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  1. Big Pine Key Rental

    Does BP Lodge have fuel again? We will be down in June but I didn't expect them to rebuild that quick.
  2. In need of a trolling motor

    A search of Google showed their head guy was convicted of selling counterfeit stuff. I had the page bookmarked and was about to buy when it disappeared.
  3. In need of a trolling motor

    Has anyone used Hodges marine for online purchases? https://www.hodgesmarine.com/Motorguide-Xi5-Wireless-Trolling-Motor-Saltwat-p/mot941700100.htm?gclid=CjwKCAiA8P_TBRA9EiwAJrpHM8hUS9Rse3X9RWQocyId2md8Nw-U8LiwawmfxOi0kK8C_tIo1LUD8xoCU2IQAvD_BwE&ppcstrkid=1565162769&click=19&ppcsclkid=R0IgNJ6JER9o&ppcsu=xhg7f5djqeniramsegdoh
  4. In need of a trolling motor

    I was getting ready to order mine from universalmania.com but they are no more. I'm starting my search again too.
  5. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    I just had my solenoid go out on my jackplate. I looked at DB electrical as suggested to J.N. I found two 12v heavy duty solenoids. One, Mercury Marine Solenoid 12 Volt Heavy Duty 89-96054, the other, Mercury Marine Solenoid 12 Volt Heavy Duty 89-96158. Is there anyway to verfiy which one I need before pulling the old one off of the pump? As it sits now I can still fish as long as I don't lift my motor up. While trouble shooting I lowered it to a neutral setting that would allow fishing. I hate to go just of the picture but the first one had double nuts on all posts just like my current ones. Has anyone ordered one in the past that can remember which one I need? The jackplate is on a 2007 22TE, the pump is labled SAE J1171 Marine. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. They are having a tent sale at Palmetto State Armory Friday Saturday and Sunday. New items are being put out every hour and a new trailer will be in each day. It is a triple axle enclosed car hauler trailer. Foul weather gear today is $100 for a set or $50 per piece and they said it is normally close to $300. T-shirts $5 and performance long sleeve $10. No affiliation just thought I would pass along the info if anybody needs last-minute Christmas items or affordable t-shirts. I've never tried their gear but at $10 I got a couple Spanish Fly shirts.
  7. Just a heads up, they are having a tent sale at Palmetto State Armory. Foul weather gear is $100 for a complete set, they said it normally retails for close to 300. T-shirts were $5, performance t-shirts were 10, and Nomad base layer clothing is $20. They have a large enclosed car hauler they are pulling boxes out of by the hour and we'll be there Saturday and Sunday with a new trailer. No affiliation
  8. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade

    I'm with waterman, where are you at? I might be interested to try a 3 blade.
  9. PLB or EPIRB

    I went PLB, that way I can carry it my drybag no matter who I fish with. I can also toss it in my hunting pack just in case. I know the battery in an EPIRB last longer and I believe but I'm not certain that EPIRB is supposed to float in a position to transmit where as some PLB need to be kept in a position to best transmit.
  10. Another New Model?

    Sure does look pretty sitting there. What is the beam?
  11. Shout Out to Ralph Outlaw @ AIM Welding and Boat Center FLL

    I forgot lower units were supposed to be painted around the skeg! It sure does look pretty though.
  12. Another New Model?

    He has us hooked like catfish on a trot line, he needs to come back with more info.
  13. Another New Model?

    And what is the other mold in the background? Both look big
  14. Southeast, Charleston 2017 tournament

    Where is the signup for the Charleston tournament? I must of slept through it
  15. Checking in on our Florida Members

    Praying for the guys to our south that got hit by the storm. I did notice the weather channel was speeding up the footage from the storm, they left the car backing up in the footage. Unfortunately, I think it looks bad enough that dressing up the footage isn't needed. I hope everyone is safe, boats and property can be fixed. (Although CNN showed what might of been a MA sitting in someone's yard. It looked like it was left there by storm surge.)