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  1. The Pathfinder hat on Instagram

    I did indeed, thank you!
  2. The Pathfinder hat on Instagram

    A buddy sent me a pic of a pathfinder hat from Instagram. What's the deal with them? I don't have Instagram or Facebook and didn't see them here.
  3. E-searider bean bags

    Frozen, do you happen to have pictures of the wedges in the back of a pathy? And what size pathy are they in?
  4. E-searider bean bags

    I've got a t-top, so I can easily store one up top while fishing.
  5. E-searider bean bags

    Does anyone use this brand of been bags in their boats? Particularly a Pathy 2200V hull. I'm looking at the medium teardrop or small wedge. I know the medium teardrop is a bit big but it looks more comfortable, I know it would have to bunch up to fit in a corner, I've only got about 21" at narrowest point.
  6. Latch key

    If Ray can't help I'll see if a locksmith can make a copy of mine for you and mail it to you.
  7. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade $200 shipped

    If Coto falls through I'm interested. Send me some pics please
  8. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade $200 shipped

    Any idea how much it costs to ship something like this to the Carolinas?
  9. THIS is a sunrise

    Big Pine in the morning . And a sunset with T-storms all around. (The one with the palm trees)
  10. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Couple from our vacation this week in Big Pine. The smaller Mango in the group of 4 was about 17 inches. We only got in about 45 minutes of fishing before storms ran us off. We left them biting. Thanks to the forum members here and elsewhere the two families are taking home memories that will last a lifetime. I've picked up information here from a bunch of great guys and either it paid off or I was a blind hog finding lots of acorns this week. We will see if we can do it again in 19. Not pictured is an 11 year old girl who got her first tarpon at No Name Bridge, he picked up a Carolina rigged pinfish. I got the touch on the leader before the leader chaffed. We have pictures on a regular camera I'll try to add later.
  11. Prop for 22te with 250 txr

    I've got an 07 22te 2200v series with t top and the old VMAX. I spin a ofx 19 and with a normal load for 2 guys I could use more pitch but when I've got 2 families running around I've still got decent holeshot. Next time out I'll pay more attention to my speeds and report back.
  12. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Thank you for the info, I will go look it up.
  13. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    What is this FMT card y'all are talking about. I'm about to go down Friday for our annual trip. How much is this chip? What does it show? And how much? If replying to these is against the rules can someone PM me please? It sounds like something that would help this ol South Carolina boy . One more thing, will it work on a Gen 1 lowrance hds?
  14. Fuel Dock in Big Pine?

    Thanks, I called today, $3.59
  15. Fuel Dock in Big Pine?

    Does anyone know if any of the fuel docks have reopened in Big Pine area? We will be headed back down in early June. It doesn't look like Big Pine Lodge has their fuel docks back up yet. Any other good spots to fuel on the No Name Channel side preferably or do I need to carry cans or be prepared to trailer for fuel. I feel guilty about going down to relax while others are rebuilding but know that tourism is a big part of their economy too.