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  1. As the title says I am looking for some answers on propping a new 150 Yamaha. Engine came with a "standard" stainless prop, I don't have the pitch,but it gets out of the hole just fine and runs great up to 4,500rpms. When I try to trim the boat I can't get WOT throttle with out the bow wanting to plow even though I'm trimmed out to the point of blowout. Obviously there is no trim tab causing this they are in neutral position. I need a prop that will lift bow if that is possible. Boat has a trolling motor on bow,but no other extra weight up there. Full fuel tank and just me running solo. BTW no water in the live bait well. I guess I'm asking what 20Lt owners are running on their rigs. THX
  2. polliwog

    Older boat restoring question

    I have the exact boat and motor. I would have a good check over the motor before you launch into the boat itself. My 150 V pro was used in in brackish water and stored in fresh for 98% of it's life and developed a perforation of the water jacket that caused me to replace it with a F150 4 stoke Yamaha. You might want that to fit that possible issue into the money you are willing to spend to keep the boat going. As you know the old 2 strokes didn't have a flush port,so if it was wet stored in salt or not flushed on a regular basis rust outs were the norm after 15-20yrs. BTW I too love the boat,so that's a big part of the equation. Good luck.
  3. polliwog

    conversion from Bennett to Lenco ??? 1995 MA 17

    It's amazing that a product has survived for 25 yrs with little trouble. My 1998 20FT LT has the original Bennetts that are still going strong. The marine environment is brutal to everything,so good on the Bennett Co.
  4. polliwog

    Fuel Capacity

    I never rely on my sending unit,I keep track of hours run and gallons put in . I start the yr with a full tank and fill according to hrs run. Works for me and I also know about the MPGs the boat gets.
  5. polliwog


    I have said this before on this site. Get a ion Jump battery starter, they will save your bacon if your battery takes a dump..They are super small and light and will start any outboard. I never leave the dock without mine.$65.00 and it holds a charge for a long,long time. Mine is a DPpower from Amazon. It has actually started my SUV diesel V6 when the battery went dead. Nuff said.
  6. polliwog

    What push pole to buy

    I have a carbon fiber for my 20ft LT that I use very infrequently in NE ,but it is fine at 20yrs old. I also have a stiffy in fiberglass for my little 15 Mav HPX which is heavy,but very sturdy. I use it to stake out in the 10k as well as doing short poling distances.I wouldn't want to pole with a fiberglass pole all day,especially a 24fter. I am in very shallow water so a long pole isn't needed. TM is my main method of going longer distances,plus I'm now one of those old farts. LOL
  7. polliwog

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    It's vigilante time, there was a story of a guy stealing a woman's car with a baby in it and the people who saw it go down chased the car down ,pulled the guy out and beat him to death. I don't think they will get convicted by a jury of their peers .
  8. polliwog

    Fighting Lady Yellow patch repair

    I'm sure a fiberglass shop has a photo system that shots the actual boat paint and creates a match formula they then produce into a paint sample. I've done this with older house paint that needed a match. 15yr old paint was perfectly matched. If you bring in the boat they'll shot the color match. It's just trying to find a good shop that has the capability.
  9. polliwog

    Yamaha F150 Hesitates/shutter

    Do an Italian tune. Put a heavy dose of your favorite tune up juice like RED LINE or SEA FOAM and take it out for a tune up, WOT for 5 minutes and repeat a few times. If it is carbs or injectors it should shake it loose. Since it's only happening at on point in the speed range it hasn't gotten bad yet,but it will if left untreated. I had a much more severe case due to Ethanol and had to have the carbs rebuilt on my 2005 Yamaha 40hp 4 stroke.
  10. polliwog

    Gunnel Carpet

    Thx Hawg, I will see if a friend in Ft Pierce knows the place and can check it out.
  11. polliwog

    Lesson learned

    I found out the same thing in my little HPX 15. Had my son and grand son sitting forward when a large boat approached toward us at pretty good speed with a 2ft wave. even though I slowed down the bow didn't have enough lift to ride over the wave and it stiffed the bow. It was fortunate it was only one wave. That boat doesn't have outboard scuppers so the water goes ght to the bilge. Took a while to clear it. I won't be going anywhere but in shore with that boat. I have a 20ft hewes lt and I don't trust that to have enough bow lift to keep from stuffing in a big sea. Bottom line these are inshore boats.
  12. polliwog

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    X2 on Bernie's comment, My ion jumper started my diesel V6 300hp SUV. I was amazed. I never go out without the ion jumper, they work like a charm. Size of a couple if packs of cigarettes They cost about $60-70 . Amazon has them all the time. Mine is DBpower. Don't leave the dock without it.
  13. polliwog

    Yall be careful. . .

    I remember this type of things happened many yrs ago both in Bermuda and St Croix, guess what their economies hit the bricks big time. After a number of really bad years for tourism the govt realized it had to put the hammer down and clean up there act. It's not happening on those islands now and things have gotten better for everyone. Dominican Republic is about to see how bad it can be. The only thing people understand are real consequences economically.
  14. polliwog

    Fuel Capacity

    I guess the question is ,has the tank been changed out? I assume you are not the original owner. I think all the Maverick and Hewes line of 20+fters have 55-60+ gal capacity. My 20ft LT is 55 Gal. 35-40 gallions for a 200HP + motor limits the range substantially. Many of these boats were produced pre 4 stoke engines. 2-3 MPGs for 2 strokers at running speed means you aren't going to far.LOL
  15. polliwog

    Gunnel Carpet

    Hawg, I have a 15 HPXV, can you call them a have them send it? I'm assuming the carpet for the 18 and 15 are labeled as such. THX unfortunately I'm in Naples,so it would be great not to have to make the drive.
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