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  1. BlazerAL

    OFX 17

    Thanks guys!!!
  2. BlazerAL

    OFX 17

    Found a gently used OFX4 x 17 prop, which is recommended for my setup, 04 PF 2200V with a 6” bobs JP and an F150 Yamaha . Only issue is the dia is 15 1/2” in lieu of the typical 13 3/4”.. what do you guys think? Likely will not get the full WOT rpm’s and Top speed?
  3. BlazerAL

    2000 18.5 Maverick Master Angler - Project

    I apologize if I missed it in the ad, but where is this boat located.. sorry to see you parting with all the blood, sweat and tears.. has to be a tough divorce...
  4. BlazerAL

    Prop question....

    Hull is an ‘04 model, so on the lighter side compared to the newer ones.. 1450 lbs if memory serves..
  5. BlazerAL

    Prop question....

    Looking at a 14 1/4 x 19 stiletto 4 blade prior for my 2200v w/ F150 and a new 6” setback jack plate.. thoughts and opinions appreciated...
  6. BlazerAL

    Stiletto 4 blade

    Looking at a 14 1/4 x 19 4 blade prior for my 2200v w/ F150 and a new 6” setback jack plate.. thoughts and opinions appreciated...
  7. BlazerAL

    Jack plate oil

    Got my Bob's jackplate mounted and did some research on the oil. Calls for non-detergent 20w-20.. this oil is a unicorn around here... anyone know what a more generally available oil would be? Any help appreciated from lower Alabama... AL~
  8. BlazerAL

    Latch key

    Will do..
  9. BlazerAL

    Latch key

    Awesome.. thanks amigo.. Ray is the parts guy in FL I take it? Thanks again...
  10. BlazerAL

    Latch key

    I have an '04 PF 2200V and the locking hatch seems to vibrate and lock the hatch. I, of course, don't have a key so I have to wiggle it open with a bent hook or other. Anyone know where to get a key in lieu of having to purchase a whole latch assy. Thanks in advance.. AL-
  11. BlazerAL

    2004 22 TE 2014 F150 SOLD!

    Cool shot man...
  12. BlazerAL

    2005 2000v w/ 2010 F150

    Super clean.. Someone will be a really nice boat.. GLWS..
  13. BlazerAL

    WTB Skiff under $10k

    Check out the florida sportsman forum as well. Always a few skiffs listed there...
  14. BlazerAL

    22 Pathfinder with F150

    That's a fair price there..
  15. BlazerAL

    2014 TE 250SHO (SOLD)

    Fine sled.. glws..