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  1. Hi, just rewiring, no command link involved. My fuel sender was likely replaced, it has a black ground and red lead. And that's what I'm trying to find now, where that red lead is connected to. Prior owner must have changed the wiring, the white wire from the speedo used to be connected to a grey wire.
  2. Rewired the tach / speedo units, but I seem to be missing one connection on the speedo --the white wire that connects to the pink wire from the fuel sender. On my 2002 MA, there's a red and black wire coming off the fuel sender. So, does it change color to pink along the way, to conform with the installation instructions ? Is it routed through one of the connectors ? Thanks in advance ......
  3. Console door seal

    Thanks ! I checked them out, but am still looking. I'll have to try to get a decent picture of the cross-section of the seal.
  4. Console door seal

    Looking to replace the console door seal on my 2002 MA 17. ... already pulled the door frame, off to be cleaned and power coated. Been looking all over for that seal, have not seen anything resembling it. McMaster-Carr was no help. Anyone have any ideas on that seal ? Thanks !