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  1. A Pathfinder version west coast tower boat?

    This exact reason is why I recently sold my Pathfinder 2200V TE and bought a Dorado 23 tower Boat.
  2. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    I don't use the trolling motor while mounted on the stern but move it here if the seas are rough as mentioned above.
  3. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    I see it all the time on the higher bow boats around Tampa. I have a mount on the stern that I move mine to when it's rough and the trolling motor is getting beat up on the bow.
  4. 2016 Yamaha F200 I4 stalls at idle

    Haha. I already know too much about your Merc
  5. 2016 Yamaha F200 I4 stalls at idle

    My Yamaha F200XB occasionally stalls at low rpm/idle. Any ideas on what the issue could be? I checked both the filter and the fuel water seperator and there isn't any water in the fuel. Also, is this something that would be covered under warranty?
  6. Broken Blue Seas Battery Switch

    Yup. They are mailing me a new one for free. The new updated part has a black back instead of red.
  7. Broken Blue Seas Battery Switch

    Same age as mine.
  8. Broken Blue Seas Battery Switch

    Has anyone else has their Blue Seas battery switch break like this? Sure glad this didn't damage my engine while I had it running. It is mounted as their recommended bulk head mount although the other mount they recommend with the backing plate may have prevented this. Nonetheless this method of mounting is in their instructions. It got to the point where I couldn't even turn my batteries off no matter how many times I spun the dial. The below top pic is after I replaced it with a new switch The middle is the broken switch. You can see where the plastic around the 4 screws snapped The bottom is where I was able to spin it to turn my batteries off
  9. Hurricane Boat Prep

    I may fill the livewell up but will keep the plug out of the boat (plus I have two bilge pumps on float switches). Also will lower the jack as much as I can while still allowing the boat to drain out the stern to limit the wind's ability to get under the boat.
  10. Hurricane Boat Prep

    What all does everyone do to prep your boats for a hurricane? Specifically if it is on a trailer..
  11. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    I had to have my engine block removed and all the passages cleared on my old duck boat because a dirt dobber built a nest that far up.
  12. 2005 Pathfinder 2200V Tournament Edition - Sold

    Boat is sold. Congrats to the new owners and welcome to the blog.
  13. 2005 Pathfinder 2200V Tournament Edition - Sold

    Yes it is. Located in Tampa, FL.
  14. PATHY 2400 POWERPOLE????

    Jack plate mount is the way to go. I had two 10' blades mounted to my Pathfinder 2200. I would go with the blades.
  15. 2005 Pathfinder 2200V Tournament Edition - Sold

    Yes it is