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  1. Water Separating Filter Question

    Rec 90 is the program for us SWFL boaters. I don't care if it costs some more, it's a lot cheaper than having the carbs rebuilt or injectors clogging.
  2. Maverick 18 MA fuel tank

    I have a 2006 Maverick and have never had a water problem with the tank. I would suggest draining the tank and have it cleaned. Check on how much water is in there. Ethanol will draw water and absorb it. Never use E-10 if you have a CHOICE. In the south with the humidity it is a sure problem if the fuel stays in the tank for a while,meaning 2-3 mos. I also never had water enter the fuel vent area.
  3. Gas shock brackets

    I am assuming it is a vintage 1995+ yr. My 1998 LT Hewes has the same issue which I will have to deal with soon. Anxious to see where they are available. My bracket is different from yours.
  4. Trim Tab Replacement

    It seems all boat builders put boats together as if nothing will ever have to be replaced. I don't see why it is so difficult to plan ports of inspection and repair in critical parts of the hull at the out set. Wishful thinking.
  5. Console Cover RF16

    The bats must have a ball when the motor cranks up an powers for a couple of hrs. Can't imagine they would come back. I guess if the boat sits for a couple of mos they might move in. Very strange.
  6. Can charging shorten battery life?

    I am probably a classic charging guy I have 3 cars that are charged for 6 mos at a time. They are stored for the winter while I'm in FL. I also have 4 boat deep cycle batteries stored also for 6 mos for the same reason. Besides these chargers ,I keep a boat stored in FL for the summer with 2 batteries being trickled charged plus a car being charge. I have never had a battery have an issue for over 10yrs of this charging program.. The batteries all last a normal 4-6 yrs,so power up the chargers when you're done with the boat.
  7. Replace motor or whole rig??

    I just did the same repower of a Vmax 150 with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. They perform the same ,but new power uses 50% less fuel. Very glad I didn't rebuild. I've owned the boat for 20 yrs. You'll love the 4 stroke. It's good to go as long as I keep it .
  8. Maverick Seat Mount replacement

    Did you contact the dealer ? They should be standing up for the product and representing you with Maverick. You have a new boat get some support to get it fixed. MBC knows how they assembled the seats. If 505 was used it is a major problem.
  9. 20lt evinrude G2 prop testing

    What are your numbers for fuel consumption WOT ?
  10. Repowering LT18?

    I had a 150 VMax on my 20 LT and it had plenty of power to push toward 50MPH , but at that speed it clugged down the fuel. Make sure If you buy a late 90"s carbed 150 you check out the possible corrosion in the heads or water jacket. My 98 finally died of water jacket perforation. I did love the engine, 20 yrs of trouble free running.
  11. Master Angler Repower

    I think it's all about how you use your boat. If you don't travel long distances to get to where you fish you could probably get by ,but I just don't the idea of WOT for most of my runs. I want to run 4,000RPMs to cruise and have another 1500 RPM s to step up the pace if I'm trying to out run a storm. The guys in FL know what I mean.
  12. Lt20 center console floor

    If you are pulling the cap off I would take a good look at the tank and make sure it is solid. It would be cheap to replace (relatively) when everything is already out of the way. Please post pics when the project is under way. I have more than passing interest with my 1998 20 LT
  13. Console Cover RF16

    I would call a marine canvas sail maker. I had a perfect cover made for my Hewes 20 LT. They used sunbrella and put reinforcements where they were needed. My first one lasted 14yrs,and I'm now on my second . Boat is out all summer. I don't remember what it cost ,but I'm guessing $250-300.
  14. Catch and release extended

    The other thought on this serious matter is for all those coming down to the 10K, God bless you, because you will need it, thrust me on this!! I 've played in this playground for 15 yrs and I'm not comfortable yet,and at my age probably never will.
  15. Catch and release extended

    The other point is the areas of the 10k will now be the target for fishing for Reds and snook. We don't need to see hundreds more boats at the ramps in Goodland, Port of isles and the area of Chokoloski. The whole area needs protection till this mess is over.