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    been retired for 10 yrs. have a 02 pathfinder 2200 that i bought new in 02. currently doing some much needed mods. we live on the water of west galveston bay and the boat gets quite a bit of use. we have 6 grandkids, so we try to keep them entertained.<
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    retired boilermaker/diver
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    fishing and making stuff
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    bayou vista, tx.
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    roger domingue

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  1. not me

    that was back in March. i was in East Bay last Monday chunkin shrimp over the oyster farms and kept 6 nice specks. the. tide brought some mud with it and everything shut down.
  2. not me

    not me, but i was the guide and it is my boat.
  3. Happy Birthday America

    got it off FB. don't know who to give credit to. i thought it was about as American as anything i've ever seen.
  4. Any suggestions?

    try using a left hand bit with the drill in reverse. sometimes it will back the stud out as it's being drilled. if the doesnt't get it, and you can't tig weld anything to it. take it to a machine shop.
  5. Fishing shoes

    i've got a couple pair of these and really like them, but they started stinking. now i hose em down after every use and even spray with a water/bleach solution about once a month. curious, do you guys wear socks with the simm's shoes?
  6. 2003 2200v Delamination

    i've heard of it. a friend(RIP)had a 03 that did that and had it repaired by some one local and about 2 yrs later it happened. insurance totaled it.
  7. Scum line what do you use?

    The Works----Wal-Mart.
  8. Bayou Vista Kids Fishing Tournament

    day two was a let down. managed a few drum. couldn't find clean water without a bunch of boats in it.
  9. Bayou Vista Kids Fishing Tournament

    day one. my 14 yr old grand daughter turned in a 15 1/2" trout to be the only teen to turn anything in. Go Ella! our 21 yr old picked up a 31" red and we sorted thru several convicts. hope we do better tomorrow.
  10. Stainless Steel Care (Dos and Don'ts) per Gemlux

    polish with a rag and a toothbrush for the tight places.
  11. New to me

    sweet ride for those kids-----you too.
  12. Bayou Vista Kids Fishing Tournament

    come on folks. tournament starts Fri. and the winds are predicted to be calm. get them kids"fishin"!
  13. Spare tire mount (Ameritrail)

    mine has been on the winch post for 16 yrs. not the same tire, just the location.
  14. New 505 lb Mercury V8 4 strokes

    also has an asterisk saying lightest model available.