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  1. Trolling motor question

    I like the idea of a 24v lithium battery. How big and cost? Thanks.
  2. Poling platform cracking

    I think I have the same boat, Hewes LT ? Anyway It appears the damaged area has pulled the screws out of the bedding and glass. Go to a good fiberglass guy. I would guess the platform needs to come off and fiberglass repair to the deck area so you have a solid base to work with. It does look like something was going on with the area before your accident. You should also check the platform fitting on the transom for issues.
  3. F70 vs Tohatsu 90 2s vs 90 Etec

    I would put a 90HP on the boat. All I know about Tohatsu is many guides in the Everglades run these motors. They are used almost everyday because of the 12 month fishing season and seem to hold up well. I know nothing about E-tec, check the weight differential for all the motors you are considering. As you know weight is an important consideration on these boats.
  4. Lappy console door

    Good to know. THX
  5. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    I would doubt the console on a 18ft redfisher will hold 3 batteries. My 20ft LT would not hold 3 batteries,especially if you are putting the on board charger in the console. Lots of wire issues in that area.
  6. Hatch changed color - Question

    Looks like it was the degreaser reacting with the gel coat. If it was fumes it would have made the whole hatch that color. Hope it comes off. Hard to say what to use,but maybe a mild compounding product at first.
  7. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    My set up is 2 24 group batteries in consol and starting batteries in starboard rear compartment. I had 2 27 goup in the consol at first,but getting them in and out was a rear pain. If you aren't using the troller all day a 24 group will work just fine. Just get good quality batteries. My trolling motor is on a puck ,port side on the bow. perfect spot. Wiring connection in the front hatch,
  8. Hpx t can I still order one.

    I'll bet it could get done, Custom orders have their costs I'm sure the molds are still in inventory.
  9. Engine Alarm

    Ethanol is the kiss of death for engines not burning fuel every week. Everyone who has access to straight gas should use it, especially in the humid south weather. Lost a good 90hp Yamaha to degenerated e-10 fuel problems.
  10. HPX 15 Owners

    Glad to see there are some HPX 15 owners around. My boat is a 2007 bgt when it was 2 yrs from a gentlemen in Great Pine Island, Keys. It is fitted with a simple heavy shock cord to pad eyes in the deck,so there is no area for water or dirt to to accumulate. It is a fun little boat.
  11. HELP! What is happening with my new motor?

    Back to the dealer,or at least call . If you show 5800rpms at WOT you're not at rev limiter.
  12. Trailer Tires

    I had an issue with a 5yr old tire that had no dry rot visible,but blew on the way to launching. The tire had only 1500 miles. I will plan on replacement every 5 yrs regardless. My boat is stored inside as well. Not that expensive,but don't want the risk. BTW make sure the tire pressures are where they should be 50lbs.,way higher than truck and car pressures. It is probably the major reason for blow outs .
  13. My 94 Hewes LT 20

    Love this boat, Mine is a 1998 that I bgt in 2000 and run it in NE fishing stripe bass around skinny water in the boulders and rocks in Long island sound and cape cod. The best all around boat I have seen and had. It handles a good chop and has never let me down. Many big stripers have seen the deck. Finally repowered with a 4 stroke Yamaha. Original gel coat is perfect. Good luck fishing and keep the stories going.
  14. Anchor pin storage

    The "stick it" pin is fine in the back country to hold position,but I wouldn't count on it for open water. I would suggest a gps trolling motor with anchor positioning mode. They work great. I fished with a friend in a tournament last we who had one and it saved the day. Winds were 15-20 mph and the motor kept us within 5 feet of where it was set for.
  15. Bow seat pedestal size?

    What brand is the seat? The swevell seat is 3/4 IN PIN.,at least mine is. Any idea of how old the seat is,they might have made a change at some point.