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  1. I was cruising through Caesars Creek on Friday and noticed the posting of a No Wake zone near the Adams Key Ranger Station. I believe the sign said "between markers 20 through 24" but I was going too fast to read it. At any rate, I've been using this route for 20 years and was not expecting the change. The Park Service can make a fortune handing out tickets on this well-traveled channel. Heads up!
  2. Allow me to explain how all of this works. When you return from a day of fishing, the local Marine Patrol designee requests that you answer a few questions regarding your catch on that particular day. If you tell him that you caught nothing, they"ll recommend the immediate closure of the fishery as the stock of fish is dangerously depleted. If you tell him that you limited out, they will recommend immediate closure of the fishery as the stock of fish is being dangerously depleted. At the end of the day, most of these jokers are tree-huggers who object to fishing and hunting on moral grounds. The only way to put an end to this is to refuse to participate in their *** surveys.
  3. Where do I get started ?

    For starters, check the Orvis website. They have some very useful video presentations available. Some of the videos are geared toward freshwater flyfishing but the fundamentals which they discuss are the same as for saltwater.
  4. 3 Batteries in HPX 17 Console?

    Headhunter, Thanks for the photos. That is a nice set up.
  5. Lenco actuator

    Dredd, Maybe you can get a prisoner on work-release to take care of it for you.
  6. 3 Batteries in HPX 17 Console?

    Headhunter, If you find time the next time you are out, a photo or two would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Lenco actuator

    I've heard you can use a piece of braided fishing line to "saw" through the adhesive. Wear some leather gloves and be prepared to break a few pieces of line in the process.
  8. If you stay in the Islamorada area, it's only about a 30 minute boat trip (seas permitting) up to Flamingo, should you wish to try it there. I see a lot of guides heading up there from the Keys when I'm fishing the general area south of Flamingo.
  9. Hull/Gunnel Detailing

    Without seeing it in person, it's difficult to tell how aggressive you will have to be to get rid of that "dead" gelcoat that is on the surface of your boat. I know from experience that it is a lot of hard work in the best case. If you have your heart set on doing it yourself, you will need to get ahold of a variable speed buffer/polisher of some sort. After thoroughly washing the boat, you can start by trying some light polishing compounds such as 3M Marine Compound And Finishing Material or Meguiar's Ultimate Compound, as directed, to see if they will cut away the dead gelcoat and bring out a decent glossy surface. If that works for you, you can use a quality marine wax such as Colinite or 3M Marine Liquid Wax to finish up. If the gloss does not return using the first step, you will need to try some more aggressive compounds such as West Marine Ultra Cut Rubbing Compound or something similar. If you are still unable to bring out a decent gloss from the gelcoat, you may have to resort to using progressive grades of wet-sandpaper. This is an absolute ball-busting endeavor which in not for the faint-of-heart. The paper itself is expensive ($2+ per sheet) and the work is done by hand. The wet-sandpaper comes in different grades, according to the size of the grit. 400 grit is about as stout a grit as you want to use initially. Anything more aggressive than this will do so much damage to the gelcoat that you will have difficulty removing the scratches. I normally start with 400, if necessary and follow that with 600 grit, 800 grit,1000 grit, and 1200 grit. Once you have worked your way up to 1200 grit you can use the 3M Marine Compound And Finishing Material or Meguiar's Ultimate Compound to prep the boat for the wax. At this point, the Karate Kid will have nothing on you. There are other quality products similar to the ones I have mentioned here. The ones I mentioned just happen to be the ones I have used over the years with good results. Good luck!
  10. 2500 Trailer Noise

    I've narrowed down most of the noise from my trailer to be the "uprights" and their PVC covers rattling around in the wind and bumps. I just turn up the radio.
  11. Have any of you guys figured out a way to fit 3, group 34, Optima batteries into the console of an HPX 17? It seems as if it will require some sort of shelf or rack as the footprint of the floor itself is not big enough to accommodate the third battery. Thanks for any advice or ideas.
  12. HPX 15 Trim Tab Wedge?

    I added a wedge (actually a 3/8 inch thick spacer) to the the left tab. The boat now runs nice and level without having to fool with the tabs. I'm guessing the original spacer was lost in...
  13. HPX 15 Trim Tab Wedge?

    Thanks captpn. I got that. I'm wondering if Maverick put those wedges in there to add a little "length" to the hull. I'd be more inclined to put a wedge in the left tab on the assumption that there was one there when the boat left the factory. Hopefully someone with a similar hull will have the answer.
  14. HPX 15 Trim Tab Wedge?

    I recently removed my trim tab planers to do some hull maintenance. On the right side tab, there was a small wedge-shaped piece of plastic which was placed between the lower actuator bracket and the planer itself. This wedge was about 1/4 inch thick and effectively kept the right side tab deeper in the water. The left side planer had no wedge installed.The previous owner had replaced the left side actuator and I'm wondering if this wedge was lost in the installation. Do any of you guys know what the original tab set-up was for this model skiff? The boat normally requires some right bow-down on the tabs in order to run level. I'm wondering if this missing wedge is part of that issue.
  15. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    I've had two brand new Optima Blue tops die within one month of installing them in a 24 Volt trolling motor setup. They were always charged with the on-board charger at the end of each use. I think Optima has some issues with their Mexico production facility. My previous U.S. made Optimas lasted 8 years.