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  1. dxs217

    1980 bonefisher

    Perhaps the center of lift (on plane) is too far from the CG. The motor you have on there is 418lbs. I'm pretty sure the old 2-strokes that came with this boat were around 265lbs. Curious, how much total weight did you lose when you finished the boat with composites vs wood? Consider using a 50lb weight (dumbell). Start in the back and keep moving it forward (using no trim tab trim). Make each run from a dead stop in calm conditions. If that doesn't work, use a human. I'm hoping that moving your CG forward will help with your problem, you just need to find the magic number and weight. Could also be a good excuse to get a trolling motor and batteries installed in the front! BTW, you did a great job. The boat is beautiful. I will be starting on my '73 resto soon and was hoping to contact you with questions... Please keep us posted on your porpoising solution. Good luck.
  2. dxs217

    1973 Bonefisher Resto

    Acquired a beautiful bonefisher from a buddy who's grandpa died. I plan to completely restore it to original (minus wood). Anyway, I have minimal experience with fibergl*** but will have support from an experienced fibergl*** guy. This resto will take a long time. Years. I plan to chip away at it, i am in no rush.