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    been retired for 10 yrs. have a 02 pathfinder 2200 that i bought new in 02. currently doing some much needed mods. we live on the water of west galveston bay and the boat gets quite a bit of use. we have 6 grandkids, so we try to keep them entertained.<
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    retired boilermaker/diver
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    fishing and making stuff
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    bayou vista, tx.
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  1. Stainless Steel Care (Dos and Don'ts) per Gemlux

    polish with a rag and a toothbrush for the tight places.
  2. New to me

    sweet ride for those kids-----you too.
  3. Bayou Vista Kids Fishing Tournament

    come on folks. tournament starts Fri. and the winds are predicted to be calm. get them kids"fishin"!
  4. Spare tire mount (Ameritrail)

    mine has been on the winch post for 16 yrs. not the same tire, just the location.
  5. New 505 lb Mercury V8 4 strokes

    also has an asterisk saying lightest model available.
  6. 22TRS Height with and without a T-Top while on Trailer

    glad you made it, but i don't have a clue to the hieght. length is about 30' with motor trimmed up.
  7. Bayou Vista Kids Fishing Tournament

    you won't be able to get under the RR bridge. most folks with T tops trailer and park at the parking lot across the street(bonita). the old Fat Boy's ramp is very close(Tiki) and free or there's the causeway bait ramp. it's $5 and a madhouse in the am, but bait is there and it's convenient and also close.
  8. Bayou Vista Kids Fishing Tournament

    at the park in BV, by the pool on Neptune St. can't miss it, right out front along the feeder st. it's really a lot of fun for the kids(adults too), especially if they win one of the 1, 2 and 3rd place prizes. the look on their faces is priceless. we find a category for anything they turn in. entry forms can be picked up at city hall or both of the drive in stores in BV. we're not real formal about the kids. they can sign up at the weigh in. adults can sign in there also, but can't turn in fish until the next day. entries can be found online at bvfishing.com.
  9. 2002 2200 v Shaft Length ?

  10. for anyone interested, We here at Bayou Vista are having our annual Kids tourny on Memorial Day weekend. Fri thru Sunday, weigh in at 5-7 Fri and Sat. 12-2 on Sunday with award ceremony at 3 with hot dogs, drinks and cookies for all. Free to kids and teens. for better info go to Bayou Vista Summer Festival. 8 categories for the kids and all kids turning in a fish will receive something. we've been doing this for 22 yrs and it's really a fun time and a great way to get the kids started on a fishing summer. also a Adult tourney for $30, but not mandatory. open to anyone from anywhere. love to see some of the PF family participate.
  11. Cockpit drain clog

    except for the flapper valve or a Rabud it's just a hose from the cockpit thru the stern. before i had Rabuds, i would flush with water hose from the outside in. whole nother animal now. Rabuds are not so easy to clean.
  12. Hatch cylinders

    it looks great.
  13. Hatch cylinders

    my compartments didn't look that good new. now they look like someone got sick in there.
  14. 1999 Pathfinder 2200v gas tank

    i know the 02-2200 has a plastic tank and yes the sending unit is prone to problems. the top of the tank will sort of sinks down and holds condensation which causes the sending unit to corrode.
  15. Pop Up gas cap

    02 has it. and it still works, but i hate to use it. costs about $100 every time.