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  1. bkh

    Trolling Motor Batteries

    Nice boat purchase! I favor AGM primarily due to low maintenance and ability to remain on a charger for longer term storage. I know wet batteries can also be on a charger long term but I am just more comfortable with the AGM. I have two odyssey group 34for my 24v minn Kota and another of the same for the house battery. I have a minn Kota 3 bank charger. I too have months between uses, unfortunately, and have had no battery issues for the 3.5 years I have had them.
  2. bkh

    SOLD -Live Bait Pen for sale

    Pm sent
  3. Thank you! Exactly what I needed.
  4. Hi guys, can someone with a 2016 or similar 2200 TRS take measurements of the inside of the optional front seat fiberglass cooler? Unfortunately, I am nowhere near my boat and won’t be for a while and looking at a soft sided cooler to put inside of it and wondering what size can fit, mostly thinking about height inside of there. Thank you.
  5. bkh

    2019 2200 TRS questions

    Thanks for the replies. I will bite the bullet on the friction hinges and drill and fill. Brune90, that makes complete sense on the fresh water fill.
  6. bkh

    2019 2200 TRS questions

    Hi guys, I have a 2016 2200 TRS and always look at the new models to see what is new and improved to see if I can add to mine. I noticed that both the port and starboard sides have what look like fuel fills? Is that right? That seems a little odd but a nice touch. Also I have heard I think here, that all the lateches in the back and the anchor are friction now. I contacted Jerry at Gemlux a while back inquiring about adding them to mine before pathfinder made them standard and he said as many here have done here it would be a drill and fill and drill, which I really didn’t want to do, Now I am wondering if they may be a direct fit? Can anyone confirm? I also saw the nice side rails, which I actually had pathfinder do on mine before they were an option and I used birdsall seat backrests - the new pathfinder ones are nicer since they recess into the body instead of stick out like mine. Many thanks.
  7. bkh

    2012 22TRS - Rear Seat Latch

    I also did this for the protection of the person who may inadvertently step on the back edge of the seat back and have it flip up - happened to my brother and he got a nasty bruise but could have been much worse. I like the no look of the original design and maybe two hidden friction latches will do the trick too...I honestly didn’t think about that!
  8. bkh

    2012 22TRS - Rear Seat Latch

    I just installed the newer design ones in my 2016. Easy install. I ordered them from johdevas on eBay who is also central Florida marine. Part number is 37035102 and they were $32 each shipped. There may be other options but this was easy and didn’t require a whole lot of work to install.
  9. bkh

    24 TRS seating

    Good point on the rod lockers. I think your only option may be what I did prior to them offering the seat backs as an option on the 2200. See pic..sorry about the feet, it’s the only pic I could find. These are from birdsall marine and were really easy to do but you will loose the speakers there for sure and you do have to put a backing plate of some sort in the other side.
  10. bkh

    24 TRS seating

    The 22 now has them and I had the side rails done on my 2016 while at the factory by the same outfit that does the polling platforms for most of their boats (TNT). I got the backrests from birdsall and installed myself, very easy but had to cut a hole on the inside of the rod lockers to mount a solid backing plate. I would contact Skip at MBG and ask him if they can do it using the parts off the 22 and 26, the rails likely would have to be a little different but shouldn’t be a big deal at all. If the cushions are not available you could easily have a local shop make them. This was a no brainer for my family and needs and glad to have provided MBG with the blueprint for the rails
  11. I tend to agree and I too am ocd so I will fix it. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Good question and makes a lot of sense. Not to my knowledge though. The only service I have had done has been on the trailer but maybe when it was delivered to the dealer? This is my first time underneath so it may have been there since new. My son usually does the detailing. He said he never noticed it but isn’t quite as detailed oriented as me...
  13. Hi all, is related to my 2016 pathfinder trs with 100 hrs. I was doing my annual waxing under the boat today and saw a very long, from middlle bottom to the transom, wide (bout 1/4 inch) scratch or some type of gelcoat separation. It is just next to the area where it sits on the bunks. The boat sits on the factory ameritrail trailer most of the time. It seems way too long and too uniform to be from hitting somsht8ng on the bottom. Not the mention I have only run aground once on sandy bottom. Here are a few pics. Any thoughts would be helpful in terms of what may have caused it and whether I need to fix it? Thank you.
  14. bkh

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

    I’ll second Phil Hertzog. I had him do my 2200 trs while still at the factory in fort pierce but he was willing to travel so don’t think that would be an issue. Fits like a glove and is flawless in terms of materials and workmanship. It’s close to 4 years old and looks new. Heavy gauge Aluminum 4 post frame with quick release Alcon mounts and sunbrella top and boot. A little pricey, I think about $2k all in, but well worth it to me.
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