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  1. 97 LT 20 has major fuel leak.

    So it has been a long time since this thread was established. what did you find out about your leak" bout time"? It would be useful for the forum to know what is going on with these tanks and maybe which ones are at risk.
  2. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Remember you have trim tabs to contend with and possibly a stern opening compartment. my LT has 2 stern compartments,one on each side. I'll be interested to see how you make out with this idea.
  3. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    If I understand what you want to do, bow and stern mounts, The mounts are one piece in place units. Do you really want a motor mount on the bow? Regular bow mount is set up to fold out over the bow, the rear mount uses a different type of attachment, like a small outboard out board. I have a bow mount on my hewes LT with a puck quick release,but that is so I can get it off in the fall for storage. That folding unit isn't going to go on the stern at all. Check Birdsall Co who makes the stern mounts.
  4. Trolling Motor Recommendations (15' Maverick HPX)

    I OWN A 15FT hpx AND HAVE A 55 MINN KOTA MANUEL. It is plenty of power for the little boat + it only a 12v system. I didn't put mine on the bow ,because I wanted a clean platform for casting and there isn't much room up there. A bow mount also would interfere with the lights and hatch. 55 power will do the trick.
  5. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    I have a 55 Minn kota on the stern of my 15 ft maverick HPX. It works fine and keeps the bow open on such a small boat. My boat is light and the motor controls it pretty well. I also have a 70 on my 20ft Hewes lt tackle on the bow which is great. My LT was one of the boats out fitted with duel stern motors,I got rid of them very quickly as they were problematic controlling the boat. I would not use a stern set up for a heavy boat like a 20 ft LT. I personally wouldn't want to be moving the motor while fishing,but thats me.
  6. Robbers

    TEXANS HAVE THE RIGHT PROGRAM , ""YOU LOOT WE SHOOT"". Puts an end to it pretty fast.
  7. Battery placement and question

    Are you going to have a trolling motor? If not bag the extra battery. Buy a lithium jump battery system and don't worry about running out of juice. They are terrfic and powerful. Will start your motor in a flash if somehow the battery won't start the motor. $75 and your good to go. easy/peasey. I never leave home without mine. They are tiny and weigh nothing.
  8. What Electronics for 1900V Pathfinder?

    I bgt an echo chirp 54cv with blue chart G2 installed for under $500. It does everything i want and has good graphics. They make the same machine in a larger size if you want that. Unless you are fishing shallow water,mangroves or sod banks side view doesn't do much for me. Check Amazon out.
  9. LT20 repower 200 vs 150HP

    I now have 2 seasons with the 150 4 stroke Yam and I think it is plenty of power and speed for me . I cruise at 35 mph at 4200 rpms,so I'm not a speed demon. WOT is about 50 mph,which I only occasionally hit on a flat AM. If you play with the prop more is possible I would guess.
  10. ground tie boat or not

    If you have some big trees tie it off between them. You just don't want it floating away. If it is outside there will be some risk. Scary thought, stay safe yourself ,this is what boat insurance is for.
  11. Why Do You Need To Check Your Fuel Filters ???

    I think you guys in Everglades city / Choko need to go north to buy fuel, get yourself some 6 gal tanks and go to east Naples or Marco. At least then you're not dealing with contamination in the fuel. It's a pain,but it's better than breaking down and draining the tank. Those stations have had a rep for water in the fuel for yrs when the conditions are right or wrong.
  12. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Who did you have make up the new tank? Maybe this should be in a "sticky" since many 20 yr old LTs are coming of age and need replacement.
  13. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    If there is salt on any surface it will attract moisture. I keep my boat in a garage and if there is any salt residue on metal or fiberglass parts, moisture forms. Rinse everything off really well to start with.
  14. 150 SHO on 18 Redfisher?

    Do ya'll wear seat belts and crash helmets? LOL
  15. Battery placement and question

    My 2 trolling motor batteries are direct to the trolling motor with separate charger . The third battery is direct to the motor with a separate charger. Make things simple. Most of the time the main engine battery is fine without charging.