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  1. Flatsdude3

    Bimini top 2200v

    I have a black sunbrella fabric bimini top for a 2200 Pathfinder that I no longer need. Top is in good condition, no tips tears or stains. Added a t-top this summer and have no use for it now. $100 obo located in Naples Fl
  2. Flatsdude3

    Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    The plan is to cut off the handrail and install 5 rod holders on each gunnel. I'll put up a picture once it's finished
  3. Flatsdude3

    Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    I've thought about this and seems to be my only option without paying a shop to remove it and fix the holes. Don't really want 4 rod holders on each gunnel but there's no such thing as "too many rod holders" right?
  4. Flatsdude3

    Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    After I read that I had to go check right away and mine is bolted directly to the center of the gunnel and is not accessible from the outside. Im really beside myself on how to remove it without drilling access holes and then patching. I will attach a picture tomorrow. Thanks
  5. Flatsdude3

    Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    Want to see if anyone has removed gunnel rails off of a 2200? Is it possible to remove them without popping the cap or drilling access holes? Thanks for any ideas
  6. Flatsdude3

    Power Tech OX4R18p

    Yes the model number is correct. I ran this on a 200 vmax on my 2200v pathfinder. It was a great prop for that setup. Great hole shot, awesome grip and good top end
  7. Flatsdude3

    Power Tech OX4R18p

    Have an extra prop that I'm selling. Prop is in good shape, no dings. $250 shipped
  8. Flatsdude3

    2002 Pathfinder V22 w/Yamaha VMax 150 ($12000)

    That boat is two streets over from me if anyone needs someone to look at it.
  9. Flatsdude3

    Gasket for hatches

    My hull is a 2002. I ordered the trim lock gasket from flounder pounder today. Hoping it will fit my hatches. There trim lock has a foam type gasket attached to it that I don't currently have
  10. Flatsdude3

    Gasket for hatches

    Looking to see if anyone has a source for the gasket that line inside of the hatches for a 2200v. Mine are dry rotted and want to replace them. Thanks
  11. Flatsdude3

    Cockpit lighting

    Thanks for the replies. On my previous boat 20ft Backcountry I had blue leds and they were somewhat blinding for fishing. I'm trying to figure out which lights I can use that will light up my deck without blinding me while tarpon fishing at night. Thinking I might just try some small leds around the console
  12. Flatsdude3

    Cockpit lighting

    Trying to decide what type of lights to use for lighting up the cockpit while fishing at night. I have been thinking of using some of the led strips around the bottom of my console. Or was going to use small courtesy lights on the port and starboard sides of the console. Thinking of using the cool white leds as they seem not to blind you as much. Just wanted to get an idea of what others are using. Thanks
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