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  1. New, never used, Coleman cooler tie downs. $15.00
  2. Metal Minn Kota trolling motor bracket...used but in excellent space. $30.00
  3. Keeping the deck clean

    I have a 1997 1900 Pathfinder that has been out in the elements for some time that I have a problem keeping the deck clean. When I am out fishing any blood or seaweed leaves stains on the deck that is hard to get out. Do I need to paint the deck or apply something to the deck ? i thought of using something like a wax to restore the finish, but I was afraid that it would be too slippery.
  4. Leaning post storage tray

    Galvanized metal storage tray off of a 1997 1900 Pathfinder....$50 In good condition. located in the Apollo Beach area.
  5. Minn Kota removalable trolling motor metal mounting bracket....$25 used, but in excellent condition.
  6. Coleman Cooler tie down

    New Coleman cooler tie down....$15
  7. Yamaha F115 Question

    It is coming out of the Prop/exhaust when I goose the motor. Otherwise it is running fine...just wondering if it was running too rich.
  8. Storm Shutters

    In past storms I had wind blown water coming in from every part of the windows and doors. I even had water coming throw the lead glass pieces on my front door. I used clear siliconed caulk all around the outside of the windows that I later pulled off (some of it that I left in place until hurricane season is over). My wife thought we were sealing our selves in...but it worked ! The door I had replace with a hurricane rated door that only had water coming under the door sweep
  9. 1900 Pathfinder leaning post tray for sale $50 Heavy duty Galvanized storage tray. Apollo Beach area.
  10. Want to buy back rest for my leaning post on a 1900 Pathfinder.
  11. Yamaha F115 Question

    I noticed when running the water through the engine while doing a engine clean out, after a day out on the water, that some black carbon built up comes out with the water if you hit the throttle a little. Does that indicate a problem ? Yamaha F115 four stroke.
  12. Want to buy......Back rest for Pathfinder leaning post that fits into the rod holders. mike27223@netzero.com
  13. I need a Minn Kota RT17 Composite Quick Release bracket. I purchased a boat that has the inner piece of the bracket mounted on the boat, but original owner sold the trolling motor with the outer piece mounted on the motor with it. I will purchase the whole bracket or just the outer piece of the bracket . Mike mike27223@netzero.net
  14. Swim platform

    I just purchased a swim platform/ladder like you showed above for my 2002 19v and I am trying to figure out how to through bolt the platform on my port side with the bait well on that side. The starboard side would not be a problem, but I have my power pole on that side already. There is a small gap between the top of the bait well and the ledge to run the through bolt, but that may cause the platform to be mounted too far down. Has anyone run into the same problem ?
  15. Lowrance LMS 332c Color GPS/Sonar

    I will give a $100 for it. Mike