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  1. 2500 Trailer Noise

    Curious if anyone else has issues with trailer noise. I have a 2500 and this is my first brand new trailer and it's my first trailer with working brakes. I feel like for a new trailer I get a lot of clunking and creeking/screeching (however you would describe it) and wanted to see if it's normal or something I need to look at. I suppose most of it is the clunking from the surge brake coming forward, then back as well as coupler/trailer ball connection but I guess I assumed a new trailer would be nice and quiet.
  2. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    I have the macerator pump. Mine holds water until I turn it on and it drains where Tall Tails said. My complaint is that they only have 1 drain in the middle of the boat (left side of the fishbox) and water tends to sit on the right side of the fish box.
  3. PF 2500 back seat question

    What do you mean by wobble? Mine seem to give a little when I step on them. I just assumed the cushion was depressing.
  4. 2500 on order

  5. Another 2500 build

    I had a 19p mercury enertia. Greg said his mercury guru said I need an 18p but it wasn't delivered when I picked my boat up, then it had the wrong hub so they had to order that and I finally picked it up this morning. However based on my numbers with the 19p I think it will be better than the 18 and I think 20p may be the best prop. I haven't had ideal prop testing conditions with the 19p but it runs about 57 @ 6200 rpm and 28-30 mph its at 3800-3900 rpm.
  6. Another 2500 build

    Did you get to pick it up? I saw Family Boating posted a couple pics on fb. Curious to hear what prop they gave you and your performance.
  7. 2500/2600 livewell clogging question

    Where did you get the red (foam?) from?
  8. 2500 Hybrid Rear Deck

    Don't mind the dirty-ness, I don't get my cover till next month. The 5 gallon bucket is a few inches from touching the bottom.
  9. 2500 LP Livewell; To get or not to get?

    What Skip said. I spend most of my time fishing so the comfy seat wasn't that big of a loss for me. I'm also on the west coast and carry as much bait as I can get. It's also nice to be able to split up bait in case there is livewell issues you don't lose all the bait.
  10. 2500 Hydrant and Safety Gear Location

    I agree on having a difficult time deciding where to put stuff. I feel like half my compartments are empty. I'll try to get some pics this weekend. I know as of a couple weeks ago Greg at Family Boating didn't think he'd have a 2500 on the lot till the end of the year. I suppose he may have a loaner at any upcoming boat shows but I don't know.
  11. 2500 Shake down cruise and discussion

    Any updates on using the screen for those plexiglass (or whatever it is) drain covers? I had issues with grass getting through the holes and clogging the drain and theres no way to clear it and put the cover back on without trapping bait.
  12. With all the 2500 build threads I was curious to know where everyone stores all their stuff. I'm thinking about mounting my fire hyrdrant in the large compartment up front. This is also where I store my PFD's and flares. I stick my throwable on the side of my console between the console and the pipe work for the t-top.
  13. 2500 Shake down cruise and discussion

    Congrats on picking her up. This is my second weekend with mine. Definitly lots to still work out to get everything just the way I like it.
  14. Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Build

    I put a little over 10 hours on it this weekend including a trip about 25 miles offshore in the gulf. Handled the 1-2' chop perfect, didn't ever have to come off the throttle at 30 mph. It was a 10-15 mph cross wind but on the way back and in a semi protected channel I hit 57 at 6200 rpm with a 19P Mercury Enertia prop. It cruised at about 28-30 mph and 3700-3900 rpm. I had a full livewell, 38 gallons of gas, 2 people, and gear. I'm getting the prop switched out this weekend and will report back. Hoping to bring the rpm's at cruise down a tad and top end up (i hope). I think once its propped right I might touch 60 in good conditions.
  15. Another 2500 build

    I've put just over 10 hours on it this past weekend. They are swapping out my prop this weekend.