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  1. Up for sale are 4 perko clamp on rod holders. Three are in very good shape with a little oxidation the fourth has more oxidation and is missing a bolt. I have not tried cleaning them up much. They have been in the garage for over 5 years. $120 shipped within US for all 4.
  2. bkh

    2016 2200 TRS Trolling Motor Replacement

    I have the same boat and Riptide 60 inch shaft and 80lb thrust with two dedicated Trolling motor agm batteries. It has the spot or anchor lock and works very well in everything but the strongest of tides, so 90% of the time for me.
  3. bkh

    Need Prop advice please

    Ditto on this! I have the same prop and max out about 5500 on my 2916 2200 trs with the F150. Four blade may not get the max speed but the hole shot is great and more important to me.
  4. I went from a Boston whaler 170 montauk to a 2200 trs and had some of the same concerns. We have small kids and we’re used to the high whaler side and bow rails. Before they offered it as an option I had the side rails done like the larger 2600 along the bow front sides. They are short but fine for sitting up there. They are now available on the 2400 and 2200 trs. On the stern I had a polling platform done and love it. No way I am polling it but it is great for the kids and provides some safety out back, something to lean on and sit on and sight fish from. While the gunnels are fairly low, the width makes it feel very secure for us. Absolutely no regrets from us. We did look at the dauntless but it felt really small versus the pathfinder in terms of floor space. I also need a shallow draft so it was an easy choice.
  5. Thanks Frozen and Smilemaker, I will check as soon as I get it out of the water later this week. I think this will be it..great pics. Yesterday it hit the second bar at wot then actually worked fine for about 5 minutes then went back to one bar only. Odd design. I run pretty shallow a lot but usually grass and not sand so maybe on,y an every 4 year thing for me...Ben
  6. Thanks for the reply. I checked and saw nothing that looked out of place and nothing looked missing. No rubber tube. It has a wire harness marked with two Ws. I checked the hose inlet fitting that you can use attached a hose to flush the motor, although I always use the earmuffs. Not sure what they used, assuming they started it (it was on the trailer and I know they don’t dip it). I will connect a hose to it tomorrow and start it...maybe something got stuck in there or in the sensor plug itself?
  7. Hi all, I’ve had my Yamaha 6YC gauges since my 2200 TRS with F150xb was new in November 2015. The factory installed the water pressure sensor for the gauge because I have a jack plate and it has worked fine until this trip. I had the boat serviced in November but didn’t use it until today. The water pressure reading lights up but never moves from the lowest point. I do have positive pressure though and the temp gauge works fine. Ran it for about 2 hours today and no issues at all so I am sure it has appropriate water pressure. I disconnected and reconnected the wire harness and that didn’t fix it...shocking 😎 Nothing looks out of the ordinary and it only has 130 hours. Under warranty until November 2021. Anyone have any thoughts on what to check? Could the sensor be bad and if so would the gauge still light up or would it not show anything at all? I checked the 6YC manual and it was less than helpful. I plan to call the service place on Monday but doubt they will get to it this week and then I am not back for another month. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. bkh

    2019 2400 TRS Gunnel rod holder

    I’ve installed factory ones at the bow next to the anchor locker and then at the far corners of the stern. Got them from central marine and they are 30 degree. Dont think factory carry anything but 30 degree now but maybe someone else will chime in. Gemlux products are generally very good also. I think they or someone else also make one that has a cup holder built in too. Good luck.
  9. bkh

    Friction hinge for anchor locker

    Did the anchor locker, two corner rear lockers and rear livewell with fill and drill. Turned out about 85% pleased. Hinges hold fine but the barrels do stick up a bit and are not flush with the deck. It really only really bothers me in the anchor one but I am never bearfoot in the boat so not big deal for me. It is a little more annoying for my kids though.
  10. bkh

    Pathfinder length difference

    I think it is mostly in the bow step up area. The rear floor space and the space in front of the console look very close on both as you indicated.
  11. bkh

    24v or 36v? 60” shaft or longer 2200 TRS

    I have a 60” and 24v on my 2016 2200 TRS and it is great 90% of the time. I have two trolling batteries and the house/starter all agm odyssey and all in the console. No need for more batteries for me. It can be a little harder to hold anchor when the current is really pushing or in two foot swells but again that is a very small amount of the time for what I do. If I were to do over, I would have the same set up.
  12. bkh

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    I have been kicking around getting a Garmin inreach for a while and just saw they announced a GPS map plus inreach. It is the Garmin 86sci and is a bit pricey at $650 but it is both a satellite communication text/tracking device plus a gps with blue chart. Not sure I can justify that kind of outlay but I have also been wanting a backup blue chart gps so I could see talking myself into this!
  13. bkh

    What size prop for 2400 Pathfinder?

    Second on power tech, I think Marcus is still the guy to talk to but I am sure they are all good.. Tell them what your needs are (shallow water, quick hole shot, higher speed, etc.). I have a 4 blade, I think 17 pitch for my 150 hp 2200 TRS. I run pretty shallow and need a quick hole shot and dontcare about top end speed but understand others may have different needs.
  14. bkh

    New Pathfinder Owner

    Congrats and enjoy! That color is awesome.
  15. bkh

    2200, 2400TRS or Cobia

    Those are actually the ones I have but I think op has some issues because he has a speaker mounted where the bracket would be. Probably possible to remove and fill with some backing but I think he would rather try to get the factory version that is nice and tucked away. I have hit my ankle on the brackets but I do love having the backrests for the family. https://marineproducts.net/backrests-bench-seating/
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