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  1. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Brent and the Gang In for 4!
  2. I will be camping tomorrow and friday night this weekend. probably pavilion key or new turkey. around x mas i will be over there as much as possible. I will keep you posted.
  3. Man nice to hear guys. I haven't been over there much in the past month but my buddy has been tearing the snook and tarpon up around the Indian key area up north. I personally haven't caught a red in a couple months. A little relief to hear they are popping up down south where I like to set up camp. Keep up the great work and awesome reports!!!!!! Hopefully I will be in Islamorada in a week or two for the MOT, and then the weekend after that is the Romp in the Swamp the weekend after.
  4. Hurricane Irma prep porn

    Paul! I hope your camper in choko doesn't become a shallow water reef. Let me know if you need any help at all! Lets all pray for the island we love known as Chokoloskee!
  5. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I am staying at Sands of Islamorda. Stayed there last year and I was just there last weekend. Nice place, nice owners. Great tournament. Awesome ride to Flamingo from Islamorada. Soooooooo Now to the main question.....how will Irma effect the tournament? Still on? Cancelled? Rescheduled? Man I hope its still on. I will drive down early to help repair if needed!
  6. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I,m in! Staying next door, Cant wait!
  7. S.W. Owners tournament.

    Team Settin Hooks in with 4 Brent Amber Nick Shawn
  8. OT dates for 2017?

    Thank you sir! I will be reserving my room for the islamorada tournament tomorrow. Can't wait to here about the SW tournament. I had a blast at both tournaments and both were my first at each location. What a great event!
  9. OT dates for 2017?

    I have been calling around to the Tarpon Lodge and Breezy Palms to ask if they know the dates for next years OT. I'm getting conflicting stories. Does anybody know for sure when the dates are for either tournament? I know I'm a little early but I figured I would try and get a head start. Thanks
  10. This entry works the same as the SW tournament right? Includes captains meeting dinner and award dinner? Tickets and all that good stuff?
  11. 1. Street Gang (Double Play) - 17 HPX Micro 2. Headhunter (Chuck & Pat)- 22 Tournament 3. Laubster Tales (Joe, Annette, Kalei and Anthony) - 256 Cobia 4. Shindig (Chris & Alex) 2400 TRS 5. Spotted Fever (Mitchell & Gayle) - 18 Hewes Bayfisher 6. Spear&Fish (Marc, Anne & John) 23 Deep Vee 7. Brent B (Brent, Amber, Shawn) 95 18' Redfisher
  12. It says the dates are from Thursday till Sunday. Is the captains meeting on Thursday or Friday?
  13. Fuel tank replace

    I had mine replaced on my 95 18' redfisher and Bob at Inshore Marine Specialties just cut the front half of the cap off right at the front bulk head. replaced the tank with a new one that i had sprayed with Line X and then glassed the cap back in. Looks factory. He said he doesn't recommend removing the whole cap. I have a post somewhere with pics of the refresh on my boat. I think its labeled redfisher face lift.
  14. Jack plate

    I put a manual jack plate on my boat and did get some shallow water clearance but not enough to substantiate the install. Performance was neither increased or decreased. The weight does add proposing if your not careful. I have both my trolling motor batteries in the front hatch and a perma-trim on the lower unit so mine doesn't propose bad but I have heard they can. You will have a lot more advantages with a hydraulic jack plate vs my manual one. Like stated above, no performance pick up at all really. I actually have to lower mine down some because my prop breaks loose on medium to sharp turns. I do how ever like how it sets the engine farther back and clears up the rear deck a little from the steering line and rigging.
  15. awesome. I think im gonna get me and my boat and my 2 possibly 3 other boats to fish. Keep me posted!