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  1. Irrigation motor muff

    What are the issues with regular muffs that most people use? I have used muffs on everything from a 40hp 4 stroke to 150 HP 2 and 4 stroke as well as 90hp 2 stroke. I run the engine for 10 minutes and I'm done. My 150 2 stroke lasted for over 20yrs.
  2. Trailer fail

    How in the world did the bolts shear off on the trailer.? Did the wheels lock up? I have not heard of this issue.
  3. Hatch Repair Redfi

    Take a look at the West system/six 10 Epoxy filler. 2 part product that fills gaps. It will make the area solid again and probably better than new. It comes in a tube you use a regular caulking gun to apply. Good luck
  4. Chokoloskee update?

    Sounds great. how did you do Mfengler? Hope it continues through Sept and Oct.at least. I get down there in Oct.
  5. Well I've been replaced lol

    I was taught to fish as a small boy by my dad ,and had the same fun with my 2 sons and now see my grandson fishing with his dad. Hope the tradition keeps on going forever. Way better than spending hours in front of a screen.
  6. Bonefisher flats capabilities

    It will do just fine you won't be tarpon fishing in 6 in water anyway . Nobody is poling in that skinny water. My HPX v 15 doesn't like poling 6in water with out kicking up all sorts of junk. Now if you were asking about my 20ft LT the answer would be no. LOLs
  7. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    I have your boat,but with a 150 Yamaha VMAX, I don't get more than 45 at WOT, but I have a painted bottom and 50 less HP. I would think your WOT should be about 50, These boats are heavy and bow heavy especially with a troller on the front.. I'm at the stage in life where 35-40 cruising speed is just fine LOL.
  8. Yamaha outboard help

    I assume the answer after all that hard diagnosis was the VST issue. This seems to be one of the main areas of Yamahas problems. It should be the first thing to check out I guess. I have a 40hp carbed which has been great after I stopped using E-10 and had the carbs rebuilt.
  9. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    I have used yamalube,but changed to westmarine semi synthetic with all the tc-w3 etc compliant 15yrs on a Yamaha 150 VMAX and no issues. Engine ended up with a water jacket corrosion issue after 20 yrs of service. The engine didn't owe me anything,had no issues for it's 20yrs of service.
  10. Besides what has been listed as a problem,so is insect repellent, ruined several reel handles that had to be replaced. They got squeechy and soft. Now I know what not to use.
  11. Master Angler Repower

    For what it is worth I have a 20ft LT that had a 150 Vmax 2 stroke and called Skip about a 115, no way. Got a standard 4 stroke Yamaha and cruise at 35-40MPH, 4000-4400 rpms. It would be perfect for your needs. If you need to have go somewhere fast it will get you there.
  12. Bring back the Lappy

    I love these threads, I have a LT 20 used on the big waters of Long Island sound and the Cape for stripers .blues and Albies. Nobody knows what to make of a poling platform and a 150HP Yamaha on a 20ft flats boat.,but they love it.specially watching it going over 40mph with a rooster tail. LOL BTW I fished with a guide out of Chatham,Mass on a 17ft Lappy for many yrs. Great boat.
  13. NEW red tide and water condition report

    FMB has it right, Lake water wouldn't be the issue if it weren't for big sugar. Pollution goes right to their front door and everyone knows it. Everybody gets their panties in a wad on the small environmental stuff and lets this type of thing continue for yrs. Need a change in FL politics to get it done, this is getting personal now.
  14. Flip up anchor light repair

    The only reason to put the light down is when you're poling. I will be looking into a LED for mine. My light is 20yrs old and still works. If you keep your boat outside I wouldn't drill a hole in the top, if water gets in it will go straight to the electrical fixture instead of filling the plastic cover which won't hurt the electrical parts. It takes a bunch of water to fill the plastic globe. It is a bad design BTW.
  15. Gas Cap Mistake Please help

    Have you contacted MBG , people at the Co are very helpful and can probably get you new gas with instructions As for the chain being in the tank,should not be a problem with the operation of the fuel delivery. Intake has a strainer to prevent contamination from getting to the fuel line. Skip is a good contact if you call the company.