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  1. seanp

    redfish on the fly

  2. 2000 ma21. Where can I source the check valves on the outside of the hull that drain the deck? Thx, SPS
  3. seanp

    redfish on the fly

    Afternoon on the falling tide. Self tied clouser brought in this fish
  4. Any advice on replacing keyed ignition switch? ?vendor ?part # Process? Thx Sps
  5. seanp

    FS: Maverick HPX-V 2014

    Can you tell me anything about maintenance?, (oil changes, water pump thermostat etc)
  6. seanp

    FS: Maverick HPX-V 2014

    Where r u located?
  7. 2000 MA 21 with 225 yamaha SHO

  8. Looking to buy newer Maverick 18. Ideally with 115HP yamaha with lower hours and power pole.