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  1. Key Largo Mahi Mahi

    My grandson with his first Mahi Mahi. Caught trolling a rigged Ballyhoo in 240ft of water in our Hewes skiff. Man we love the keys!
  2. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    Thanks for the info. I agree with keeping the batteries towards the front and centered
  3. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    Thanks for the info Drummer!
  4. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    Maybe it is as simple as all three batteries are located in the console? Not sure if there is room
  5. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    Thanks for the reply When I bought the boat the starting battery is located inside the center console. I did notice that there looks like a spot in my starboard stern rigging box. Maybe one of the options when adding a trolling motor is to move the starting battery to the rigging box and place the 2 trolling motor batteries in the center console?
  6. Finally able to afford purchase a Trolling motor for my 2015 Redfisher 18. Plan on a Bow mounted 80lb thrust 24v system. Any info on the best design for this system? What is MBG's recommended design and component location? I already have the starting battery in the console. Where should the trolling batteries go? will need a battery charger and circuit breaker. Thanks for any help/info provided
  7. Key Largo fishing

    Thanks for the great tips! This will be our first time for a chance to catch Bonefish and Tarpon.
  8. Key Largo fishing

    Thanks We are excited and anticipating a great time down there. We are hoping to also do some backwater fishing for Reds, Snook and trout. Also hoping for a chance for bonefish or tarpon.
  9. Key Largo fishing

    Thanks! I appreciate it The wind is supposed to lay down to around 6mph so that is encouraging. I'll have to fish the patch reefs out side the park boundaries correct?
  10. Key Largo fishing

    Headed to Pennekamp park next week bringing my 2 grand kids and Hewes. Looking for some fishing advice/tips. Thanks