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  1. Recommend LED Cockpit Lights

    I installed these lights in the toe kicks of my '99 1810v. I got them in blue to match my underwater lights. The tow kicks are angled downwards so they didn't blind me while running at night, and they provided a really good amount of light in the cockpit. I installed a couple of these switches for the underwater lights and cockpit lights since I was out of switches on the panel. If you opt for these switches, definitely get the ones that are pre-wired - way easier than doing the soldering on those small posts on the switches. Hope this helps; let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Late Feb/Early March Keys trip advice

    I lived on Long Key for a few years, and I really liked the access from there into the bay/park. I know there are a few rentals on the island, but they might be hard to get (especially that time of year). You might also consider Lime Tree Bay Resort (on Long Key); they have nice hotel rooms and a dock, as well as a few condo units on the canals of Layton. That said, the winds of Feb/March can be tough, and there's a lot of open bay to cross before getting to the protection of mangrove islands and banks up in the park.
  3. Upper Keys suggestions

    If you want to be bayside, Founders park in Isla has a nice ramp (for fee) that's in a good proximity for cruising and you could run out to Hens & Chickens or Cheeca Rocks using Snake Creek or Whale Harbor cut. Further south you can launch on Tea Table fill for free; the ramp is iffy but I've launched boats bigger than a 22PF there. Parking could be an issue, but you can usually find a spot. Again, good proximity to pretty cruising and just a short run up to Cheeca Rocks. I think the ramp at Harry Harris park is closed, but if it isn't it's a really nice ramp to use.
  4. Hawks Cay Labor Day

    What kind of boat? The snapper are pretty good - set up a chum slick to try and draw in yellowtail, or run off the reef a bit in maybe 120-150' and look for good hard-bottom and drift live bait just off the bottom. The mahi have been pretty tough this year, but it's a dark moon right now and we just had that storm pass through, so maybe they'll be biting. There are also a ton of patch reefs in Hawk Channel (you can see them all on Google Earth) you could try fishing around if it's rough.
  5. 1999 Pathfinder 1810v

  6. 1999 Pathfinder 1810v

  7. 1999 Pathfinder 1810v

    For sale is our 1999 Pathfinder 1810v with 1999 Yamaha F100TLRX four-stroke and 1999 Shoreland'r single axle trailer. My family and I are moving out to California, and we just can't figure a way to get it out there with us. The boat is wired for a 24v trolling motor (included in sale) on a quick release mount, as well as blue courtesy lights in the toe kicks (angled down so they don't blind you at night), blue underwater drain plug light, a three-bank on board charger for the two trolling batteries and the cranking battery, and two JLAudio MX650 speakers connected to a JLAudio Bluetooth receiver and an amp. The motor has ~900 hrs on it, and I just put a new lower unit on it that's under warranty until June 2017. We've always run non-ethanol fuel and added Sta-bil for good measure. There is a Garmin 421s with saltwater charts; however, it cut out on me this morning on the final fishing trip (go figure), and I'm not sure if it's a blown fuse, bad wiring harness, or the unit is kaput. Other miscellaneous items include a boat cover, a console cover, life jackets, boat hook, collapsible paddle, ground tackle (anchor, chain, and rode), dive ladder, and flares. We have absolutely loved this boat, and it has been spectacular down here in the Keys. We've fished all the way up to Cape Sable for tarpon and ran her offshore for mahi. Please contact me with any questions or want me to take a specific picture, etc. Boat is located in Long Key (MM68) in the Florida Keys. Price is 13K.
  8. Yamaha F100 lower unit troubles

    So, I ended up having to disconnect the shift linkage in the motor and adjust its length so that the F-N-R positions on the 704 remote matched up with the positions on the LU. I compared the shift shaft on the new LU to the old LU, and the splines lined up differently. It was pretty straight forward once I figured that out. Hope this helps any one in similar issues.
  9. Help with 1810 V livewell problem

    Mine will do that sometimes (same year as yours). Do you have a stainer basket in the system? If it happens, I just loosen the strainer from it's base with the pump running until I hear it pick up water, then tighten it back down and I'm good to go.
  10. Yamaha F100 lower unit troubles

    Hey everybody, After discovering a problem with the lower unit of my 1999 F100, I ended up having to replace it. I ordered a new one from Texas Outboards (great price, speedy delivery) and installed the new water pump kit, but I can't seem to get the unit to seat properly. I have the drive shaft splines aligned so that the shaft can engage the powerhead, but the shift shaft splines seem to be out of alignment. I have to put the shift lever (704 remote) into forward to get the unit to seat, but the unit itself is still in neutral (prop shaft freely spins forwards and backwards). Has anyone had any issues like this, or have any suggestions? I've changed the water pumps on a few Yamaha motors before without issues and just wanted to check with the forum before I take it to a mechanic with my tail between my legs. Thanks!
  11. Help me find the tarpon!!!

    Channels 2 and 5, and the Long Key Viaduct are excellent locations to find tarpon, too. The tarpon are definitely here; I was just diving the viaduct yesterday - not something I recommend this time of year - and saw plenty of nice sized fish. I fished crabs last weekend and came up with nothing, and from what I've been hearing down here the bait of choice is mullet. As HookedonSnook and clink mentioned, drift your baits back under a large cork (or balloon). I use about 6' of at least 50# fluoro for my leaders, and end it with a 5/0 or 6/0 live bait circle hook. If the currents are too strong to fish the baits behind your anchored boat, Channel 2 provides a good area to set-up drifts (makes it easier to chase down the big feesh too!). Hope this helps; I wanna see some pics!
  12. Key Largo fishing

    Definitely a cool place, for sure. Most of the hundreds of mangrove islands pock-marking the bay have deep moats around them that hold those snapper, and they are definitely good for ducking in out of the wind/chop and loading up on meat. I use chunk ballyhoo or whole pilchards, sometimes starting a chum slick, but more often not. Every so often I'll throw a couple handfuls of chunks to stir up the bite a bit.
  13. Courtesy light placement

    Great advice! Just hooked one up to a drill battery and took a look. Low in the console looks great. Thanks, guys!
  14. Courtesy light placement

    I picked up a couple of the blue Lumitec courtesy lights for my 1810V and was wondering if any one has installed these before and where you put them, or if any one has any suggestions on placement. I was thinking about down low in the sides of the console simply for ease of wiring, but I'm not opposed to running wires else where if need be to get the best lighting arrangement. Thanks for the advice!