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    been retired for 10 yrs. have a 02 pathfinder 2200 that i bought new in 02. currently doing some much needed mods. we live on the water of west galveston bay and the boat gets quite a bit of use. we have 6 grandkids, so we try to keep them entertained.<
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    retired boilermaker/diver
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    fishing and making stuff
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    bayou vista, tx.
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    roger domingue

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  1. smooth move

    Original Hewes decal removal

    glad to see this topic. looking at my 17 or 18 yr old PF, the decals could use redoing. was wondering how i was going to get the old ones off. thanks.
  2. smooth move

    What did you do to your boat today?

    changed lower unit oil and washed the hull. waxing it tomorrow.
  3. smooth move


    i found a local glass shop that made me a tinted one for $150. call around to the glass places.
  4. smooth move

    freshwater trip

    we stayed at Powells. PITA to get to, but really nice folks and everything you could want for a great family week end.
  5. smooth move

    freshwater trip

    took the ol PF up to Rayburn to watch my grandson fish in a high school bass tourny. well, his dad and i had to do a little fishin too. first fish was my PB bass. didn't weigh or measure it, just let it go. saw several cc's on the lake.
  6. smooth move

    Found This One - A bit of Choko Adventure

    great vid, thanks.
  7. smooth move

    What’s a good website for trailer rims.

    is it just cosmetic or is something wrong with your rims? bead blasting would make a huge difference.
  8. smooth move

    In line check valves

    same with tho 02's. 2002, man my PF is gettin pretty old.
  9. smooth move

    In line check valves

    i just carry a pair of 1 1/2" plumbers plugs with one side of the flange cut off, to fit in the drain hole. if we start having a water problem with too much weight in the stern, i pop em in. i always remember to take em out when washing down,cause boat holds water.
  10. smooth move

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    how much does the 22 xl hull weigh?
  11. smooth move

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    i thought the TE was bigger in the stern(taller) to accommodate the heavier 4 stroke engines.
  12. smooth move

    Electrical wiring question

    i did my 02-2200 4 yrs ago and removed all wiring except those from the engine to instrument panel. all lights, pumps and electronics rewired. not as professional a job as i wanted it to be, but not too shabby and i know where every stinkin wire goes and how it's connected.
  13. smooth move

    Cool Idea or not?

  14. smooth move

    Replacing Trailer Jack Wheel

    double wheel jack new at Harbor Freight-------$25.
  15. smooth move

    Bilge Pump Question

    check the wiring from pump. should be 2 red (+) positive wires and a black (-) wire. one of the red wires goes to the switch and one goes to the crank battery(usually). mine wasn't working and the red wire to the battery was totally corroded at the splice where the factory pump wire tied into the wire to the battery/fuse.