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  1. Thx Ksayles, I'll check it out . I'm also now wondering if I may have the motor too high and it doesn't allow enough to trim to lift the bow. Speed isn't the issue ,, Another thing to think about over the winter.
  2. sorry I've been away for a while. Big snooks, What do you mean by bottom work.? I have read somewhere on this sight that there are props that provide more lift. I've never had a boat that wouldn't lift even some as it was trimmed. At 40mph it is fine,when I add power you can feel the bow start to plow. The only thing on the bow area is a Troller. Batteries are in the consol. I'm not a speed demon,so it's not like I want to go WTO all the time. My 150HP VMAX didn't do this as much.
  3. Valued ,trusted mechanics are a rare breed. I have one in Naples that has been great for over 10yrs, Sawyers outboard,owner "Kit" If you over this way and have a problem that's where you go.
  4. polliwog

    New Federal Blue Fish Regs

    I don't keep Blues, I have been told that you need to bleed them right after catching and icing the fillets. Smoked to be a favorite way to eat Blue fish. Not me LOL
  5. polliwog

    New Federal Blue Fish Regs

    Better than nothing.but Blues were very much in short supply in NE this summer. We have usually seen many gator blues in 17-20lb class,not this yr. Winner of LIS tournament was less than 20lbs and most entries were under 15lbs. Love catching the big ones,and release them.
  6. polliwog

    115 sho Flash

    I wouldn't do it if it is still under warranty if it was my engine. That engine is already tricked out to some degree. My VMAX 2 stroke 150 put out about 10% more power stock.
  7. polliwog

    F70 on a 16 Redfisher/Bayfisher?

    You will be a lot happer with the 90, I went through through the same issue with my 20ft LT when the 150 2 stroke needed to go. I called Skip and he reassure me the F115 wouldn't cut it . I went with the F150 and love it . I don't hot rod,but I like to cruise at 40-4500 rpms and close to 40mphs. The MPGs are also very good.
  8. polliwog

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    My 20ft Hewes LT spends the whole summer in the water,no issues on either the plug when the boat is hauled and no bilge pump issue with the batteries on trickle charger while at the dock. I do check on the boat regularly as well as use it every week.
  9. polliwog

    Trolling Motor Batteries

    If you're using the batteries for a couple of hours an outing get a good wet cell battery like interstate. I use my 24volt system the same way a couple hours at most on an outing. Mine last over 3yrs . Charged up after each trip on board charger is a great way to painlessly keep them up to full charge. If I was going to rely on the troller for all day use my answer would be a AGM or lithium ion , which are big bucks.
  10. polliwog

    2019 Yamaha 250 SHO Fuel

    If you have no access to Straight fuel and don't use the fuel every month add stabil or startron to the fuel to keep it fresh. Hot weather is deadly to e-10 fuel. Here in FL almost everyone uses Rec gas (non ethanol). I've never had an issue in over 10yrs using rec 90 and don't use the fuel up very fast.
  11. polliwog

    Traveling with push pole

    If you're up north,no one even knows what it is.LOL I have had a 22ft graphite pole on my hewes in a marina in CT for 20 yrs with no problem. Naples Fl would be a different story. Down south my maverick and pole live in the garage.
  12. polliwog

    Mav vs. Rf

    I had great plans to pole and fish solo. I tried it a number of times and gave up in frustration. I fish a 15ft HPX which is dream to pole in the back country and handles light chop better than you would imagine, but in tight situations with a wind poling and fishing is a bear to me. TM does all you need to get you around effortlessly and fish efficiently. As to the difference between the RF and A 17 hpx, I know the poling advantage goes to the HPX, chop maybe the FR,but it's close. My little 15 does almost as well as my 20ft Hewes LT. They are both good skiffs.
  13. polliwog

    Red Tide

    The guys on the Florida sportsman site say the issue is north of Marco Island. Below that area seem to be ok. I will be going south of Goodland this season. It may be getting crowded unfortunately.
  14. polliwog

    Red Tide

    I am also very upset with having to deal with Red Tide yet again. Doing some research on the subject leaves me more confused that no one knows what causes this event. Red tides start off shore,many miles off shore and doesn't seem to correlate with man made pollutants like Blue /green algae and fertilizer. It seems to be a natural forming event un related to water temps as we can see right now with water temps having become temperate. It is messing up everyone on the coast and more importantly the fish and mammals who live in it.
  15. polliwog

    Lithium Jump Starter Battery

    I have a DP POWER Lith ION jump starter from Amazon $70 bucks small size Started my 250HP V6 diesel truck,so I'm sure it will start any outboard. I never leave the dock without it. LOL
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