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  1. Truck Seat covers

    I had Wet Okole seat covers on my F150 for years. They were durable and waterproof but always had the smell of neoprene. No matter where I was, I always felt like I'd just finished a surf session in Southern California.
  2. Replacement decals

    My local dealer has been able to get new decals for my Pathfinder and my Maverick.
  3. Lowery Park Ramp

    It's been my experience that the vermin who only come out at night are usually in a substance-induced coma by 4AM. You are probably safe to launch at dawn almost anywhere. The late evening returns are when you need to be heads-up, as that's when they are getting loaded or searching for funds in order to.
  4. Carb rebuild question

    I'd try a bottle of Techron in your tank to see if it helps. If not, you're only out $10 or $12.
  5. Pop Up gas cap

    2004 at least.
  6. Pop Up gas cap

    Have any of you found a regular flush-fit fuel cap which will screw into the factory installed filler neck? As clever as these pop-ups are, they have a limited life in salt water. I'd rather just have a straight screw in cap on both of my MBG boats.
  7. HPX 15 Owners

    BTW- My wife thought of the idea. I just complained about it for the past couple of years.
  8. HPX 15 Owners

    whichwaysup, I used a 1/8 bit. I figure that will be big enough to drain the water and let any sand or debris flow into the bilge without plugging up the hole.
  9. HPX 15 Owners

    Sorry HoneyB, I am using plain old nylon straps to hold down my cooler. I didn't know there was a dedicated system for the in-deck plugs.
  10. HPX 15 Owners

    Yes I do, but the small hole I drilled in the bottom of the tie-down to drain the water does not prevent me from using the tie-downs.
  11. HPX 15 Owners

    Since the response to this stimulating subject was somewhat disappointing, I decided to take some measurements and risk drilling a couple of holes. According to my calculations, there is approximately 2 inches between the bottom of the tie-down inserts and the hull. I drilled holes in the bottom of each insert, being careful not to go any deeper than necessary. The water now drains into the bilge without any issues.
  12. HPX 15 Owners

    I have a problem with water/dirt accumulating in the ice chest tie-down inserts which are installed in the deck of my boat. Have any of you guys tried drilling a hole in the bottom of these inserts in order to allow the water/dirt to flow into the bilge? Any idea how much clearance there is between the bottom of the insert and the hull itself?
  13. Battery

    Yea, those lithium ions will certainly lighten your wallet.
  14. HELP! What is happening with my new motor?

    Bayfisher34. Two things occur to me: If you are near the Suzuki dealer, call and ask them if they can plug their diagnostic computer into your motor to determine if an over-rev(s) has been recorded. Also, most tachometers are made to work with different types of engines. There are normally small switches on the back of the tachometer which are used to "tune" the tachometer to the specific type of engine being monitored. If the switches are not properly set, the tachometer may not be giving an accurate RPM reading.
  15. HELP! What is happening with my new motor?

    Flatsman, I think you've got it backwards. If you decrease the pitch, it frees up the engine (reduces the amount of effort required to turn the prop).