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  1. REpower 2200

    Going that fast you don't have to stand too long.
  2. REpower 2200

    That's what I'm talking about! Varoooom
  3. REpower 2200

    Ok, now I need to change, the oil pump went south on my 150 now I am having to get serious. Probably going to 250 hp Yamaha since my 150 was a Yamaha and I don't have to change the controls etc. Now the questions is can I put a 25" shaft on it. There are very few Yamaha 250 TLR's 20" shafts around, mostly 25" . Does anyone know about this?
  4. REpower 2200

    My 150 yamy 4 stroke mighr see 46. I would like to get a 250. My 2006 2200 is rated a little higher.
  5. Sorry about just seeing this, but yes get the adapter to offset the SS thru hull. It will make the Rabud standoff and over lay the flange on the thru hull.
  6. I installed the Rabuds, they are working, very little water on the deck, drilled no holes, went over the original SS outlets. I little 3M 5200 and your done. Easy to do.
  7. REpower 2200

    Things got better over the weekend, changed out the injectors, what a difference that made, now seeing a little north of 41mph with the OX4 prop, could kick my self did not record the RPM. I did run it with a 3 blade and got 6000 rpm which I have not seen in a while. I will play with this for a the time being, and look for a good deal on a lightly used 250 SHO, I did talk to several ECU tune shops they all said the pre SHO, which started in the spring of 2010, could not do much for, but the newer ones could get 200hp out of a 150hp, and 350hp out of a 250hp. That would be scary fast in that boat. I need a taller windshield. It would be fun.
  8. REpower 2200

    Got any names of shops that might do the re programming? I am in Houston, TX
  9. REpower 2200

    Uhm? that sounds like the deal, what kind of re-tuning and adjustments would I need to do. Is there some kind of limiter or governor on these motors? Is there anything on a 150 SHO that could help? Jerry jmontgomery@alltechfuel.com
  10. REpower 2200

    Thats what I'm talking about! Need for Speed. I to, am looking at about 45 mph with my 2200, T-Top, fuel, ice and 3-4 giant men. I just watch everyone pass me by, at least want to keep up with them. Love the boat, just needs to paddle faster.
  11. REpower 2200

    Just wondering, I bought a boat in the past, 25' Mako, that had (2) 200, rated for 300hp, it got real squirrelly at top end, I am not going to overload the transom and go outside the limits, it is also hard to insure it. But thanks for bringing back to earth. My 150 SHO is doing fine, might look at a 250 SHO later this year. Mine seems a little under powered, changing out injectors and see how she does this weekend.
  12. REpower 2200

    Just out of curiosity, what would be the effect of a 300hp on it?
  13. REpower 2200

    My 2200 is a 2006 Model
  14. REpower 2200

    I am looking at the weight of my 150 hp, 428 lbs as listed. That might be too much of a jump to go to the 300 at 540 lbs, the 250 hp is 505 lbs. about the same as a small child. The 250 hp if I am reading other comments will get close to the 60 mph which is quite a bit more than what I am getting with my 150hp. In Texas we always think bigger or larger is better, not always a good idea. Still like the idea of a 300 hp hanging there, total of about 100 lbs extra weight.
  15. REpower 2200

    I am just starting this, Yamaha makes a 300 hp 4 stroke, I was on a 25' Hewes with T-Top, this week in Corpus, the boat was a rocket, and i am tired of getting left behind running from Corpus to Baffin Bay, about a 30 mile run. i was checking the weight on the 250 hp and the 300 hp, same to the pound.