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  1. Flip up anchor light repair

    The only reason to put the light down is when you're poling. I will be looking into a LED for mine. My light is 20yrs old and still works. If you keep your boat outside I wouldn't drill a hole in the top, if water gets in it will go straight to the electrical fixture instead of filling the plastic cover which won't hurt the electrical parts. It takes a bunch of water to fill the plastic globe. It is a bad design BTW.
  2. Gas Cap Mistake Please help

    Have you contacted MBG , people at the Co are very helpful and can probably get you new gas with instructions As for the chain being in the tank,should not be a problem with the operation of the fuel delivery. Intake has a strainer to prevent contamination from getting to the fuel line. Skip is a good contact if you call the company.
  3. LT20 repower 200 vs 150HP

    The difference in fuel consumption between a 150 carb motor like my V-max pro and the 150 4 stroke is almost twice as much fuel at cruising speed. My V-max pro was the hopped up version of that motor.,so it probably put out 175 hp in reality. It sure sounded like a hot on take off. Love the 4 stroke now for many reasons.
  4. Trolling Motor Mount on 2003 17 HPX

    I wouldn't use rubber to space the puck, look at starboard cut to the size you need to raise enough to clear the light. you can install the running lights port and starboard on the console and for get the pop up fixture. Console is the best spot for the trolling batteries,if you can fit 2 in there. I assume you are using a 24 volt system. It will take some thought and planing. Others on here have the same boat and will chime i . My boat is a HPX 15,so the size is somewhat different. I do have 2 batteries in the console.
  5. Replacing factory cleats 21' Redfisher

    I would give the guys at Hewes a shout out, maybe Skip who would know if they were thru bolted or just screwed into the deck. Do you have the same cleat on the pow? You might check to see if it is thru bolted. i do know the poling platforms legs are just lag bolted in on my 20ft LT. Quite a surprise.
  6. Trolling Motor Batteries

    How old are the batteries and if they are new I would check the charging system to make sure it is giving a full charge. You should get way more than 2 hrs, I have the same setup and don't run them down that quickly.
  7. Master Angler Under Gunnel Carpet

    There must be a product that is used to remove old glue, I just don't know what it would be. I do know GOO Gone is a product that removes glue and sap. A spray container would probably soften it up to make removal easier.
  8. Theft deterrents

    I was going to say motion detectors with alarms and pump action 12 gauge with slugs should do the trick. Do all the obvious locking stuff.
  9. WTB small flats boat

    great catch, have fun.
  10. Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    If you are going west toward Destin, then continue down the west coast to Sarasota, Ringling Bros museum and mansion . Very interesting, further down the coast is gasparilla Inn and Boca grand. Wonderful resort from the old days,but in perfect restored condition.. There is fishing all along the west coast. Lots of choices.
  11. On board charger

    With any on board charger you really have a good opening to vent out the heat, I lost a Guess 3 bank due to over heating. Charger was in the console and not enough fresh air.
  12. Info on repowering a 98 Hewes LT

    To further the comparisons with 2vs4 strokes ,my 150 4 stroke gets 50% better mpgs at cruising speed. One additional point is with my 150 I cruise at 4000 rpms and I am doing 35+ mph. I don't like being at close to WOT for a long period of time. Try each motor size out if you can. It is tough getting comparable motors and boats I'm afraid. Do you know the weight difference between the 18 and 20 LT? I was discouraged from going with the 115 on my 20FT from the folks at Hewes.,but there is probably a weight concern difference.
  13. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    I have been following this discussion for a while and I am seeing that a lot of the older Hewes boats end up with fittings leaks caused by these fittings that are secured by screws and not thru bolted. As I said earlier my poling platform legs were secured with lag bolts which worked loose over time with the pressure on the platform and boat motion. Nolezone, I would after, confirming the trim tabs are leaking,use 5200 3m on the screws.
  14. Info on repowering a 98 Hewes LT

    I have a 20 LT 1998 with a new 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. The weight of a new 150 is only slightly more meaning about 40 lbs. When you remove the oil tank in the rear the difference is nothing to think about. I love the set up and will use it for yrs to come.
  15. Skegg Guard Or Not

    Repair by a good wield shop THAT WORKS on boats only. You need someone that understands whats in lower units. I've had it done with no further issues.