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  1. 2200 Fuel Gauge Wire

    Also is there any voltage in the pink/white wire and where is it coming from. I imagine it is reading resistance from the white wire???
  2. 2200 Fuel Gauge Wire

    I have a Pink, black and blue wire zip tied together, nothing is going on with the pink to white, the blue and black are gauge lighting per the wiring diagram by MBG. Where is the pink wiring coming from, might be a wrong pink wire. My gauge is just flashing empty, which the tank is not, and does the same with the pink wire disconnected from the white wire on the gauge. I just repowered and the tech evidently got something mixed up.
  3. Does anyone know what the color of the fuel gauge wire is and where it it? I just repowered and I just realized I have a white wire coming from the Yamaha gauge that is not connected. I am wondering if it needs to be hooked up and could it be the fuel gauge sender wire that needs to be connected somewhere?
  4. I found a guide out of Matagorda that switches out every 2 years, some incentive program the motor manufacturers give them. They think the customers will eventually buy a boat, unless they are smarter than us, and good chance they will remember the guide and his boat?????. But anyway got this from him, still has factory warranty, expensive but it is a lot newer than my 2006 and hopefully a lot more life. I am now powdercoating all my aluminum and re-upholstering, it was all original. It is a lot cheaper than a new one, and I love the hull. After selling my motor, which brought quick response and a sale, must of priced it too low, but did not want to mess around with it, the difference was about $7,500. Still have not got to play with it, doing all the other stuff since I have in my shop. Not big on the big weekend coming up, too many people, but I might try and slip down before it all starts.
  5. REpower 2200

    Well I did it, found a 2015 Yamy 250 4 stroke. Sold the 150, and here we go. Did a short test run, existing prop and not trimmed out, saw 56mph, i have the prop in getting it repitched due to low RPM's, and will play some more with it. Handles a lot different at the speed.
  6. Thanks, I was thinking 5600 was on the bottom side, I will take it to the prop shop and see what they can do and tweek it. I was quite a difference from the 150hp to the 250hp, almost scary at top end. The hole shot, well you better be hanging on.
  7. Just hung a 250hp 4 stroke and needing to know if anyone else is set up like this would like some prop advice. It is a 2015 motor with a 19" OX4, 4 blade, not sure pitch. Ran it yesterday got about 5600 RPM and saw 56mph on the GPS.
  8. REpower 2200

    Going that fast you don't have to stand too long.
  9. REpower 2200

    That's what I'm talking about! Varoooom
  10. REpower 2200

    Ok, now I need to change, the oil pump went south on my 150 now I am having to get serious. Probably going to 250 hp Yamaha since my 150 was a Yamaha and I don't have to change the controls etc. Now the questions is can I put a 25" shaft on it. There are very few Yamaha 250 TLR's 20" shafts around, mostly 25" . Does anyone know about this?
  11. REpower 2200

    My 150 yamy 4 stroke mighr see 46. I would like to get a 250. My 2006 2200 is rated a little higher.
  12. Sorry about just seeing this, but yes get the adapter to offset the SS thru hull. It will make the Rabud standoff and over lay the flange on the thru hull.
  13. I installed the Rabuds, they are working, very little water on the deck, drilled no holes, went over the original SS outlets. I little 3M 5200 and your done. Easy to do.
  14. REpower 2200

    Things got better over the weekend, changed out the injectors, what a difference that made, now seeing a little north of 41mph with the OX4 prop, could kick my self did not record the RPM. I did run it with a 3 blade and got 6000 rpm which I have not seen in a while. I will play with this for a the time being, and look for a good deal on a lightly used 250 SHO, I did talk to several ECU tune shops they all said the pre SHO, which started in the spring of 2010, could not do much for, but the newer ones could get 200hp out of a 150hp, and 350hp out of a 250hp. That would be scary fast in that boat. I need a taller windshield. It would be fun.
  15. REpower 2200

    Got any names of shops that might do the re programming? I am in Houston, TX