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  1. BTP21

    Gas Tank II

    She's a 21'MA. Many thanks for the advice. And yes power and gas:)
  2. BTP21

    Gas Tank II

    Morning and many thanks for previous info. I'm unable to find any capacity info on the tank. Ideas? I cleaned it up a bit; no writing anywhere I can see.
  3. BTP21

    Fuel Capacity

    I feel stupid writing this but here goes;) How do I know what the fuel capacity of my MA 21? I've run her dry and topped off but only get 35-40 gallons. She's supposed to hold 60. Were any built w/ smaller tanks? Is there an id on the tank? Is the level/position of boat/trailer that much of a factor when fueling? thanks B
  4. BTP21

    SeaDeck Cost?

    What are approximate cost for a full SeaDeck install on a 21’MA?
  5. BTP21

    Talon Stuck on mount

    Talon needs to come off but it is stuck to alum mounting bracket; like 'welded'. It isn't actually welded; just different metals...got stuck. I've beat it. Heated it. And cussed a lot. Any advise before breaking out the torch or SawZAll? thanks
  6. I'm looking for for casting platform ideas, and I'd like to be able to access all the hatches. Any solutions?
  7. BTP21

    Bow seat pedestal size?

    polliwog: I believe the seat is a Tempress. I have solved my issue with a 3/4" drill bit;) Carefully ran the drill into the hole; removed a small amount of the nylon. New seat post fits perfect.
  8. BTP21

    Bow seat pedestal size?

    I have a mount on the bow for a seat pedestal. A 3/4" pin will not fit. Any ideas what could have happened? Or what size pin? I can only find 3/4". I
  9. BTP21

    Part Id Help please

    How do you removed them?
  10. BTP21

    Part Id Help please

    Pictures of seat mount I'm looking for.... If anyone knows where to order and how to remove I'd appreciate it.
  11. BTP21

    Bow Seat 'mount'?

    Yeah, they coulda glassed it too; either way its rusted out and needs replacing.
  12. BTP21

    Bow Seat 'mount'?

    Copy: this is a stainless steel part that is about 3" in diameter and sits less than 1/2" of the deck.....trying to replace not remove... It's pretty where it sits just not functional.
  13. BTP21

    Bow Seat 'mount'?

    Need a little help/advise please: 05 21'MA. I've got a semi flush mount kingpin(I think thats the name) pedestal base; it has a slotted SS cover.... It is where you could install a seat on the bow of those boats... I'd like to replace it however; I can't get it out:) and 2 I can't find a replacement. Glad I didn't get it out! So any ideas on removal and who sells the part? I'm pretty sure it's 5200'd in place. I'm removing because it's rusted out...
  14. BTP21

    ? about my boat:21MA fuel cap?

    I have a 05 21'MA. I have always believed she held 60 gallons of fuel. Does anyone know if this is correct? thanks, B
  15. BTP21

    Water in fuel/Gas cap failure

    '05 21'MA. Pretty sure water is coming in through gas cap. Gaskets/spring failing... I have not removed it yet. Anyone know which cap ***embly to order? Many thanks, B
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