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  1. SOLD

    This is a great deal for somebody! GLWS
  2. Irrigation motor muff

    No issues. On certain motors with the low water pickups, like the SHO motors, you can't use the regular muffs.

    WOW! What an unbelievable report. Sorry for your damage, but all in all, you are still around to fix it back! That is the most important thing! Hope we hear some better reports from some of the other NC guys!

    I am not trying to minimize to damage and destruction of Florence, but I thought this was funny. This is a Weather Channel reporter on the battle lines with Flo. Nothing like some honest reporting to keep us all informed........ https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7265316/hurricane-florence-weatherman-fake-wind/ As someone mentioned, he did two things wrong. He was leaning with the wind, and he let two dudes casually stroll behind him while they were chatting on their phones.
  5. Never Forget

  6. THIS is a sunrise

    Saturday sundown in the Bull River. After I sobered up, the pictures straightened up! LOL
  7. Switch Panel... Wiring

    On the east coast, Master Repair in Stuart is well worth the drive.
  8. I can recommend someone in Charleston.
  9. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    If you are hearing the high pitched whine, you are in the short rows. If you allowed that gear to shred, instead of $ now, it would have been $$$$$$ shortly! It would not have been a gamble.....it would have been a sure thing!
  10. Stereo Systems for MA17

    Really slick solution! Nice.
  11. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    "Enough" is the $64000 question. And the answer can only be in the "eyes of the beholder." When I had my F150, I was perfectly happy. At least I didn't know I was unhappy! But when I went on some fishing trips with a friend on his 2400 powered by an F300, I was ruined! I finally hung a new 225 SHO, and now I'm REALLY happy!
  12. Help me pick a trolling motor

    Does the Powerwinch screw in, or does it just insert and twist to lock in place? In my opinion, the method of locking in place is crucial. By screwing in, the Battery Tender does NOT become loose due to bouncing and vibration. These new generation trollers with their boards are sensitive to intermittent voltage issues, as can happen with a loose plug.
  13. Horrible Boating Accident

    But can you imagine the fun trying to dock in a raging current with some kind of neutral lock? It was a horrible, terrible accident! But it was an accident.
  14. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    See what you can do in a bay boat!!!!!
  15. Help me pick a trolling motor

    Battery Tender plug..........it's a must!!!!!