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  1. polliwog

    Gas cap stuck '03 RF 18

    Had this happen to me. Take the cap off spray liquid wrench under the top of the cap around the point where the top and body of the cap come together. and let it sit for a while. The top has a spring inside between the 2 parts that gets stuck. Work like magic for me. I think that is your problem.
  2. polliwog

    Tire Question

    Correct tire pressure is probably the most important thing to do to prevent blow outs. I also agree that dry rot will kill a tire left in sun and heat. FL is a beast on tires,so they need to be changed out on a regular basis.
  3. polliwog

    Hewes Light Tackle 20'- $17,900

    I have a 1997 20 fter with a 150 SHO and it scares me over 45,but I'm over the hill LOL. It's worth every dollar with what you have done to her. Good luck with the sale.
  4. polliwog

    casting platform 21'MA?

    Check out the Birdsall marine web site, they make good quality products.
  5. polliwog

    300 H.P. Diesel Powered Outboard

    I'd like to see a comparison between a 300HP Yamaha gasser and the new 300 diesel as to speed, fuel consumption and weight and cost. Will be very interesting. I have a 315 HP diesel in a lobster boat that burns half the gallons per hr as a gasser of the same HP.. You don't give up much if anything in speed. It's a Yanmar.
  6. polliwog

    Deadrise on LT 18?

    Just another imput,you can have side view on your scanner with a transcom mount if it matters. Shallow water fishing can be enhanced if you can see to the shore.
  7. polliwog

    Slow Fuel Fill 18 HPX

    This muist be a new thing, my old Hewes and Maverick has no such issue, back to the future?. Leave well enough alone. Pathetic !!
  8. polliwog

    Slow Fuel Fill 18 HPX

    The obvious question is have you sent a probe down the fill opening on the deck? The fill tube should be clear and the fuel should run very quickly. I fill my tank as fast as the fuel flows. 10 gallons in 3 or 4 minutes. Love to hear what the issue is.
  9. polliwog

    Trailer Bunk Help

    Do assume you are using guide posts on the rear of the trailer for loading? If not you should get them, I wouldn't trailer without them. If you get in a cross wind and the bunks are set correctly as long as you can get the boat in between the guide posts the bunks will line up the boat with a little throttle you be home free. . I launch sole all the time and would never with out this set up. I agree that the bunks should be set so bow is not taking a heavy load when trailering. You can imagine the pressure on a bumpy road with the contact in that small area.
  10. polliwog

    Older Hewes TM Battery Location

    I have a 1997 20 ftHewes LT with the dual batteries in the console with trays and a strap. Trays are screwed in the floor. This area is pretty tight,so they aren't going to go too far if strapped down. My LT is bow heavy,so I don't want more weight forward .
  11. polliwog

    K100 in premixed fuel

    If you access to Non Ethanol you don't need anything but "ring free" I hate E-10 with all my soul. I can't get i straight gas up north so I fight the crap with all sorts of additives like stabil.
  12. polliwog

    Fighting Lady Yellow - yr 2000 anyone?

    If you go to a professional marine paint shop they can computer match your color to be blended with gel coat. The boat will have to be available to scan the color.
  13. polliwog

    2 cranking batteries, excessive?

    I also agree one cranking battery is sufficient. I also have a lithium ion battery pack jumper I keep on the boat just in case. They are great and are about the size of 2 packs of cigarettes. I have started a V6 diesel SUV with one of these things.
  14. polliwog

    Shark Eyes Install

    Why not put them on the console. I have seen it done on other boats for the same reason. You should get plenty of visibility.
  15. polliwog

    Fish Sling

    I would rather measure the fish at boat side and estimate the weight. During the summer we fish the stripers in NE and never use a boga on a 40-50 lb fish. There are graphs that estimate length /girth for weight,if that's important. It's a death sentence unfortunately. Musky fishermen use a sling with 2 handles to lift the fish which gives it full support .