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  1. polliwog

    Hewes Tailfisher- Stuggling to Plane

    I was going to say the same thing, that motor should run over 5500 rpms. You should do at least 35mph. looks like the motor is too high and you are blowing out,but I don't under stand why the rpms are so low at WOT. Something isn't making sense. When you have the tabs down and have a rooster tail you are fighting the motor. You must be plowing a lot of water. The boat should sit on the back 3rd of the hull when you are at WOT.
  2. polliwog

    SS Prop Pitch Advice - 1996 20' Hewes LT

    I repowered my 1997 with a Yamaha 150 and just used the prop that came with the boat. I don't know the pitch,but it is giving me about the same performance as my 2 stroke 150 Yamaha ,so I'm happy. BTW I use mine in Eastern LIS with similar currents. Are you unhappy with what the engine came with? I have a SS prop. My boat is wet slipped,so it's hard to check out the prop specs.
  3. I will throw in a hat I just got at Sierra trading post made by "Frog pond" good stiff brim, lots of coverage,especially in the back and has a tightening head band and a chin strap. It is made of light ,but sturdy material. I used for the first time yesterday and am happy. I have about 10 other wide brim hats and I'm always looking for the best option. I will use it in FL this winter. Costs 20 bucks,which half the retail because of Sierra trading deals. Take a look.
  4. polliwog

    Cleats rattling on 23DV

    If the base is tight then there is nothing to tighten in the pull up section of cleat. Seems strange, I have 2 boats with pull up cleats and never had any issues. Do they make noise when you run the boat with them extended up? Maybe my boat makes enough noise I can't hear them. lol
  5. polliwog

    Battery Relocation on Redfisher 18????

    Try putting 50 lbs in the 2 lockers and see if it changes things up. Better to experiment which is pretty easy than to make the change a see no better results. You might need to check out your prop or engine height as well.
  6. polliwog

    Battery Relocation on Redfisher 18????

    I think you may find you have too much weight forward. What are you trying to accomplish with the move? My 20ft LT tends to be bow heavy with the batteries in the console and trolling motor on the bow.
  7. polliwog

    the most abrasive resistant leader

    I agree with linesider about Seaguar vs Berkeley, I will add that I would use at least 20 lb braid the diameter won't hurt your cast enough to offset the benefit of less chance to break off. If you're in the mangroves or docks you need all the advantage you can get, on the beach not so much. You can handle a 20in snook with out gearing up,BUT if you get into 35-40 inchers it's a whole different game. Have fun and kick some butt.
  8. polliwog

    Classic Lappy poling Platform

    Great looking platform. I should do that for my 20ft LT. How did you attach the transom brackets ,mine have lag bolts and we had to cut a hole in the battery locker to thru bolt when the starboard side started to leak.
  9. polliwog

    the most abrasive resistant leader

    Joe R, I do a lot of snook fishing and in the past have gone with a few guides out of Choko. They said anything below 40lbs is a waste of time and usually go to 50# Floro. I also do a lot of dock fishing when the time is right and use extra heavy bait casting rods with the afore mentioned leader and still have times when I get broken off. I actually got a big fish out from the docks and broke off at the boat. I love how they fight,but you have to take a gun to the fight ,no knives. BTW I don't really think the brand is going to make the difference,it the size that matters. lol
  10. polliwog

    Flats Advice

    X2 on wanaflatsfish. Good luck
  11. polliwog

    Older Hewes TM Battery Location

    I didn't do mine on a 20ft LT,but the boat guys I use didn't seem to have a problem from the console when I had them install my troller. There is room under the floor on the deck ahead of the console. Maybe a 10ft piece of fairly stiff galvanized wire will work forward and be used to pull through the power cables. I used that stuff on my vineyard trellises. Hardware stores should carry it.
  12. polliwog

    Nose sits high while underway

    All of the above is true about flats boats, I have 2 and they act the same way,my HEWES LT 20ft with a 150 4 stroke Yama act the same as my Maverick HPX 15 fter with a 40HP power. Use the tabs to settle the boat down at a lower speed ,like 15mph when it gets snotty and rough and plow the waves at a level adjustment. Works very well. I use a small amount of tab when I'm running at 25-30.
  13. polliwog

    Flats Advice

    Take a look at the Hewes Light tackle 20ft. It can handle heavy chop and easily have 3 people on board. You won't want to pole this baby very much for sure. I have owned one for 18yrs and use it on the CT Long Island sound fishing for stripers around all sorts of knarly rock structure. Use a tolling motor a lot and it handles quite well. With motor up it draws about 12in. They can be had for around your price with an older motor of the 150hp. It is a solid hull much like the MA. Worth a look anyway.
  14. polliwog

    1994 LT value question...please help

    I also think the price is a little high considering the top sides seem a little rough. I will say I have owned my 20 ft LT for almost 20yrs with a VMAX 150 2 stroke on it first and now a SHO 150 Yamaha and it has plenty of power and speed. I can approach 50 WOT though I don't do it often and I would guess the 140 should get to over 40,maybe 45 so it isn't a disaster. If you are going to have a few people it would slow down a good bit. I'm out solo most of the time.
  15. polliwog

    Removing glue under carpet.

    What will you do when you remove the glue? Is the surface good enough to leave free of a covering?
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