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  1. 02 redfisher rear running light?

    If it is the stern light on the poling platform,you are looking for the Hella Marine light that swings down out of way. Google Hella light or go to Westmarine. They are not expensive.
  2. crazy video!!!

    This guy was probably on auto pilot. Stupid is as stupid does. It's dangerous out there,watch out for your self ,because no one else will. Glad it wasn't worse.
  3. Looking for a closer Fl. vacation

    I live in Naples in the winter and the weather is hard to beat as well as the fishing and most important for your wife are tons of non fishing things to do within Collier county. Go on line and check out what is going on in Naples. I fish mostly in the ten thousand islands park,which is a huge area with all sorts of opportunities to fish for snook,reds,trout, spring tarpon. My heart goes out to you, I have been there .
  4. HPX 15 Trim Tab Wedge?

    I have the same boat as you 15 HPX 2006. the left tab is deployed about 1/2 in more than the right to keep it even. There were no spacers on my boat .so maybe someone was being creative. I don't notice listing when running on plane with my adjustments. I think it a quirk of the little boat. I deploy a little tab action to stop porpoising at moderate speed 25ish.
  5. Snook

    Just got back from trip around Naples and south inside bays, The good news is the water temps are 64 in the areas back from the gulf outer shores. I had a few good size snook follow my plug almost to the boat,but were very lethargic and didn't strike. Damm. Good to see them anyway. I'm converting to reds and trout until early spring and warmer water.
  6. looking for new 2004 redfisher 18 console plexiglass

    Oxman,did you find what you were looking for ?, I have a 20ft LT with a windshield with a lot of crazing I'd like to replace. Thanks
  7. Snook

    I will be out in the ENP tomorrow ,will report back on what I find. Water didn't break 55 in Naples bay,so I hope the north ENP is still fine. Air Temps today are close to 80,so the water temps will rise for a while at least.
  8. 15 HPXT Prop Suggestions

    I am curious about the WOT MPHs, I have a 15 hpx MIRAGE with a 40 hp and get 30mph on the GPS at WOT. I would think you would be 0ver well 40 with your 70hp WOT. Are you loaded up with people or gear? Good luck with the sale,I love my 15fter.
  9. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Had the same engine ,same yr. It is a great engine, mine finally died of water jacket corrosion. I never had a over heating alarm. Mine was kept in water at a brackish water marina. Hope yours is ok,600 hrs is nothing for that engine. Mine had well over 1500 hrs. You just don't that power sound from the 4 strokes.
  10. Cushions - Hewes 97 20 LT

    Just remembered owners name, Bob Bension. I contemplated buying the biz when he sold many yrs ago.
  11. Cushions - Hewes 97 20 LT

    Hi Jamie , I also have a 1997 LT bgt from a guide working "FISHING the Cape", Chatham 20yrs ago.It was the owners son. It has been a great boat that I just repowered. I use it in eastern CT out of Conn River. Mine just has a cushion on the bench. I like to have that area open to move around. You might want to get a troller if you fish the rocks close in. Boat is too much for me to pole very much. Good luck
  12. HPX 15 with 50HP?

    Will a 17HPX with a 90 do 55mph? I can run 30mph WOT with the little 40hp. Do you feel comfortable at that speed going over flats? I guess I'm chicken. LOL
  13. Snook

    Where is global warming when we need it!! I am also worried down here in SWFL,we don't need 50 degree water in the glades. There is no change in low temps till next week.
  14. HPX 15 with 50HP?

    I have never seen one. My 40 pushes the boat fine,but obviously not a rocket. Weight is the deal with these boats. I usually fish sole so it goes pretty good with a 40.
  15. 99 Redfisher 19

    I have a 20ft LT Hewes with 2 batteries under the seat in front of the console. Works great. I would suggest you use 24 group if you are going to use that space. It is very tight for 27 group size. I don't need that much trolling motor run time when I go out so the smaller size works for me. I recharge with on board charger after each outing.