touch screen and doesn't have all the buttons, is a good bit more compact, yet has a bigger screen. The physical dimension of the 942xs is 10.1" L x 6.4" W. I could end up being wrong, but I think I can fit two of the 942's flush in my console. I have done a bunch of measuring inside the console, and I am going to turn it over to a professional in the hopes that he can make it work.