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  1. They all have the aft center live well, and some have the optional port release well plumbed. The tournament model has the two aft wells, plus one up at the bow, for a total of three. The older V models have the issue of water coming back through the scuppers onto the deck when you are carrying a moderate to heavy load. The later XL models, beginning about 2007, and the TRS models have higher sides with decks a little higher over the water so that the water intrusion problem got solved. I have that issue on mine, and if I have 3 people fishing, I have rubber stopper plugs (from MBG) that I stop up the deck drain so water doesn't flow back onto the deck. One day, I will get around to having the Rabud, ping pong ball style scuppers installed on the transom. By most accounts, this stops the water from coming back up through the scuppers. All the compartments have gaskets and gutters so that they remain dry. I would choose a Pathfinder over Pure Wave and Nautic Star any day. That is just my personal opinion! Good luck! Any more questions, just ask.
  2. I am not sure of the size you are looking for. They made 18, 19, 20, 22, and 24 models. The obvious answer is the later the year, the better. I am talking about the 22' Pathfinders. The decks evolved over time into a better layout especially forward with the starboard and port compartments. If you want more than one live well or bait well, you might want to limit your search to the "Tournament" model. There are no real, inherent flaws, other than the wet feet syndrome. But even that can be mitigated with Rabud scuppers. There is a nice looking 2003 22 in the boat classifieds here that might be worthy of further investigation. But whatever budget and boat you are looking for, I would advise you to be willing to travel for the right deal. Three years ago, I found my 2007 2200V on Boat Trader and traveled from Georgia to Connecticut to purchase.
  3. Pathfinder 2400 fuel tank replacement

    Hmmmm. I learned something. I didn't realize they had aluminum tanks in those earlier years. And I didn't realize MBG did repairs on non warranty boats. When I checked with Ray nearly three years ago, he told me they don't repair boats. But to the OP, any good and reputable boat fiberglass shop should be able to handle this job. Gator in Savannah, GA could do this job nicely if he wanted to. His number is 912-441-1750.
  4. Gas shock brackets

    Great find. I have looked for those SS "crescent" brackets before. Just for other members, here is the link to them. http://www.attwoodmarine.com/store/product/hardware-sl48-right-hand-crescent-bracket
  5. 2400 TRS F300 Prop

    How about some performance numbers! What is your top rpm and speed with the OFX4 18?
  6. Gas shock brackets

    I would still give Ray at MBG a call, and see if they still have those curved brackets.
  7. 2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    That sounds like a pretty fair deal. Being able to run it and having a Yamaha mechanic check it out good is a big plus!
  8. Gas shock brackets

    I bought some for my Pathfinder through a local Pathfinder dealer. He ordered them straight from Ray at MBG. Ray would know exactly what you need. They were cheaper than buying from another supplier. If MBG doesn't have them, then if you know the total length and compressed length, and pounds of pressure, you can order the Ameratool SS shocks straight from Maxum Hardware ( https://www.maxumhardware.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=75&osCsid=n0gg9ttip978n6ca57pm3p74dl), who are the distributors for Ameratool gas shocks. They will customize your shock to whatever pounds of pressure you want. My Pathfinder used 15", compressed to 9", and 30 lbs of pressure.
  9. A buddy and I kept 8 trout on shrimp and plastic. We had a couple of nice ones, 23" and 20 ".
  10. Seems it is windy or nothing this year. NOAA called for NW 15 to 20 knots, so we had no choice but to go try. Fishing the mid morning outgoing tide, a friend and I kept 17 trout and 4 reds on shrimp and plastics. With that much wind, you have to lead the fish on your cast like you are shooting a dove bird! Sporty!
  11. Seems it is windy or nothing this year. NOAA called for NW 15 to 20 knots, so we had no choice but to go try. Fishing the mid morning outgoing tide, a friend and I kept 17 trout and 4 reds on shrimp and plastics.
  12. I got gray hair over years and years while learning the cold hard truth that many, many times, the cheapest morphs into the most expensive in the long run when dealing with botes! I hope and pray that the Maverick figures out a way to get back on the water with you still the Captain!
  13. PF Rod holders

    You can get them from Ray at MBG.
  14. SeaDek install in the morning

    It looks great! It is so tempting when you see it new. But I have a Marine Mat fish ruler, and it is an eye sore after measuring slimy fish on it for a couple of years. I don't see how I could ever keep it looking nice, after slinging fish over the gunnel and tracking in mud and everything else. Since my deck just doesn't clean up like it should, I suspect sometime over the next year or so, I am just going to have my non skid professionally redone.