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  1. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Has anyone explored the longevity issues of tuning a 250 HP engine to produce 325 HP? It might be an unfair comparison, but back in the late 60's and early 70's my friends who tricked out their cars to achieve this type of performance gain invariably ended up blowing up their engines.
  2. Power Tech Prop for Sale

    Can you tell me what RPM you were getting out of this prop and the type of boat it was on (weight and length)? Also, was the 300 a 4 or 2 stroke? Thanks.
  3. Check the existing wire runs. You might find a piece of cord tied off at the entrances. It would have been placed there in order to pull new wires through the run. If you use them, don't forget to attach a new piece of cord while you're pulling the new wiring through. Good luck!
  4. fuel filter on yamaha 250

    I don't know if you have a strap wrench, but that might work as well.
  5. fuel filter on yamaha 250

    My 300 HPDI has a similar set-up. The last time I changed that filter, I needed a pair of channel-locks to (gently) loosen the bowl. I sprayed some silicon lube on the threads before I reassembled it.
  6. OK, just to beat a dead horse. I packed up my failed pump and took it to the post office to mail it back to Shurflo for a warranty return. The shipping cost was $10.20 which I'm sure is much more than I would have paid to buy the West Marine in-house warranty in the first place. Lesson learned.
  7. Electrical help please, I’m a novice!

    Those are in-line circuit breakers. You can buy them at most marine-supply stores. You will need to determine how many amps they are rated for. That amp rating should be printed or stamped somewhere on the unit. There is a chance that the top circuit breaker (pictured) has a higher amp rating than the bottom one. While you're in the area, you might want to unscrew the battery selector switch from the bulkhead and check the condition of the connections on the back of the switch as well.
  8. Accuracy of TTL on Yamaha 115 fs

    Ditto Captain Troy on the Yamaha speedometer. If that is not your problem, try this: There are 6 switches on the back of a Yamaha Fuel Flow Gauge.They are beneath a plastic cap which sits at the 2 o'clock position as you look at the back of the gauge. You can fine-tune the gauge by diddling these switches. In your case, you want to place the first 3 switches in the "down" position. This will correct for a %3 difference between the tank and the gauge, which is the upper limit of the available adjustment. You can find the details of this by Googling "Yamaha Outboard Rigging Guide" and once you've located it, use the index to find "Fuel Management Guage".
  9. I moved to the Miami area 20 years ago. The fishing, diving, and boating are fantastic. Cultural differences abound so get ready for it. Most disagreements stem from the difficulty citizens have communicating with one another. Many different languages are spoken. Obviously, your top priority is finding a safe neighborhood with good schools. Private schools are very expensive down here (($15,000 and up per year, per student). Since you have 3 kids you definitely should find a neighborhood where your children can attend a good public school. Good public schools exist throughout the area, but real estate prices in those districts will reflect that fact. I CANNOT OVEREMPHASIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF LIVING AS CLOSE TO YOUR WORKPLACE AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. THE TRAFFIC IN THE GREATER MIAMI/FORT LAUDERDALE IS UNBELIEVABLY BAD AND THE DRIVERS ARE THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET. A poor choice of neighborhoods can easily result in a DAILY 3 hour round trip commute to work. If you or a family member own a smart phone, I suggest you open the "Maps" feature with traffic display "On" and shift the map down to Miami at 8AM on a work day. This should give you a pretty good idea of the traffic jams which are a part of the daily commute down here. The same thing goes on in reverse starting at 3PM. I live 18 miles south of downtown Miami. I can drive there at midnight in 30 minutes. If I drive there between 6AM and 10:30 AM on a work day, it will take me 1 hour and 40 minutes (assuming there are no accidents blocking the route). You should also consider traffic flow directions relative to your workplace. Often times you can find a neighborhood located in a direction opposite of the regular commuter flows relative to your workplace (ie. everyone is headed south in the morning so you locate yourself so that your workplace is north of where you live.) Local public marinas are well kept and generally convenient. They are extremely crowded on weekends. If you launch at daybreak, you can usually beat the crowd. If you must use the public ramps on the weekends, bring along a lot of patience. I try to use the public ramps on weekdays if I can. There are a lot of fast boats running around down here, so add a frequent look astern to your normal scan while you're out.
  10. In "the old days" reputable retailers stood by every product they sold. I choose to buy from local businesses because I expect to pay more for their product and I expect them to provide service for the extra price that I pay. If this is the best West Marine can do, I might as well buy it on e-bay (for much less) where I have no expectation of ever seeing or hearing from the merchant again. If I buy a Yamaha engine from the local dealer and it fails during the warranty period, I don't expect him to tell me that I have to send it to Kennesaw, Georgia to get it fixed because I didn't buy "the dealers" warranty.
  11. Heads up for any of you that shop at West Marine. I bought a Shurflo Piranha 800 livewell pump about a year ago at West Marine. The label states that the pump has a 2 year warranty. The pump motor failed last week and this morning I went to back to West Marine for a warranty exchange. The clerk informed me that, since I had not purchased the West Marine Warranty on the pump, they would not exchange it for a new one. She informed me that I must return the pump to the manufacturer if I wanted it replaced on warranty. I assume this policy is intended to encourage customers to buy an extended warranty on every item they purchase at West Marine. As for me, I'll just find someone else to do business with.
  12. looking for a new tackle box

