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  1. 1995 17MA: Take a Guess!

    So I happen to have the invoice for my MA18 from 1992 and just pulled it out.....with Yamaha 130 and trailer dated 2/25/1992 the original owner paid $22,694 with tax. Two years ago I paid $8,500 for it, and it is perfect. PERFECT. The deals are out there gentlemen...
  2. hydraulic steering conversion

    Installed the cylinder, looks great. Installed the helm but ran into minor issues, but Uflex is handling and Andrea in their technical group is great to work with. Will post again once I have everything up and running.
  3. hydraulic steering conversion

    Interesting feedback. I believe that you do not have to dismount the engine for Uflex Hytech, but in a week or so I will do the whole install, and post step by step here for future reference.
  4. hydraulic steering conversion

    What were the pros/cons the mech presented?
  5. hydraulic steering conversion

    All the components are sitting right behind me waiting for a pretty day to install. I have some time off coming up, so I will post my progress.
  6. Search all of Craigslist...

    Completely, completely agree with you here. Maverick has tons and tons of material for a heritage based marketing campaign. Those who know, know that Maverick has pioneered everything about skiff design, but for those who don't troll the internet for every Scott Deal/Maverick history article (read: I do that), tapping into some of the romanticism ***ociated with the early days of say, mold design or hearing about late night conversations in the shop talking about layouts and fiber and epoxies, and then those guys who worked so hard on it, finally feeling the very first Master Angler cut through chop cleanly...man, that stuff is awesome. Incorporating an owner profile marketing campaign would be sweet. Even limiting it to a paragraph that described what an owner's Maverick means to them would be awesome. That might be a great thread here on the forum. Write a paragraph about how your Maverick has improved your life. Mine sits in the driveway here in Colorado, but every time I look at it, it makes me happy, because it reminds me of freedom and exploration.
  7. Search all of Craigslist...

    [color:blue]Ok, here comes my idealism.[/color] 1) It is very time consuming to wire and rig any boat as such. [color:blue]Agree with you here. With current methods yes, but that is part of my point. Seems like much of the boat building process is ad hoc/job-shopped. With some thoughtful re-engineering of the process I just wonder if boat design, manufacturing speed, and quality control could all be improved at the same time. Modular consoles built/wired/tested as plug and play units on a bench could provide some advantages. Given Maverick's current 24 hour schedule to keep up with demand (per Scott), I would think that pushing towards more and more of an ***embly line process would be advantageous and actually work to speed things up and reduce cost.[/color] 2) It would increase the sticker price by a margin not sure the manufacturers would want to incur. [color:blue]Maybe, but maybe not. It might reduce some costs in the long run due to efficiency gains.[/color] 3) Manufacturers only see a boat once, usually, and that's during production unless there is some major structural issue otherwise the dealer will have to deal with it. [color:blue] Right, true there. Better to have the dealer network have easier access to all parts of the boat by having accessible fuel tank, removable console.[/color] 4) Boats are expensive enough as it is and for the majority of people the original purchaser "New" won't own the boat that long. [color:blue]Also dead on. Boats are expensive. Crazy expensive. Everything seems to be getting more expensive all the time. I want a boat that I can maintain for a long, long time. Others do too.[/color] 5)If the manufacturers said sure but it will cost you an additional $5K, would you or anybody else say, Sure? [color:blue] That is where our paths diverge. I have a suspicion that it could bring costs down to make these changes. The amount of wire is the same. The amount of material is pretty much the same. Labor could potentially be reduced. Heck, I have seen your rebuild posts, and I know you know WAY more than most all of us on this board regarding how this could work. I am just suggesting that by Maverick spending some R & D dollars now on clever engineering it might just help me out a few years down the road when I want to buy another Maverick...and it has a removable console and accessible fuel tank, among other clever and innovative considerations (that you actually helped develop through your restorations). Fun to think about what future Mavericks will look like, isn't it? Great beer drinking topic. I guess I have just been so inspired by your work and the work of others on the forums that it would be cool to see all of it rolled up into a single boat. [/color]
  8. Search all of Craigslist...

    I will take a stab, and then you help me get perspective on it. I think that it would make sense from all ends. From the end user perspective, owners would be able to better maintain our boats, and that would be safer, and allow our boats to last longer. From the mfg. end, they would have less liability due to building a 'safer' hull, and would also be known for producing a more owner friendly boat. More boats remaining in circulation could result in better optics to the public as these boats would be perceived to hold their value longer and be less expensive to maintain over the long term, hence driving up the new and aftermarket prices.
  9. Search all of Craigslist...

    Seems logical to build a console in that way, and set up the fuel tank so that it would be accessible, right?
  10. Search all of Craigslist...

    Wife, but I would never leave either, so something else would have to give... Please post photos of your connector setup. There has to be engineering out there that would allow 1) a solid connection system, 2) that also allowed disconnection so that the console could be removed, that 3) allowed access below the console and access to the fuel cell, while 4) also being watertight so that water could not access via the console.
  11. Quality Speaker Suggestions

    Good discussion about amps over on Hull Truth, discussing Wetsounds vs JL Link to Crutchfield for the 400 amp
  12. Search all of Craigslist...

    Same outcome over here, but it would be cool, nonetheless. I would miss her. I think there is a country song about this. One change I would make to the MA design (while we are dreaming) is an accessible fuel tank. It would be awesome to have some way to remove the console easily and the fuel cell could be under there, so you would not have to cut out the floor to replace at some point in the future. The hull would come with the best fuel tank set up possible (aluminum and epoxy coated, etc.), but you could get to it if you needed to.
  13. Search all of Craigslist...

    Wouldn't it be cool if Maverick released a new MA? Like a special anniversary edition, and it was like 100 hulls, and you could buy just the hull/console, and then rig it out yourself? And they were a special color. Lordy, that would be cool.
  14. Search all of Craigslist...

    All the Master Anglers on Craigslist right now...
  15. 16' Hewes Bonefisher For Sale / Charleston, SC

    Click on Switch to Full Reply, then look for the Manage Links link below the text window where you are typing your message. Click on Manage Files, and then browse to where you have your photos on your computer. Attach them and you should be in good shape.