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  1. Opinions on Hewes Tunnel

    I've got a 1995 Tunnel. I've stuck it twice, once with 3 adults and 2 kids on sandy bottom about 1 ft deep. The other time was just me in about 8 inches. I'm not sure what typical draft is for the non tunnels. There is less info on the tunnels which makes finding prop recommendations difficult. Top speed with a 17p and 150 merc is about 38 mph, with just me on perfect calm day. I've never found info on anyone getting a tunnel above 40 mph. It gets a little squirrely if you aren't careful but not too bad, that is common with tunnel V boats just took a little getting use to. I made it swap ends once but I was trying to run it hard with the motor up on a rough day. Overall I love the boat and layout even though mine was in pretty rough shape. I'm not trying to be negative about it just trying to tell you the differences or things that might be a concern.
  2. 1996 Hewes- 19 Redfisher w/tunnel

    If it's really that clean and taken care of it's probably worth it. I've put some sweat, blood and a grand or so already into mine. I'm a bit of a tight wad so I may not be the best person to evaluate boat prices. I think they're all to expensive LOL. The thing with these Florida style boats in Texas is they aren't as well known so price is all over the place but generally lower than in Florida. I've seen some Action Crafts with a very wide range of asking prices on CL. I like these boats because I bass fish some and I can lay down my rods but still get the space and seating of a center console. They also do well in rough water but still run shallow. Lots of storage too. I think the non tunnel (mainly from what I've read on the forum) is much faster like 50mph with similar motors. Just trying to estimate I burnt maybe a third to half tank running around 40mi or so in West Galveston with a ton of no wake time in the canals. Following the rule of thirds you should be close for a trip to Baffin from Marker 37. If you make that run I'd try it just over 30mph the first time trip down then see how much fuel you have left. I pull mine behind a V6 explorer without any trouble so if nothing else it's efficient to tow.
  3. 1996 Hewes- 19 Redfisher w/tunnel

    I have a 1995 with Tunnel and 150 mariner. I'm jealous yours looks to be in much better shape and I love the color. It's a really nice boat but it's not quick with the tunnel. I'm about to start playing with the prop but I can't get to 40mph on mine with 21 pitch prop (I have a post in the prop section but no one has responded). I'm in College Station, Tx if you have any questions let me know. I've had to tinker with the wiring and plumbing a bit. Haven't done much salt fishing yet with it. Got it stuck in West Galveston the other day in less than a foot of water. Probably needs around 10" or less to float. Should do the same or a little less on plane. Value in Texas might vary just because most folks aren't looking for this style boat. In Florida I bet you could get a couple grand more for it. I paid just under $6K for mine in OK which is a good ways from Saltwater and like I said mine isn't as clean as yours seems. I would guess somewhere between $7-$9K is a fair value in Texas. I've seen similar boats list for more on CL but normally sit a long time.
  4. I have a 95 redfisher with 19 mariner 150 (0G041908) and 21P prop (48825934a45 21p). I believe I have a 1.78 gear ratio but I'm not certain. I'm only getting about 37mph with just me and tackle in the boat at 5000 RPM WOT. I've moved the jack plate up and down to get max speed. There were a little chop but no matter how I position the motor or trim tabs I think I might have hit 38 for a moment in light chop. According the all the internet prop slip calculators I'm getting 34% slip. This seems really high I believe 10-15% would be acceptable. Do you think there is something wrong with my prop or should I try something like a 19 pitch?
  5. Trim Help on Redfisher

    I checked the switch first on the trim tab. It's good so I went to the back but the trim tabs are recessed in sponsons. I love that but there wasn't an easy way to check the wiring without removing the entire actuator. No connector the wires just go into a cord grip. Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon. The front of the boat rides high and I'd love to bring it down especially when it's rough.
  6. Trim Help on Redfisher

    Glad I'm not crazy. I've only got one of the trim tabs working but I'm loving the tabs. I'm going to try and get the other working after the gauges. This thing is going to nickle and dime me to death.
  7. Trim Help on Redfisher

    Please forgive the rookie operator here. I have a 1995 Hewes Redfisher 18. I haven't been able to put much time on it yet so I'm still learning to operate it. It seems to me the trim doesn't do much on this boat. As I hit the throttle to get on plane the back is low, the front comes up then it planes out much like a b*** boat without hitting the trim at all. I make adjustments to the trim and it doesn't appear to do much. I don't have the gauges working so I need them for fine tuning. It this normal on this type of boat? The reason I'm asking is I'm replacing the gauges and the trim gauge seems useless anyway much more so on this boat. I might get a voltmeter to fill the hole instead.
  8. Gelcoat bubbles, chips

    I probably should have put this on the main forum. I'm going to copy it there.
  9. http://2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/attachment.php?attachmentid=2554306&stc=1&d=1445539095 http://2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/attachment.php?attachmentid=2554298&stc=1&d=1445539095 I bought a 95 Redfisher 18 and it has some blemishes like shown. I've got some recommendations on how to repair but I thought I'd get some input from the Hewes forum. What should I put on here to fix these? Also is there any other info or manuals on the 1995 18 Redfisher? I downloaded the current manual and schematics from here but not sure how relevant they are to the 1995. Mine is the tunnel and I'm having a few little issues here and there electrically and with the live wells.
  10. Where are all the Texas guys?

    Just got on the forum after buying a used 1995 Hewes Redfisher 18. I'm in College Station and will freshwater fish mostly but will be taking to the coast when I can. Surprised to see someone else from College Station on here.