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  1. Launching 18HPX-V

    I have the HPX V 15fter that has the same issue, I cannot get the bow over the roller regardless of how deep or not I back down the ramp. I am thinking to lower the bow roller and maybe raise the height of the forward bunks. The boat is light enough to just lift the bow ,but it can be a pain.
  2. Transducer ID

    Just go external easy peasey, I have 3 external transducer on different boats and they perform with no issues. They are latest Garmin echo machines.
  3. Re Locate

    Why not use gel batteries that are much lighter and better with vibration issues , more costly but less issues.
  4. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    A picture might be helpful. I don't quite understand how this is possible without some cracks in the hull.
  5. You don't want to go there, the step has turbulence and will interfear with the readings. Use the strake as in the photos here,and use the spray deflector. You will be happy with the result.
  6. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    I run a 20ft Hewes LT with bunks. My rollers are only touching the hull if The angle of ramp needs to use the roller to keep the hull from hitting the cross member. My boat never touches the roller. BTW I put in at the Baldwin bridge in Old Saybrook. You can probably lower the roller some to keep the hull clear.
  7. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Why not plug all the thru hulls from either inside the hull or if not possible from the outside using compression rubber plugs to rule out the thru hull water piping.?? From the amount of water coming in fast it should be pretty obvious if this is where the problem is.
  8. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    unfortunately most of the flats boats with no bilge to speak of have some water sitting around the tanks. It's not the best environment for anything to sit in. As long as it is mostly fresh water it should not cause trouble for quite a while. If there is salt water from small leak it will be an issue. If you trail the boat make sure the stern plug is removed and drain any standing water as a first way to prevent corrosion of the tank. My boat is a 20FT LT 2008,no trouble YET!!! but I'm nervous from all the posts about the troubles.
  9. Let us know how it goes..
  10. I am running the OEM F 40 Yamaha 2006 prop. I get the same results as hawg 30 MPH and cruise at 25 mph. I think that is what this motor has the capability to perform. I checked the prop for numbers,but can't find them n the blade. I run mostly by myself.
  11. Yamaha Question?

    Haven't heard that suggestion before. I keep on motor all the way up with a boat in a slip and my maverick 40 HP yama all the way down . The HPX stays in the garage all summer in the down position and when I start it up after 6 mos runs just fine after burning off the fogging oil.
  12. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    This may be a long shot,but I have a 20ft LT that had a leak in the transom poling platform bracket,lower lag bolts. Over time they loosened and leaked. I keep my boat in the water and found pump running and boat with 6 in of water in the bilge. Fortunately my batteries were hooked up and charging or much bigger trouble. Yard found a way to thru bolt the lower fittings,which is a pain in the A--. Just a thought if all else fails.
  13. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    So I assume the boat was dry sailed stored on a trailer ,not at a dock. Doesn't look like the original gel coat,can you tell? If not original it is probably a botched All grip job,maybe too much humidity when it was shot,or prep not done correctly. Figure the cost of re all grip job into the price. If done correctly it lasts many yrs, I had a big boat done 15 yrs ago and it still looks new and it's flag blue!
  14. Bar Harbor Maine

    I love that part of the world, I spend the summer months in eastern CT,40 miles from RI border. I had a beautiful 32 ft Wilbur lobster boat built 18 yrs ago and love the way it cruises the NE waters. Striper fishing is the best in our part of the world.
  15. Bob LeMay Update - Chokoloskee with Pics

    I've never met Bob,but have had chats over some orders for his hand made jigs. Great guy who knows his stuff in the everglades. I saw his post about his trip down to check things out. BTW he does make great jigs.