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  1. PF 2500 T-top speakers wiring

    Yes, this is the stock T-top. I will look later today. Thanks for the replies
  2. PF 2500 T-top speakers wiring

    I'm going to try to install some JL audio 7.7 speakers into the designated slots on the hardtop. Can someone tell me what that proper and easiest way to get wires to that location ? TIA David
  3. 2300 hps

    1-2' chops easy for the PF2300. Go for it!
  4. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    thanks Skip. Good to know!
  5. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    I believe mine is the 25" shaft.
  6. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    @ Tall Tails. See the attached pic for the prop I'm running. It came with the boat when I bought it.
  7. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    I took the boat out again last week. This time I played with the motor trim/jack more. With 4 guys on the boat (half tank of fuel) , I was able to get the rpm up to 6000 and a top speed of 53mph. I believe with a light load and perfect conditions, this boat can hit 55mph.
  8. Length of 2500 on Trailer?

    If you have a t-top, you need 12 ft high doors.
  9. Length of 2500 on Trailer?

    my garage is 35 ft long and I have a good 1 ft in the front and 1 ft in the back cleared....
  10. Length of 2500 on Trailer?

    its about 33-34 ft....
  11. Had a 2017 model 2500 sitting on the dealer lot and he made me a deal I could not turn down. I was hesitant with the boat having the 250 SHO but after 2 trips, I feel like the motor is adequate for what I use it for. I will definitely miss the speed of the HPS but the 2500 gives me better stability to fish 15-20 miles offshore (which is what I do most now). The 2500 just feels so much bigger and heavier than the 2300 HPS and I am still adjusting to trailering and driving it. I went into some 2 ft seas with some 3s ft mixed in and the boat did really well and rode like a cadillac. I do not see any other 2500 with the 250 SHO here so if anyone has any questions regarding the performance of this boat/motor combo, feel free to hit me up. On the last outing, I was able to hit max speed of 51 mph at around 5800 rpm. (2 men, 75% fuel, ice and tackle/gear, T-top, 4 batteries, 36 v trolling motor, power pole, 12 inch lowrance). I feel like I can hit 53mph with less weight on board and playing with the trim.
  12. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    I am not seeing any draining anywhere.....waiting for other owners to chime in.
  13. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    I don't think I have the macerator pump. Mine holds alot of water.. just wondering if that was normal...
  14. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    To those with the 2500, is the fish box self-draining ? Mine doesn't drain out and I have had to scoop the water out a few times . Should I use plunger to unclog it ?