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  1. BlazerAL

    2007 24’ Pathfinder Tournament Edition

    Send him an email, he forward a video of the boat with several of your questions answered.. His addy is above a few threads..
  2. BlazerAL

    2007 24’ Pathfinder Tournament Edition

    He is near Tallahassee Fl...
  3. BlazerAL

    2007 24’ Pathfinder Tournament Edition

    Smoking deal.. wish you were a bit closer man!!!
  4. BlazerAL

    Maverick Windshield

    Those guys at UPD take quite a while to get your gear.. but it’ll be right when ya finally get it...
  5. BlazerAL

    2013 Ameritrail Pathfinder Trailer

    Still available???
  6. BlazerAL

    2012 Pathfinder 2000V for sale SOLD

    Nice rig... Lots of elbow grease left on her.. GLWS...
  7. BlazerAL

    2005 Pathfinder 2200 Tournament w/ Yamaha 250

    Helluva nice rig.. GLWS...
  8. BlazerAL

    2013 Ameritrail Pathfinder Trailer

    Wish this was closer to NOLA damnit.. I keep seeing these south FL opportunities, but they are 10-12 hours from the house. glws man...
  9. BlazerAL

    JL Audio Marine Speakers and Amp

    Or selling just the speakers?
  10. Matt Conrad always has a few motors, I recall he had 2-200 yamahas recently.... good luck...
  11. BlazerAL

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    Great suggestion Geeviam... I'll look into this.. I was considering fabrication to lower with a plate or some other apperatus.. AL~
  12. BlazerAL

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    It was indeed with a 19 pitch prop. It is an ‘04 Hull, so the weight is significantly lower than the newer hulls, 1350lbs if I recall. I wish I could lower the JP, but the drains align with the plate, only leaving about 3/8” clearance...
  13. BlazerAL

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    With 6” of travel, I can theoretically be back to where I was before the JP... and still have a few inches to play with...
  14. BlazerAL

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    When I put the jack plate on the boat, it raised the motor abut 1 1/2 to 2” and I am constantly blowing out in corners... so I tried the OFX - 17... fixed the corners and now runs crap top end.. was able to run 48-50 mph with a 3 blade before the JP was added.... down to 40 now is not really in my wheel house..
  15. BlazerAL

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    ‘04 PF 2200V F150, added a bob’s 6” and have experimented with multiple props. Finally landed on an OFX-17 4 blade and I am not happy with this wheel either. WOT at 5300 was around 40 mph... not a happy camper!!!!! I am at an impasse here now and am ready to either can the jack plate and go back to the original setup or possibly put a 25” shaft F150 in her place.. anyone been down that rabbit hole? after 3 props and a bunch of $$$ with no results I am pissed off/frustrated to say the least.. input welcomed.... rant complete, well, vent maybe..
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