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  1. Latch key

    Will do..
  2. Latch key

    Awesome.. thanks amigo.. Ray is the parts guy in FL I take it? Thanks again...
  3. Latch key

    I have an '04 PF 2200V and the locking hatch seems to vibrate and lock the hatch. I, of course, don't have a key so I have to wiggle it open with a bent hook or other. Anyone know where to get a key in lieu of having to purchase a whole latch assy. Thanks in advance.. AL-
  4. Rev4 21 pitch

    I have an F150 on my 2200V. Surely too big for my little eggbeater compared to a 300....
  5. Rev4 21 pitch

    What size motor did you test this on. I am about to put a jack plate on my 2200v and will probably need a 4 blade for my F150.
  6. 2004 22 TE 2014 F150 SOLD!

    Cool shot man...
  7. 07' Pathfinder 2200TE XL w/F250 $31.5K

    drool... GLWS-
  8. 2005 2000v w/ 2010 F150

    Super clean.. Someone will be a really nice boat.. GLWS..
  9. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Check out the florida sportsman forum as well. Always a few skiffs listed there...
  10. 22 Pathfinder with F150

    That's a fair price there..
  11. 2014 TE 250SHO (SOLD)

    Fine sled.. glws..
  12. Looking for a 22ft Pathfinder Tunnel

    Actually one listed on Louisiana Sportsman today...
  13. WTB 24 Pathfinder

  14. CL deal

    The price was dropped to $20k on this boat.. definetly a smoking deal!!!
  15. CL deal

    There a few out there for way more.. w/the 150 2 stroke, it should scream as well..