    Whatever you choose. Pay attention to the quality and construction of the zippers. I've had 2 expensive tackle bags quickly become worthless due to zippers corroding and locking up.
  13. Yamaha outboard help

    I think the VST filter is overlooked because it's a pain to change. Since this incident I have switched my Racor filter from a 10 micron to a 2 micron in hopes of stopping the contaminants at the Racor rather than the VST filter.
  14. Yamaha outboard help

    This only made it as attachment last time so here goes..... Yamaha F40 Fuel Issue Thanks to all of the posters on this forum. Your advice has been very helpful to me in the past. I’ve just completed a series of trouble-shooting procedures to try and isolate a problem I’ve been having with my 2009 Yamaha F40 and I’d like to pass along my experience: After running the engine for a while at high power and then shutting it down, the engine would begin to stall/bog down the next time I tried to run it at speed. Also, while running at idle for about ten minutes, the engine would stall. In either case, pumping the primer bulb would bring the engine back to “normal” operation. Gradually this behavior began to worsen and occur more frequently so I took the boat to the local Yamaha dealer and had him check for any codes that the engine might have thrown. They said everything looked OK and said they would have to run it on the water in order to further diagnose the problem. Since an on the water test here involves 3 hours of labor (at a minimum), I decided to try and figure out what was going on by myself. I mistakenly believed that there was most likely some sort of air leak in the fuel system or perhaps a vapor lock. I replaced the fuel feed hose and it’s associated fittings from the Racor to the engine. While troubleshooting the problem further, I found that the engine mounted fuel filter housing was cracked allowing air to be drawn into the fuel system. The housing is not sold separately by Yamaha so I had to replace the entire assembly at a cost of nearly $200. Although this improved the performance of the engine, it did not solve the original problem, so I moved on to replacing the low pressure fuel pump which didn’t help either. From there, it was on to the fuel cooler. I found the water passages in the fuel cooler completely blocked with sediment so I cleaned them out and restored normal flow to the cooler. This did not improve the problem either. Finally, I checked the VST filter which I found to be discolored by a substance which had turned the filter black. Upon replacing the VST filter the engine ran normally. I assumed that the black substance blocking the VST filter had originated in the boat’s tank to engine fuel hose. Although I have only run Rec 90 fuel in this 14 year old boat, the previous owner most likely did not. As a precaution, I replaced the tank to engine fuel line. When I inspected the interior of the original fuel line, it appeared to be in decent shape with no cracking or delamination, but it did have a dull, somewhat weathered appearance which I attribute to some sort of erosion of the hose. I’ve put 105 hours on the engine since the VST filter replacement and it now seems to be running perfectly. .
  15. Cooler seating

    FWIW, You can put Sea Dek on top of your Yeti cooler to use as a casting platform AND install the standard snap-on Yeti cushion on top of that. This helps ensure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense, etc, etc.