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  1. Small Swim Platform on an 18’ Redfisher?

  2. 2600 HPS

    You would need to have a SDS washer, such as the following: https://www.ebay.com/i/253113593327?chn=ps Depending on where you buy the prop, the SDS washer may come with it, not sure.
  3. 2600 HPS

    If I could only choose one, it would be the Yamaha Saltwater Series II 15 1/4 X 19P, with a SDS hub.
  4. 2600 HPS

    I have the same boat/motor, and if you have the Yamaha Saltwater Series II 15 x 19P, you already have one of the best overall props you can have. I love mine. That performance bulletin you referred to has created a lot of confusion... The only other prop I would recommend is the PowerTech OFX4-18P if you run loaded, or OFX4-19 if you run light.
  5. Yamaha 90 2-Stroke

    Sold... Pending payment.
  6. Yamaha 90 2-Stroke

    Hi Todd, I am the 2nd owner. The 1st owner developed a heart problem and used it very little. I bought it in 2013, and have put new water pumps in it every other year since. I use the boat mostly in the fall, as I have a Pathfinder 2600 I use during the summer. I Had a tune up done about a year ago at our local dealer as well, which turned out to be only a set of new spark plugs and a new seal in the lower unit as a precaution. Everything else looked good. Not sure how many total hours, but would assume much lower than most motors its age. Hope this helps.
  7. Yamaha 90 2-Stroke

    2008 Yamaha 90 2-stroke outboard, with trim/tilt and stainless prop. Runs great and well maintained. $4,100 firm. Serious inquiries only please. 225-317-0179
  8. Pathfinder and Mercury

    Their performance bulletin says they tested with an 18P prop. I'm sure they could get better speed/economy with a 19 or 20P 3-blade prop?
  9. 2016 2600 HPS

    Beautiful boat! Just purchased my 2600 HPS at the end of the year, and can't wait to use it. GLWS.
  10. 26 hps with 350

    Well, while we wait on your new motor to arrive, can you tell us a little more about what you saw on the test ride. More details please.
  11. Power Tech PTR4R15PYM90

    I'll take it. Please email me at Puravidadulac@gmail.com so we can make shipping and PayPal arrangements.
  12. 2600 HPS on Boat Lift

    Hi Guys, Just took delivery on my new 2600 HPS. Have any of you figured out how to set your lift cradles to accommodate the stepped-hull "unevenness" Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  13. Boat transport

    I used Destination Bound recently to ship my 2600 HPS from Florida to Louisiana. They deliver new boats for the Pathfinder factory. Would recommend.
  14. New Owners Tournament Added- Destin, FL

    Any updates on a May 2017 Destin owner's tournament?