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  1. Brent B

    Redfisher Backrest

    Yo build exactly what you see in the pictures with the black textured protective coating, it will be $500. Shipping or delivery not included.
  2. Brent B

    Redfisher Backrest

    Hahaha indeed you are. Didn't know this was you. Thank you sir and have a great day. BTW this guy can weld great! Highly recommended.
  3. Brent B

    Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    Check this out. Should work.
  4. Brent B

    Redfisher Backrest

    After looking at some pics I am pretty sure this will also bolt onto the Bayfisher and the Light Tackle. Maybe the Bonefisher.
  5. Brent B

    Redfisher Backrest

    Really? Where. I looked all over the place for a flip up back rest for the older hewes and found nothing like it.
  6. Brent B

    Redfisher Backrest

    Can you send me a pic of you back deck layout? Let me see what I can make.
  7. Brent B

    Redfisher Backrest

    Hello everybody, I got tired of driving my boat and not having anything to lean against. It would kill my back and my wife hated it. I looked up many different options but found some flaws in almost all of them. So I decided to build my own. I'm very proud of the design and it works amazing. Takes up no deck space when you are fishing and it's stored in the upright position and when in the down position it offers a comfortable back support. Also while in the down position you still have full access to the live well, release well and rigging compartment. The front 2 storage hatches can be opened half way with plenty of room to grab what you need and keep fishing. It screws to the back deck right in front of the rigging well and and is very secure. Everything is made out of aluminum with stainless hardware. I have the patent on this design and would like to know if anyone is interested in buying one of these back rest. You can get it in polished aluminum or have it coated with a very durable black bed liner coating that will protect the aluminum from the salt water. Mine will be coated soon (pics to follow). If you have any questions please feel free to ask. This back rest should bolt onto any older (lappy) hewes 18' with the same deck layout. Im working on adapting it to other models with different deck layouts. If you have a 16' lappy Redfisher, I will just need to shorten the arms a little. The main structure can be totally removed from the deck by removing 2 allen head screws from the hinge. The bottom part of the hinge is permanently attached. Thanks, Brent (954) 646 0166
  8. Brent B

    Hewes back rest

    Thank for the pics! I have seen that design before and it does work but........it has some draw backs. I'm designing one that will flip up out of the way against the polling platform. You wont have to install any rod holders in your hatch lids. Plus, with the flush mount rod holders mounted in the hatch lids, you loose space in the hatch it self because the rod holder hangs down into the hatch so low. Also with that set up you cant open just one hatch at a time. The one I am making you will be able to access all the hatches whether the back rest is in the down or stowed position. I've got the prototype made up for my boat and tweaking it as we speak. I think everyone will really like this new setup. Like I said I also plan on incorporating some tackle storage and a cup holder so when in the stow position so you have a place to rest your beer when casting from the back deck!
  9. Brent B

    Hewes back rest

    Ok guys and gals, My wife and me are tired of no back rest on the 95 redfisher. I have come up with a very good design to make one that folds out of the way when not in use and takes up no space on the back deck. I will be incorporating cup holders and possible tack storage into this design as well. Some mok-up designs with pvc will be started tonight. I am fairly confident that I can makes these so they fit and bolt directly onto the lappy style decks. I have been researching deck layouts and I'm trying to come up with a design that does not have to be custom made to every boat and does not have to be welded to the polling platform. Pics to come soon. What do you guys think? Anyone interested?
  10. Brent B

    2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Brent and the Gang In for 4!
  11. I will be camping tomorrow and friday night this weekend. probably pavilion key or new turkey. around x mas i will be over there as much as possible. I will keep you posted.
  12. Man nice to hear guys. I haven't been over there much in the past month but my buddy has been tearing the snook and tarpon up around the Indian key area up north. I personally haven't caught a red in a couple months. A little relief to hear they are popping up down south where I like to set up camp. Keep up the great work and awesome reports!!!!!! Hopefully I will be in Islamorada in a week or two for the MOT, and then the weekend after that is the Romp in the Swamp the weekend after.
  13. Brent B

    Hurricane Irma prep porn

    Paul! I hope your camper in choko doesn't become a shallow water reef. Let me know if you need any help at all! Lets all pray for the island we love known as Chokoloskee!
  14. Brent B

    MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I am staying at Sands of Islamorda. Stayed there last year and I was just there last weekend. Nice place, nice owners. Great tournament. Awesome ride to Flamingo from Islamorada. Soooooooo Now to the main question.....how will Irma effect the tournament? Still on? Cancelled? Rescheduled? Man I hope its still on. I will drive down early to help repair if needed!
  15. Brent B

    MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I,m in! Staying next door, Cant wait!
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