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  1. Southeast, Charleston 2017 tournament

    Agreed -- my wife and I had a fantastic time! We had to cut our fishing a little short due to other obligations, but we made it back for the banquet. Looking forward to next year's event as well!
  2. Tarpon Season

    Good job on the bones! We went down last week and saw hundreds of tarpon but couldn't get any to take a fly either. We caught a few on bait by the bridges to help boost morale, though. I wish we had been able to find the bones -- we didn't see a single one! What part of the Keys were you fishing?
  3. Old hull, new finish

    Sorry to hear that it didn't work out like you had hoped, but I appreciate you following up!
  4. If you make it down to Charleston, I've got a '94 Redfisher 18 (lappy) that you could take a look at.
  5. Curious to know if you ever got an answer to this -- There's definitely a fiberglass wall, and I think there is foam behind it. I find it hard to believe that they would put a non-serviceable fitting and hose for something as important as the bilge, but these are slightly older boats. Any ideas?
  6. Night Snookin

    Very nice! Are those weighted eyes or stick-on eyes?
  7. 2016 SC OT......

    Correction, guys - evidently the address was wrong on the event page (and on Google). It's not on Rebellion Rd, it's on Ripley Point Drive. It's in the same cove as the dry stack, but the second entrance. I called the guy on the phone, and this is where he told me it was. Sorry for posting up the address without double checking!
  8. 2016 SC OT......

    EDIT -- CORRECTED ADDRESS. I had to call, since my wife pointed out that the other address is a house or something. It's in the same cove as the Drystack, but on the other side. I think it's a big enclosed/tent type area. I can't offer much more info, since I've only been to the dry stack side. The guy at the number below is pretty helpful. It's at the Yacht Club, not the Dry Stack/Marina area. I was confused about that too: Ripley Light Yacht Club Ripley Point Drive Charleston, SC 29407 843-766-0908
  9. 2016 SC OT......

    So far, the weather's still looking rough, but I'm still planning on fishing! I'm fine with the rain, but hoping it doesn't get electric... What's everyone else thinking about it? I hope it doesn't hurt the turnout. Looking forward to meeting some other owners!
  10. 95 18' Lappy Face Lift!

    That's a cool idea on hiding cut lines while retaining the original non-skid. Do you have any more pictures?
  11. Thanks for sharing those pictures! I'll have to buy you guys a few beers sometime and get some info on the boat -- maybe try to get some of those pictures off your hands :cool: Yeah, she's quick for sure! I love being able to jump right up on plane, regardless of load. I haven't had the chance to run her light yet -- I've got 2 big batteries in the front hatch, plus a trolling motor on the bow. Even with that, a full tank of gas, and 3 guys, I see high 40s. What I really like is the low RPM at cruise speed. I thought about spray rails, actually -- we were in some pretty snotty stuff the other day and a few waves spilled over the bow, and it makes me uneasy. I really don't like seeing water come over the bow anymore (bad experience 70 mi offshore). I'm not sure if spray rails would prevent that, but it definitely wouldn't hurt. The boat doesn't have the guide chair, and the deck has been re-done, though I'm not sure by which owner. I love thinking about how many fish and how many different types of fish this boat must have seen! I feel like it's got to have some good stories behind it. If you or Salty South start to get nostalgic, I'd love to hear a story or two! I'm planning on heading down to the lower Keys in May -- so far the only species I've brought on board have been reds and trout! Here's the first fish I caught on her -- I just so happened to buy the boat right around the time we get big bulls running around the inlets.
  12. Hull color

    I say go with seafoam, but I'm a bit biased
  13. Awesome! Really cool to see some of the history on the boat -- I would love to hear from you guys about it. So StealthPole sold it to RedLap who sold it to Salty South? I've loved everything about her so far! It's the perfect boat for me at this point in my life -- I can get fairly shallow (especially when fishing by myself), but I can also take the wife in a little bit of chop without getting beaten up or soaked. Not to mention the way she looks -- she still puts a grin on my face when I walk back to the ramp after launching! I'll try to get some more pictures for you guys!
  14. G Loomis Rods/Ci4+ Reels

    That's an awesome deal -- I really, REALLY wish I hadn't just bought two brand new combos. One of my new ones has that exact same rod, and I really like it so far. Good luck with the sale!
  15. Hey guys, glad I could join the family! I just picked up a 1994 Redfisher 18 with a Yamaha 150 VMAX. The previous owner said that he thinks one of the boat's old owners might be on the forum here. I was hoping to get some insight on the history of the boat! I saw the for sale ad here originally, but I think the person that installed the motor might be on the forum as well. This is the for sale ad: http://www.mbcforum.com/showtopic.php?tid/62249/ The boat looks like it's been well cared for -- there are a few things like spider cracks and older wiring, but overall it seems to be in spectacular shape for a 21 yr old boat! Here's a picture of the drive home, before I even rinsed her off. [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1445885008-20151023_154122_scaled.jpg[/image] Anyone recognize this boat? I would love to have some history on it, since it looks like the deck was redone at some point in time. Thanks! Bryson