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  1. Dcabot65

    Yamaha HS4 21p - $350

    Still available? Looking for a spare.
  2. Dcabot65

    Hydraulic steeering stiff

    Thank you all for the responses. Looks like I have some investigating to do, such a helpful forum this is.
  3. Dcabot65


    I just had my fusion stereo installed w/wetsounds amp, 6" ws in hardtop, 6" ws in stern facing forward and 8" ws below front lockers. No sub shyster sounds awesome.
  4. Dcabot65

    Hydraulic steeering stiff

    Finally got some boat time and steering was stiff. Didn't have a lot of time to investigate but didn't notice where to fill fluid or reservoir location 2400trs 2016. Thx Don
  5. Dcabot65

    PF 2400TRS R'S

    HS4 22T 15 by the work order they took it down to somewhere between 20 and 21
  6. Dcabot65

    PF 2400TRS R'S

    Dealer tried 93 didn't make a difference nor should it as per Yamaha support. Prop adjustment made a world of difference, took her for a short run yesterday saw 57-58 and 56.5 mph. A little tweaking and I may squeeze another mph out on a real flat day.
  7. Dcabot65

    PF 2400TRS R'S

    Not disagreeing with you that's just what the work order from them stated. Hopefully they have it right.
  8. Dcabot65

    PF 2400TRS R'S

    Received an update from the dealer they took a little more than 1" of cup out of the prop and she now runs 54 mph @ 5800 as good as it gets according to them. I will see on Monday when I sea trial it. Hopefully they have it dialed in.
  9. Dcabot65

    My 2500 is out of the mold!

    Looks awesome!
  10. Dcabot65

    PF 2400TRS R'S

    Will do, dealer has had boat going on 3 weeks now will be making a call tomorrow. Luckily I am not down now and looking to fish.
  11. Dcabot65

    PF 2400TRS R'S

    My guess is with the changes to the boat and the added weight, this 6 year old test is outdated and a prop change is definitely needed!
  12. Dcabot65

    Test run with new prop.

    Totally agree, can't understand why they haven't done this first and seem to damnce around the question
  13. Dcabot65

    Test run with new prop.

    Trying to decipher their code of they have tried everything and are stumped. When I mention props they keep saying this is the test prop it should be right. Being long distance can be a PIA!
  14. Dcabot65

    2018 23HPS delivered

    Sweet, best of luck!
  15. Dcabot65

    Test run with new prop.

    Update.......Yamaha has told marina I have to run 93 octane to raise the rpm's so they are going to try this and see. I have never heard of something so ridiculous!
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