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  1. Red tide upper Tampa Bay

    Fished the bay today and Tuesday. Yesterday there was only dead fish south of the Courtney Campbell. Today I was seeing them on the north side.
  2. New non skid or sea deck

    The cockpit non skid on my boat is pretty worn out. With some fish slime and water it can be like a ice rink. I am trying to decide between new non skid or sea deck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Jackson
  3. Questioning my setup.

    The cav plate is just at the surface. When it's on plane. Yea I am very happy with the performance. Just don't really have a baseline so I was wondering if I was in the ballpark. The holeshot is great and that matters most to me. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Questioning my setup.

    I forgot it's a 90 Yamaha 2 stroke.
  5. 94 bayfisher slow to take fuel

    Forgot to update this. Found the vent screen was corroded on the inside. Cleaned it in muratic acid and now she takes fuel like a champ. Thanks for the help. Jackson
  6. Weird cover

    94 Bayfisher 16. Any body know what this is?
  7. Questioning my setup.

    My motor is set on the second hole from the top. At 4K the boat runs 30mph and tops out at 39mph at 5k. It will only get 5k light. With a normal load it will reach 4,800. It has a great hole shot and I very rarely run it wot. 90% of the time I cruise at 4K. I feel like the boat runs good. Just wondering if I am missing something. Jackson
  8. Cooler Recommendations

    I have a 94 bayfisher and I got the 50 yeti it is almost the same width as the console and is a bit taller than the 45's which makes it nice to sit on.
  9. Which boat for Tampa Bay? $25K budget

    I fish all the spots you named and I am 6'3" 230. I have a 94 16 bayfisher and it works perfect and it's super simple.
  10. 94 bayfisher live well?

    Ok I am at work offshore so I can't get any pics until next week when I get off the ship. My live well has a drain in the center and a drain on the side at the bottom. Both of those when you pull the plug they just drain into the bilge and get pumped over board. The fill line comes in at the top of the live well. My question is since there is only one through hull. Could I T the drains into the fill line? My thought is when using the live well the drain plugs will be in making all the water go out the fill like normal. When you turn the pump off and pull the plugs the water will just drain backwards through the pump?
  11. 94 bayfisher slow to take fuel

    Should the line have a loop? Mine is straight.
  12. TM connector?

    How close size wise is the BT plug to the Marinco? My boat already has the hole for the marinco plug. Will the BT plug fit that hole or is it to small?
  13. 94 bayfisher slow to take fuel

    I will try the air. No the vent line is a straight shot to the tank from the vent. I figured since I could pick the line up and "walk" any gas in the line back into the tank (I hope that made sense) that the line was free.
  14. 94 bayfisher slow to take fuel

    Anybody have any ideas why it burps back out of the fill if you don't fill it very very slow? The vent is clear because it comes out of the vent when full. It takes forever to fill. Thanks, Jackson
  15. 1998 Bayfisher 16

    Very clean rig