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  1. Need replacement switches

    I was able to locate the individual switches that I needed at Boaters Exchange in Rockledge Fl. They sold me the single pole switches for $16 each. The doubles were $31. They sell the switches individually. Ill be installing them in the next couple of days. We'll see how they fit. Thanks for for the replies fellas.
  2. Leanpost issues....

  3. Several of the toggle switches on my electrical panel have fallen apart. I need to locate replacement factory ones. Is the factory the only option? Any idea on cost? 2012 TRS Ryan
  4. I'm debating on adding freshwater washdown to my 2012 22 TRS. Couple of questions... Where is the factory installed freshwater tank? Typical capacity? Is adding freshwater worth it? Thanks, Ryan
  5. Bimini top height

    I think that I paid under $600 for my top and that included adjustable rear supports that were $89. The rear adjustable legs were junk and are being sent back. When the boat was underway they would slip, allowing the entire bimini top to loosen and flap in the wind. I now just use straps fore and aft.
  6. Bimini top height

    The 54" is ok most of the time. I replaced a 54" with a 60(ish) and it made a big difference. I now have headroom and am able to use all of the console rod holders. I bought mine through CoversDirect. They were great to deal with.
  7. Leanpost issues....

    Looks like an easy fix. I wonder what Pathfinders take on this issue it...?
  8. Coolers

    Just stirring the pot fellas. Mission accomplished.
  9. Coolers

    I'm sorry.
  10. Leanpost issues....

    My 2012 22TRS leanpost seat is giving me fits. The "catches" on either side of the seat keep getting broken off. I've repaired them several times but the problem seems to be in the design. The "catches" on the leanpost frequently don't line up with the "pins" on the seat. When this happens the catches get damaged. Am I the only person having this issue? Is there a remedy? Ryan
  11. Coolers

    I've got a 50 quart Yeti in front of the console on my TRS. The cooler fits and looks fine and there is no need for tie downs, it does not budge in even the roughest conditions.