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  1. Does anyone have the dimensions of the fuel tank that was used on the 2002 19V Pathfinder ?
  2. Fuel sender length

    What is the length of the fuel sender for a 1991 19V Pathfinder ?
  3. bilge pump location

    How large of a hatch did you use and where did you get it?
  4. New, never used, Coleman cooler tie downs. $15.00
  5. Metal Minn Kota trolling motor bracket...used but in excellent space. $30.00
  6. Keeping the deck clean

    I have a 1997 1900 Pathfinder that has been out in the elements for some time that I have a problem keeping the deck clean. When I am out fishing any blood or seaweed leaves stains on the deck that is hard to get out. Do I need to paint the deck or apply something to the deck ? i thought of using something like a wax to restore the finish, but I was afraid that it would be too slippery.
  7. Leaning post storage tray

    Galvanized metal storage tray off of a 1997 1900 Pathfinder....$50 In good condition. located in the Apollo Beach area.
  8. Minn Kota removalable trolling motor metal mounting bracket....$25 used, but in excellent condition.
  9. Coleman Cooler tie down

    New Coleman cooler tie down....$15
  10. Yamaha F115 Question

    It is coming out of the Prop/exhaust when I goose the motor. Otherwise it is running fine...just wondering if it was running too rich.
  11. Storm Shutters

    In past storms I had wind blown water coming in from every part of the windows and doors. I even had water coming throw the lead glass pieces on my front door. I used clear siliconed caulk all around the outside of the windows that I later pulled off (some of it that I left in place until hurricane season is over). My wife thought we were sealing our selves in...but it worked ! The door I had replace with a hurricane rated door that only had water coming under the door sweep
  12. 1900 Pathfinder leaning post tray for sale $50 Heavy duty Galvanized storage tray. Apollo Beach area.
  13. Want to buy back rest for my leaning post on a 1900 Pathfinder.
  14. Yamaha F115 Question

    I noticed when running the water through the engine while doing a engine clean out, after a day out on the water, that some black carbon built up comes out with the water if you hit the throttle a little. Does that indicate a problem ? Yamaha F115 four stroke.
  15. Want to buy......Back rest for Pathfinder leaning post that fits into the rod holders. mike27223@netzero.com