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  1. Lightning

    Interesting idea. Wonder how well it works. Could potentially connect to my old (disconnected) metal thru Hull transducer I’ve been caught a few times in Tampa Bay. Extra fun now that I run a tower boat.
  2. Livewell Stand Pipe

    You will have to take a trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s. First you will need the pvc piece that is threaded on one end and not on the other. Then you will need the pvc piece that downsizes it to fit the stand pipe. Only a few more bucks and you are good to go. Works great BTW
  3. Livewell Stand Pipe

    Haha. I don’t know if I can mass produce them on a level to make this worth it. Maybe I can task my wife with this lol. Works great. I’ve been down at AMI all weekend with crabs, whitebait and threads. The threads die quickly and float. No issues with clogs. With the surface area of the filter, there isn’t enough suction to hold them on it which prevents the clogs.
  4. Livewell Stand Pipe

    I convinced my local tackle shop to sell me just the base from an existing standpipe they had for sale. $2 wasn’t bad
  5. Livewell Stand Pipe

    Just made it. Should be ready to go. Much larger screen so it will be much more difficult for the bait to clog.
  6. Livewell Stand Pipe

    I’m still trying to find the base but the top will attach via threaded pvc
  7. Livewell Stand Pipe

  8. Inboard Pathfinder???

    What is this? https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/24-pathfinder/6589189190.html
  9. Livewell Stand Pipe

    Does anyone know where to buy just the black rubber base of a livewell stand pipe? I am working on redesigning my stand pipes so they don't clog with bait as easily using the attached as a screen but don't know where to find the base.
  10. Smith Sunglasses

    Boaters Republic
  11. Smith Sunglasses

    Do you have the regular chromapop or the chromapop + lenses? I used to have the regular chromapop lenses but upgraded to the + lenses as they are much better and seem to be scratch resistant. Mine are still in great shape after about a year.
  12. Smith Sunglasses

    I have the smith Guide’s Choice frame with Chromapop+ copper mirror lenses and they are significantly better than my Costa’s with green mirror lenses. Especially in the waters around Tampa Bay
  13. Trolling Motor Lock

    Looks like Brass Master is the way to go. Had to cut my Brinks off.
  14. Trolling Motor Lock

    The one you wouldn’t leave? Haha
  15. Trolling Motor Lock

    What kind of lock do you use to secure your trolling motor? I’m tired of cutting mine off due to corrosion from the salt water. Looking for a good alternative that can withstand the elements