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  1. I've got two transducers, a transom mount and a thru the hull. Here's the transom mount
  2. How do you stay in shape?

    Fixing to turn 62 this year and follow roughly the same routine described above, although I don't run anymore. Down from 235 to 197 in 6 months..the "very little sugar" is critical".
  3. Spinning combo shimano Stella 3000 gloomis 844s

    Interested, can I call?
  4. Orvis Helios 8wt

    Is it a Helios 2? Mid or Tip Flex? Thanks
  5. The death.... and resurrection of my Dreamboat.

    love the pics. Incredible job!
  6. How long does it takes to run across if I stay in Islamorada? I have a 18 HPX so I assume it's deep enough for me to run.

    This is what I love about this site..Same thing happen to me, but a friend showed me the breaker on my 2016 18 HPX.
  8. Simrad Totalscan Spraying Water

    Had the same issue with my Garmin transducer, which looks similar to yours when I first got my boat. Since it was a warranty issue I took it in and they just moved it up an inch or two.
  9. Minn Kota Heading Sensor Puck

    My Ulterra is only about a year old. The only feature I'm not thrilled about is the spot lock. Seems to do ok if I'm working against a tide or wind but gets squirrely if it has to counter both. Also, when first engaged if I don't keep the boat pretty close to the spot as it searches for a signal it will go into a spot hunting mode that can be pretty dramatic. If I have someone on the bow I usually warn them to stand by as it does a "crazy Ivan " for about 30 seconds.... Will the puck work with my Ulterra or is this a new version altogether? Thanks
  10. New Cushion by Sandy

    Thanks Chuck
  11. New Cushion by Sandy

    Does she have a website or does anyone have contact info? That looks really good!
  12. Boat Cover for 2016 Maverick Mirage HPX 18

    Miguel, I have a 2016 18' Mirage. The only thing I've added are rod holders on the poling platform. See picture attached. And thank you.