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  1. topshelf 2

    Local knowledge for Mosquito Lagoon

    Thanks for the info , some one else said the reds where plentiful but I would like to catch some trout I'll be sure to post how we do thanks again
  2. Hi I will be in the mosquito lagoon area the first part of May ,( bringing back a P/T my friend bought ) and would like to fish for Speckle Trout . any info on the area would be appreciated thanks Top Shelf
  3. topshelf 2

    South Georgia ...

    Nice looking Red Fish , things should start picking up in NC also tight lines
  4. topshelf 2

    Power Pole

    I put a Pro 2.0 on my P/F my self using a bracket that bolts to my Atlas j/p the bracket was about $170.00 it makes mounting easy as for the difference between the Pro series & the sportsman I don't feel it's worth the extra money I mounted the pump in the back compartment wired to the batt. switch with a fuse inline easy job
  5. topshelf 2

    2002 PF 2200 fuel filling issue

    Make sure the vent is clear of any obstruction ,some time a mud dobber (wasp) will get up in them try spraying wd40 in the vent to clean it out
  6. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    Thanks again
  7. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    I guess ya have to be good to catch em in GA not lucky .I did have a good time there though I met one of MBGs members a, true fisherman
  8. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    Well I'm sad to say we only caught a few fish, I think the weather had a lot to do with it as the only day that was good was fri. the last day we had to fish I'm happy that the Tornado that crossed I95 was a few miles North of us .I'm not used to that much tide drop or current I fished the ditches & the grassy Island area thanks for the map Bill
  9. topshelf 2

    Thanks for the help

    I like to thank the forum members for the help & local knowledge they gave me on my fishing trip to GA last week , it was very helpful an kept me out of trouble, I'm sure if the weather was better our trip would have been great , the tide drops are some thing else . if any one ever comes to NC coast (Cape Look Out area ) and needs info look me up
  10. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    Thanks for checking on the ramp I'll be using it sunday morning
  11. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    Thanks, always nice to know some one has your back
  12. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    Thanks for the help , don't need any issues far from home
  13. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    Thanks for the reply, JJ & Honey B I been looking @ the sunburry ramp as it's on a deeper creek that might be a better choice for me , what do ya think ? feel free to call me if ya want, take care of the knees
  14. topshelf 2

    local knowledge McQueens Inlet GA

    Thanks , it does look like it could be slick at low water
  15. Hi I have a trip planned for 1st week in March in Harris neck GA was looking to fish the inlet (McQueens) & creeks around it , also how is the boat ramp at the harris neck wildlife refuge @ low water to haul out ? any input on this area would be appreciate as it will be new to me . thanks Top shelf2 can be reached @ 252 732 0831
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