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  1. flatsfisher772

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    Great info! Really appreciate it! Besides the actual height of the front and rear decks being higher, are they the same dimensions between the V and the TE? In the photos, it looks as though the rear deck is higher and also larger in general. I wondered if that was the case or just how it looked? I'm guessing if it were larger that would mean the TE would have less walk about space behind the leaning post.
  2. flatsfisher772

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    What are the differences between the Tournament Edition vs the standard V Pathfinder (Around the 2005 era)? Are there any cons to going with the TE over the V? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  3. flatsfisher772

    WTB Trailer for 16ft Hewes

    Looking for a used trailer in good condition for my 16 foot 2000 Hewes Bayfisher. Message me here or call/text me at 772-215-7572 if you have one available. Thanks!
  4. flatsfisher772

    WTB Trailer for 16ft Hewes

    Looking for a used trailer in good condition for my 16 foot 2000 Hewes Bayfisher. Message me here or call/text at 772-215-7572 if you have one available. Thanks!
  5. flatsfisher772

    Trim Tab Replacement

    I had one of my Lenco trim tabs go out. Ordered a replacement actuator and wondering if anyone has any tips on replacing it. It appears the tabs were installed and wires run through the transom before the cap was put on. I can't access where the wires come through so only thing I can think to do is take a hole saw to the rear compartment that holds the batteries. The wires will then be accessible. Would rather not do that so open to any suggestions. Thanks!
  6. flatsfisher772

    Seat Mounting Suggestions?

    Wanting to add some better seating options after dealing with a back injury. Think of putting a pedestal seat on the bow. Hate the through of cutting holes to mount it but don’t see any other option. Would the section between the two front hatches work? Any suggestions for a clean and easy install would be great! Also any suggestions on the cleanest looking mounting plate.
  7. flatsfisher772

    Anyone know the steering cable length for a 16' Bayfisher?

    Shoot I was hoping I could get by without. Did you need to apply 5200 and seal the bracket and bolts afterwards?
  8. flatsfisher772

    Anyone know the steering cable length for a 16' Bayfisher?

    Awesome, thank you! Did you have to pull the motor to do it? Some people say yes but I think I can do it without.
  9. flatsfisher772

    Potential death trap or normal??

    So the boat came rigged like this when I bought it (2000 Bayfisher) , fuel vent hose coming up into console and venting out the side. It always struck me as not the best location considering its running right next to a ton of wires. Is this how its supposed to be rigged or is this an accident waiting to happen? If I need to move this hose, what all is involved and how much of a PITA is it going to be?
  10. flatsfisher772

    Anyone know the steering cable length for a 16' Bayfisher?

    Do you really need to pull the motor to change the steering cable? Mine is getting worse and worse and its time for a change. There has to be an easier way?
  11. So for the longest time my bilge has been getting so much water in it each trip. Well I believe I narrowed it down to the live well. Specifically where the cap (underside of the deck) sits on top of the live well doesn't seem to be sealed much at all. When the live well is full and constantly running I believe it is pouring over the top and into my bilge. What would be the best product to seal that tightly that will not deteriorate in the water and also won't cause any issues with killing bait in the livewell? 5200? 4200? Something else? Thanks in advance
  12. Couple of questions: 1) My steering cable moves easily but turning one direction it refuses to go very far, other direction turns fine. Inspecting the rod there appears to be nothing that should be causing this problem. Before I go replace the whole cable, could it be anything else? Could sanding that area down help to smooth out any imperfection I'm not seeing? 2) If I do need a cable replacement does anyone know the length of the cable for that boat? I know I can pull it and measure it but I wanted to use the old cable to help snake the new cable through. 3) Finally, any suggestions on replacing the cable? I'm learning more and more things that could have made my life easier with these projects. Any tips to save me time and headache before hand are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks guys!
  13. flatsfisher772

    Motorguide Xi5

    Yep Universal Mania! I was reluctant because of the low prices and buying off the internet but they are legit. I've had mine since the summer and its still going strong.
  14. flatsfisher772


    How much is a stealth charger? Anyone know dimensions? I looked at their website but didn't find much of anything listed on there unless I had the wrong site.
  15. flatsfisher772


    So I purchased a Minn Kota 3 bank on board charger for my 16' Bayfisher. 2 banks for the 24v trolling motor setup and 1 bank for my starting battery. When it arrived it ended up being wayyy bigger than expected and I'm not sure I can even fit it anywhere. I could possibly put it in the rear hatch with the starting battery but the fuel lines run right there and that just seems like a bad idea. I may be able to move it under the console if I move a bunch of stuff but it will take up a ton of room and I imagine a lot of heat will build up in there. So what I am considering now is just getting the Minn Kota portable charger. Unfortunately, they only have 2 bank 5 amp or 1 bank 10 amp. I already have 1 smaller charger which I can use for the starting battery since it remains mostly charged to do the engine. So my question would be, should I get 2 of the 10 amp portables or 1 2 bank 5 amp? Unless someone has a great idea of where to mount the on board charger? Thanks for the feedback!
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