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  1. THIS is a sunrise

    I'm not far behind you here with 4 kids. Similar to yourself, I'm 5 min from the ramp & beach. My surfing & fishing is mainly done before the workday or in the evenings during the summer. Seldom do we go out all day on a Sat/Sun.
  2. THIS is a sunrise

  3. Stiltsville Crib

    Hey Island Style Sorry for the delay on the replay. Lots going on and I don't check this account so much. The Stiltsville house is NOT mine. Unfortunately, non of these houses are allowed to be bought or sold anymore. Owners and their guests can enjoy them and apparently no repairs are to be made to these house either. It is obvious that most of them get repairs done from time to time I would suppose when NOBODY is looking. There is one house that is owned by a trust I believe. Basically the Miami Outboard Club/Firefighters as a group own it. I've been there several time for fishing tournaments they have there during May. Pretty Cool Place This is in Biscayne Bay BTW JIC
  4. 1900 V

    It's the same prop everyone recommends for it, Powertech SCD4 The boat came with (3) props & the SCD4 is the right one.
  5. Shark Mug

  6. 1900 V

    New to me, kinda. I bought this 2004 1900V with a 2006 115hp Yamaha (430hrs) in January 2015. I cleaned it up real good & it needed lots of it (took me about 1 month to get it ready for action). Added new electronics, hydraulic steering, compass, cup holders, replaced the cushions, windshield & started using the heck out of it. I've had it in Mosquito Lagoon, Flamingo, Content Keys, Offshore 20+ miles & plenty of sandbar hangouts. After these adventures, 150hrs on the engine and using it for about 1 year and a half I can say the boat is totally awesome. I get about 5.5 mpg at cruise & top out at 40mph with the 4 blade carrying kids, wife & gear.
  7. Flamingo

    Slick calm day at Flamingo