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  1. bkh

    24v or 36v? 60” shaft or longer 2200 TRS

    I have a 60” and 24v on my 2016 2200 TRS and it is great 90% of the time. I have two trolling batteries and the house/starter all agm odyssey and all in the console. No need for more batteries for me. It can be a little harder to hold anchor when the current is really pushing or in two foot swells but again that is a very small amount of the time for what I do. If I were to do over, I would have the same set up.
  2. bkh

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    I have been kicking around getting a Garmin inreach for a while and just saw they announced a GPS map plus inreach. It is the Garmin 86sci and is a bit pricey at $650 but it is both a satellite communication text/tracking device plus a gps with blue chart. Not sure I can justify that kind of outlay but I have also been wanting a backup blue chart gps so I could see talking myself into this!
  3. bkh

    What size prop for 2400 Pathfinder?

    Second on power tech, I think Marcus is still the guy to talk to but I am sure they are all good.. Tell them what your needs are (shallow water, quick hole shot, higher speed, etc.). I have a 4 blade, I think 17 pitch for my 150 hp 2200 TRS. I run pretty shallow and need a quick hole shot and dontcare about top end speed but understand others may have different needs.
  4. bkh

    New Pathfinder Owner

    Congrats and enjoy! That color is awesome.
  5. bkh

    2200, 2400TRS or Cobia

    Those are actually the ones I have but I think op has some issues because he has a speaker mounted where the bracket would be. Probably possible to remove and fill with some backing but I think he would rather try to get the factory version that is nice and tucked away. I have hit my ankle on the brackets but I do love having the backrests for the family. https://marineproducts.net/backrests-bench-seating/
  6. bkh

    2200, 2400TRS or Cobia

    A friend of mine is having his 2400 TRS delivered in early October and he has this option so I will be all over checking it out. Hopefully you get some assistance prior to that but it not I should be able to help.
  7. bkh

    2019 2400 TRS Gunnel rod holder

    I would think it would be fine but likely would need a backing plate in that area. I have a 2200 trs and thought about doing the same thing but then I realized it would impede the gunnel rod storage a bit and decided to add one on each side in the very back corners. You can get the pathfinder ones from any dealer and I got mine from central marine, they are also on eBay as johdevas. I think the pathfinder ones may only come in 30 degree though. Good luck!
  8. bkh

    An addition to your boat tools

    I added these to my boat for this very reason. My only prior need was from a three prong barracuda lure, and my cutters I had at the time couldn’t even get through that. I tested these on some heavy hooks and they work very well. Hope I never need them for that reason but I have them just in case. Good luck and add a bottle of bleach to the list too for cleaning the wound ASAP. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005EXO81K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. bkh

    Pathy at the tortugas

    Nice! How long did it take you and what was your cruise speed? I am am a bit apprehensive of taking my 2200 TRS that far out from sugarloaf. Looks like you had perfect weather.
  10. bkh

    2016 2200 TRS bow seating back rest

    Rails look great! If no one replies, see if a dealer near you one to check out and take measurements. I think it is a fairly popular option on both the 2200 and 2600 so should be one around. Also, if you can take some pics for the rest of us on how the factory ones are secured. I would be interested in this also since my set up does stick into the walking area and the factory set up is clean and out of the way.
  11. bkh

    Pathfinder 2200 TRS Modification

    I think this will be tough. I would send skip at maverick an email and ask for suggestions. I think I posted in your other thread that I asked and he said it would be tough to replicate the factory ones. I would also go to a local dealer that has one on the lot and check out how they are attached and take measurements to see if the combo rod, cup holder would work. If that all fails, I would take a look at how you could make the birdsall marine ones work, although may be tough with the speaker there. I also agree that rails are a must, with the cushion you will sit essentially even with the top and if there is anything but a smooth ride it could be nerve racking for the rider. I do think you may be able to get enough access from inside the rod lockers to do through bolts but you may have to do some cutting in there to get access to the underside of the topside. I got lucky and saw the layout on the 2600 when I ordered and the rails made and installed at the factory with backing plates while under construction and then added the birdsall setup myself...this on my 2016 2200 trs before they offered the option...I would like to think they got the idea from me but it seems like a pretty basic idea and one that should have been offered long ago across all the trs series. Note that it still isn’t offered on the 2400 trs.
  12. bkh

    Pathfinder 2400 trs keys

    I would contact your local dealer or gemlux, they made the latches. I think there are only a few different keys for the locks.
  13. bkh

    2200 trs Bimini top

    Link to prior discussion with pics. http://mbgforum.com/topic/7416-new-bimini-top-for-2200-trs/
  14. bkh

    2200 trs Bimini top

    I mounted on inside of gunners using the acorn quick release mounts. It folds flat toward the back and allows the rear seats to open but does inhibit opening live well. I didn’t do adjustable track. Someone recently posted a few pics of top and inside mount also.
  15. bkh

    Cup holders

    I got two of the universal clamp ons for the grab rail from cuda customers. Not the cheapest option but quality made and work great. A lot of different options out there. http://www.cudascustoms.com/products.htm
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