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  1. MA 17 and Yamaha F115 Setup

    I was hoping to get some friendly advice or suggestions on setup. I recently upgraded to a 2004 F115(new to me). I haven’t mounted it yet and wondered what everyone else has done so it might help save me the time of having to test different mounting heights and props. I switched from the Yamaha v4 115 so it’s not much different but will be a little. What mounting hole is everyone using without a jack plate? What prop has proved to be best? The previous motor seemed to have very little bow lift which to me seemed like it hurt my WOT speed. Always felt like if I could get the nose out of the water it would top out a little faster. Any other suggestions on getting the setup right on the first try? And thanks for the help of course.
  2. Smith Sunglasses

    Same here!!!! Switched and Smith have been great. Their plastic lenses don’t scratch like the costa’s and their frames don’t need to be repaired every six months. I got tired of having to keep a pair for when I was returning one pair
  3. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    These things work excellent if anyone ever considers using them and isn’t quite sure how good they work. I was very surprised at how easy they came off and it didn’t leave a scratch. You can also get them at advance auto, napa and autozone so they should be easy to find if you need it and don’t want to wait on shipping.
  4. 1998 Yamaha 115(SOLD)

    Still available
  5. Maverick 17, 1998

    Your correct I did already ask that.....sorry for the dup, my memory ain’t what it use to be.
  6. Maverick 17, 1998

    How does the 140 perform? I have been looking at those very closely. From my reading, a lot of people seem to think the HP isn’t rated accurately and they are a good bit shy of a true 140. What year is yours?
  7. Master Angler 17 - layout and price opinion

    I have a 98 and there is a black round hatch on mine under the front console area. On mine this is where the sending unit is and seems it would be standard or necessary as this usually has to be serviced at some point.
  8. Master Angler 17 Repair

    That's exactly what I was hoping to hear so that I at least know what to look for. Sounds like I will be using my flexible camera to take a good look at everything. I can't see foam in many other spots so it may not be horrible. But it would be great to find someone that has already done it
  9. Master Angler 17 Repair

    I'm curious to know what kind of top speed your seeing with the 140? I'm not focused on just top speed because I rarely run wide open but just curious what the comfortable cruise speed is and the top speed?
  10. Power Pole Shout Out

    I have had two instances where they stepped up and helped me out. Neither was probably their responsibility but in both cases they were very helpful and stood behind their products. They were beyond helpful and went out of their way.
  11. Master Angler 17 Repair

    It is a 1998. I'm also looking at possibly moving from the 115 two stroke to a 140 Suzuki four stroke. Anyone know the difference in the year models (when it was increased) and if anything structural changed to increase the HP rating from 130 to 150?
  12. Master Angler 17 Repair

    This is how I feel as well. Hate to cut into it, would much rather separate it and know it's not been spliced back together. I'm also without a workshop at the time which will also keep me from having a place to do this myself anytime soon.
  13. Master Angler 17 Repair

    Unfortunately I'm in GA. I'm sure there are very qualified people who could do it here but I'm not familiar enough with anyone that I could probably afford. Theres something I just hate about cutting the deck out, just seems much easier to do the cap off. I'm looking to upgrade the motor as well so was hoping to do these about the same time if budget will allow.
  14. Master Angler 17 Repair

    Guys, I need some help to get a better understanding of what I may be getting into. I have a crack on the top of my aluminum gas tank. I've been debating whether I try to patch it or replace the entire tank. I would really prefer to remove the top and replace the whole tank vs cutting out a portion of the floor. I helped my father years ago on a Cobia and it was pretty easy. About all their was the rub strip and screws behind it and it split right apart. I could also do a full rewire and replacement of all thru hull fittings at the same time. Would be nice to use the opportunity to give her a nice updating. Im looking for suggestions-good idea or bad idea? Fairly easy or major overhaul? Thanks for everyone's suggestions
  15. 1998 Yamaha 115(SOLD)

    1998 motor in very good condition. It has a new remanufactured power head with less than 10 hrs. Chris Carson reeds. Carbs recently rebuilt with new Yamaha kits. New decals. It is still installed on the boat and so you can see it run or go for a test ride. Have decided to move up to a larger motor. Located near Savannah Ga. $3,250