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  1. MtPVOL

    THIS is a sunrise

  2. MtPVOL

    2013 Maverick 18HPX-V

    Beautiful! What are the spike things on the front I’ve never seen that?
  3. MtPVOL

    Center console compartment door

    I don’t care if it’s new I just want to keep the rain out (and it looks a lot cleaner) How much you want for it? thanks for your replies.
  4. MtPVOL

    Center console compartment door

    The latch is broken off (and now gone) I assume I need a new door. Not sure if I could jury rig it or not.
  5. MtPVOL

    Center console compartment door

    Does anyone know where I could purchase this new? The latch broke on the side so the door will not stay in place. 2006 RF16 Thanks, Adam
  6. MtPVOL

    Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    Love it. Now I have to talk wife into letting me spend more money. That’s the same color as my boat also.
  7. MtPVOL

    Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    Let’s see those pics the suspense is killing me! Seriously I’m thinking of doing his also.
  8. MtPVOL

    Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    You have any pics of the seadek?
  9. MtPVOL

    Gas Cap Mistake Please help

    2006 Redfisher 16 I’ve been having a lot of issues with water in my gas. I noticed the last time I filled up my gas cap will not lock completely down (still won’t) I was working on it today and the chain going from the cap inside the tank broke. Well guess what the other side on the chain attached to the screw fell off and is now in the bottom of my gas tank. 1) should I worry about this and have the tank professionally drained, etc? 2) I have researched to try and find videos of a new cap install and cannot find it. What kind of cap would I need and how difficult is that? sorry complete newbie here! thanks in advance !
  10. MtPVOL

    Dog Days of Summer

    Destroyed all of my furniture! He’s almost 2 now and while still a little wild he’s a pretty good dog.
  11. MtPVOL

    Dog Days of Summer

    Yeah. GWP (Drahthaar).
  12. MtPVOL

    Trolling motor length

    Thanks for the response and link. Makes me feel better. I will try her out this weekend.
  13. MtPVOL

    Trolling motor length

    I recently purchased a 2006 16.5 Redfisher. It did not have a trolling motor so I just ordered (and received) an ipilot 80lb 60” shaft. I didn’t even research shaft length until today have I made a mistake with the shaft length?
  14. MtPVOL

    2006 Maverick 17' Master Angler

    I love these boats. Absolutely beautiful.