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  1. polliwog

    truck tail gate

    I'm betting it is in fact an assist spring that has broken. My dish washer had a spring assist to make rising and lowering easier . It broke and the door weighs a ton now. Let us know what happened.
  2. polliwog

    Re-power or fix?

    If it works for you by all means,do what makes you feel comfortable and confident. My 150 Vmax needed to go. It served me well for 20yrs .
  3. polliwog

    Re-power or fix?

    I do understand not wanting to throw a lot of money into a new engine. I made the repower decision because I don't want to be stranded somewhere that help isn't able to get to. Either deep in the 10k or up in NE offshore beyond radio range or cell coverage. I'm getting old and paranoid. Sometimes things just happen. I try to keep them to a minimum LOL
  4. polliwog

    Group 24 batteries

    I use 24 regular batteries, interstate brand on a 70 lb minn kota. manual controls and put maybe 2-3hrs per outing and plenty of juice left . I keep them fully charged after use.
  5. polliwog

    Estero report

    Reading the Naples News today there has been another fish kill showing up from Naples beaches to Barefoot beach. Not good news unfortunately. I hope and pray this isn't the start of yet another bad yr for Red Tide.
  6. polliwog

    Really wet bilge

    Does the Redfisher have the same poling platform style as the LT? If so check the lower attachment bracket on the transom. My LT developed a leak do to the fact they are attached by lag bolts if you can believe it. over time they work lose and leak. That lower bracket can be right at the water line or lower. Just a thought if all else fails. Open the port to the bilge pump after the bilge is dry and watch to see if you see water entering, I did.
  7. polliwog

    Stern Light for HPX

    How about just putting the light in the middle of the platform in the rear and leaving it in the upright position. My Hella is in the upright position and is noe over 10yrs old. It is the standard fixture. That position shouldn't interfere with poling of the rig.
  8. polliwog

    17 hpx remodel

    How does the 115 4 stroke compare to the 90 as far as hole shot and top speed? What is the weight difference ? Great looking job.
  9. polliwog

    2002 Mirage Restore

    Keep the 90 Yama,it IS bullet proof. I put one on a Whaler 12 yrs ago and it runs like new. My son now has the boat in BC Canada and runs it hard. Use REC gas period! Especially when not using the boat that often. I use Ring free on every fill up. In hot weather the carbs will tend to gum up with E-10 fuel. Have you checked with MBC to see if your pole holders are still made?
  10. polliwog

    gas tank replacement

    Thanks big snook, I was hoping that was the case,not that I'm looking to do it,but it at least isn't not major surgery.
  11. I love the story and learned some new things about the flats boats. I fished with Dr Lenny Berg who always spoke of Steve Huff with reverence. I have a 15ft HPXv and love it,especially since I fish solo a lot. It's a dream to pole and launch and retrieve solo. THX for sharing the article.
  12. polliwog

    gas tank replacement

    lap it up, I have a insert in the deck that I think is for that purpose,but I would like to know if someone has used it and that it works for tank replacement with out doing any cutting of the deck. If my memory serves me correctly there was a post on this, I just can't find it. I hope so.
  13. polliwog

    gas tank replacement

    I don't have the problem YET,but I'm expecting to have to deal with the situation in my 1997 20ft LT. I remember a thread some time ago that showed lifting the floor panel under the console to get out the tank. It didn't seem to require any cutting or removing of the cap. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks very much
  14. polliwog

    Replacing D Rings & Lifting Straps

    Since no one has pipped up I would like to add I have a HPXV 15fter I BGT 10yrs ago. It was fitted by the previous owner to lift with deck mounted U Bolts of stainless with a heavy backing plate beneath the cap and the hull over hang. He had a lift at his house which where it was stored. It did work. My boat is quite light so iT may not apply to your situation. BTW are your u-bolts on the transom ?
  15. polliwog

    1994 Maverick Repower Issues

    I have the same issues with a Hewes 20FT LT and a new 150 4 stroke Yamaha. At WOT the hull seems to drive down,even when fully trimmed. Anxious to hear the solution.
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