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  1. hawg

    2002 HPX-V For Sale

    Are you in South Florida?
  2. hawg

    How old is too old

    Every day you spend at the gym will be rewarded with at least one extra day of fishing.
  3. hawg

    AmeriTrail axle replacement

    Unless Ameritrail tells you that they use someone else's axles, you should use the Ameritrail axles for the replacement. I've replaced axles with the boat on and off the trailer. Off the trailer is much easier. I normally arrange with a nearby marina to keep the boat in one of their transit slips for a few hours while I take the trailer home to change the axles. If I do the work on weekdays, they usually don't charge me to use the slip. If you do not have air tools, a floor jack and jack stands, I'd recommend paying someone to do the work.
  4. hawg


    I believe that Remington makes a device which would solve your problem.
  5. hawg

    How to Clean Scum from Hull

    I've used Rust-Aid and similar, oxalic acid based, hull cleaners on my boats for 25 years. All things being equal, stains will appear first anywhere that rapid waterflow contacts the hull, as the water tends to remove the wax protecting the gel-coat. More importantly, using these hull cleaners will chemically "pit" the gelcoat. In order to prevent a rapid reoccurrence of the stains. you should be sure to thoroughly rinse the acid off of the hull as soon as the stains go away and then wax the areas that you just cleaned with the acid. I've given up trying to remove stains from the aft bottom of the hull, where access is next to impossible and no one can see the stains.
  6. hawg

    Traveling with push pole

    I basically just stay at "motor hotels" (motels) where you enter and leave your room without using a hallway or lobby. Use the outside stairs or pole-vault to the second story.
  7. hawg

    Traveling with push pole

    I sleep with mine in the room. They're too *** expensive to leave out in plain sight.
  8. FWIW. As of yesterday (11/30/19) The park ranger at the Flamingo gate is still telling folks that "they" will be checking for your permit when you arrive at the launch ramp. I've been told this for 3 months now and have yet to see anyone checking anything at the ramp.
  9. hawg

    17 HPXV Performance Question

    Are any of you guys running a 90HP Etec on your 17 HPXV? If so, can you tell me what type of performance and MPG you are getting? Thanks.
  10. hawg

    2007 2000V gel crack

    Before you use Marinetex (or any other epoxy filler) to patch your boat, be advised that gel coat will not adhere properly to the epoxy-based filler. If you want the damaged area to match the surrounding gel-coat, you should use a polyester based filler instead. This will allow you to successfully "blend" the damaged area with a matching gel-coat.
  11. hawg

    17 hpx remodel

    I've owned a couple of these and I've found that you have to be very careful when tightening down the turnbuckle on the casting platform to prevent damaging the deck beneath the legs. There is a very fine line between "tight enough" and dinging the deck.
  12. hawg

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    Ryan, I moved to Miami 20 years ago from Pensacola. The water down here is unsurpassed by anything in the U.S.A. The fishing opportunities are nearly endless and you have one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world at your fingertips for diving and snorkeling. The weather is outstanding for boating year round, without the need for cold-water survival gear. And that concludes all the good things I have to say about Miami-Dade. Housing costs are among the highest in the country. A 4 bedroom home in a decent neighborhood will cost you $500,000+. The tri-county area is overcrowded and the situation grows worse by the day. The public transportation infrastructure is very nearly non-existent. The ONE-WAY commute time to work on the local roads is 40+ minutes for the average worker. The quality of the public schools ranges from tolerable to piss-poor, depending on which schools your children attend. The cost of housing is tied directly to the schools associated with a particular neighborhood. With private schools costing $16,000-$22000 per year per student, the premium you will have to pay for a house in a good school district will be closely aligned with the cost of sending your children to a private school. With your 3 children to put through school, private schools will get very expensive unless you happen to be Catholic and have access to their school system.The dominant language spoken by the locals is Spanish, followed by Creole, followed by English. This makes communication somewhat difficult but everyone seems to get by as best they can. Looking toward the future, unless your children speak fluent Spanish, they will be unable to find a job here in Miami. After graduating from college, my daughter and most of her friends, moved away from the area to find work. My daughter's lack of fluency in Spanish and Creole made her unemployable locally in her graduate field (Social Work). High local housing costs make it very difficult for a young single person to afford a safe place to live given the meager starting salaries which prevail in the area. There is an overabundance of cheap (off-the-books) labor, which keeps base pay rates at a 3rd world level. Subsequently, many of the young adults who chose to stay here are living in their parent's homes.
  13. hawg

    2007 2000V MAIN LIVE WELL

    Before you dig into your bilge, try a new fuse in your fuse block and check the security of the connections there.
  14. hawg

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    Have you thoroughly checked the integrity of the hoses that are attached to these thru-hull fittings? Once the boat is in the water, even a hairline split in a hose or a loose clamp will allow a tremendous amount of water to leak into your bilge area.
  15. hawg

    Stains on caulking

    If you decide to replace the caulk, they make a "mildew resistant" 100% silicone caulk, which might lessen or prevent the problem going forward. I believe they have it at Home Depot.
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