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  1. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    New HPS!!!!

    Congratulations! Great looking color selection.
  2. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Talons. Mounting on 2300 HPS

    I’m not able to speak for Talons, but here is my current setup with PowerPoles. No issues with swim platform.
  3. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2300 HPS / F300

    Hi Josh, currently I’m running a Yamaha HS4 22 pitch. It maxes out at 61 mph due to limiter, the cruise is great around 3.4 at 38 mph, and it will jump out of the hole with tournament load and 3 guys.
  4. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 3000

    Sent message.
  5. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Yamaha HS4 SDS 22 Pitch

    This prop has been sold.
  6. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2300 HPS / F300

    You sound dialed in with the four blade prop. Are you thinking a Mercury Racing Tempest Plus in 23 pitch?
  7. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2300 HPS / F300

    Those are great numbers with 22rev4! What RPM were you spinning?
  8. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    New Tow Vehicle

    Great looking tow rig setup.
  9. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    My New Ride

    Great looking rig and color combo!
  10. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    SOLD - G Loomis Rod

    PM sent.
  11. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Transducer wiring Question

  12. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    my new 23HPS

    Congratulations on your new HPS!
  13. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2500/2600 livewell clogging question

    I've experienced this same problem recently on my 2300 HPS (not sure if identical live well). The bait was small and would flow over the clear plastic plate, then clog the standpipe, then would overflow clogging the hatch lid drains. It was annoying reaching in the livewell all day to clear the clog and what a smelly mess that was to clean the hatch lid drains. I have not tried this solution, but thought to myself about buying an extra stand pipe to drill holes along the entire surface area. Remove the ventilated end cap on the top of standpipe and replace with a solid cap. I thought this would create a greater surface area to drain with maybe a lower suction rate to prevent the smaller bait from getting the pipe clogged.
  14. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Test run with new prop.

    The prop just takes 5 minutes to change. I'm curious as to why they would not try changing the prop before anything else. This would identify if the motor can spin up to 6000 rpm. If the motor is not able to spin up to 6k, then diagnosis from there, but if it can get up to 6k, then it's probably a propping issue, not a motor issue. On another note I'm now curious about running a higher octane fuel or using an octane booster.
  15. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Test run with new prop.

    I've not seen any marina in the area sell rec fuel (ethanol free) in 93 octane. I've only seen rec fuel in 90 octane. Did the marina try different pitch props and the rpms were still low?
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