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  1. Yamaha outboard help

    I think the VST filter is overlooked because it's a pain to change. Since this incident I have switched my Racor filter from a 10 micron to a 2 micron in hopes of stopping the contaminants at the Racor rather than the VST filter.
  2. Yamaha outboard help

    This only made it as attachment last time so here goes..... Yamaha F40 Fuel Issue Thanks to all of the posters on this forum. Your advice has been very helpful to me in the past. I’ve just completed a series of trouble-shooting procedures to try and isolate a problem I’ve been having with my 2009 Yamaha F40 and I’d like to pass along my experience: After running the engine for a while at high power and then shutting it down, the engine would begin to stall/bog down the next time I tried to run it at speed. Also, while running at idle for about ten minutes, the engine would stall. In either case, pumping the primer bulb would bring the engine back to “normal” operation. Gradually this behavior began to worsen and occur more frequently so I took the boat to the local Yamaha dealer and had him check for any codes that the engine might have thrown. They said everything looked OK and said they would have to run it on the water in order to further diagnose the problem. Since an on the water test here involves 3 hours of labor (at a minimum), I decided to try and figure out what was going on by myself. I mistakenly believed that there was most likely some sort of air leak in the fuel system or perhaps a vapor lock. I replaced the fuel feed hose and it’s associated fittings from the Racor to the engine. While troubleshooting the problem further, I found that the engine mounted fuel filter housing was cracked allowing air to be drawn into the fuel system. The housing is not sold separately by Yamaha so I had to replace the entire assembly at a cost of nearly $200. Although this improved the performance of the engine, it did not solve the original problem, so I moved on to replacing the low pressure fuel pump which didn’t help either. From there, it was on to the fuel cooler. I found the water passages in the fuel cooler completely blocked with sediment so I cleaned them out and restored normal flow to the cooler. This did not improve the problem either. Finally, I checked the VST filter which I found to be discolored by a substance which had turned the filter black. Upon replacing the VST filter the engine ran normally. I assumed that the black substance blocking the VST filter had originated in the boat’s tank to engine fuel hose. Although I have only run Rec 90 fuel in this 14 year old boat, the previous owner most likely did not. As a precaution, I replaced the tank to engine fuel line. When I inspected the interior of the original fuel line, it appeared to be in decent shape with no cracking or delamination, but it did have a dull, somewhat weathered appearance which I attribute to some sort of erosion of the hose. I’ve put 105 hours on the engine since the VST filter replacement and it now seems to be running perfectly. .
  3. Cooler seating

    FWIW, You can put Sea Dek on top of your Yeti cooler to use as a casting platform AND install the standard snap-on Yeti cushion on top of that. This helps ensure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense, etc, etc.
  4. Yamaha outboard help

    I don't know if this will help, but here it is: Yamaha F40 Fuel Issue.docx
  5. Sedek Question

    I've had good luck matching the side angle of the Sea Dek using a band saw with the table tilted to match the factory angle. Use a piece of scrap Sea-Dek to perfect the angle, the friction of the blade on the Sea Dek will change the angle slightly and you must adjust for this.
  6. Why are we making life easier for the sugar growers? Their product is nearly as bad for our health as cigarettes.
  7. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    All politics aside, this is what I call MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
  8. Any suggestions?

    Did you already break off an extractor while trying to remove the bolt? I can't quite tell from the picture.
  9. Master Angler Under Gunnel Carpet

    I don't know your particular boat, but you might try and rehab those rod-holder slots as well. I think you can get a can of spray foam and fill in the foam that has been eroded away. Since the foam will expand out of shape, you will need to carve/sand it back to the original profile of the rod holders once it has hardened . You can then buy a little bit of automobile carpeting and cut it into strips and glue it into place on the surface of the rod holders with contact cement.
  10. Lake O Red tide!

    Did you ever wonder why the water level in Lake O needs to be kept as high as it is? It is used as an irrigation reservoir for the farms surrounding the lake. Since the authorities have to guess how much rainfall will occur (something they are incapable of doing), they tend to err on the side of having too much water in the lake rather than too little. When unexpected amounts of rain occur in the areas which drain into the lake, the authorities are faced with dumping highly polluted water out to both coasts (and lately straight south to Florida Bay) or risking a collapse of the dike resulting in the potential deaths of thousands of folks living south of the lake.
  11. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    It depends on how close your head is to the canvas. My black Sunbrella is very hot (110 degrees?) within 8 inches or so of the bottom of the fabric on a sunny day down here in Miami. If you're underway, it isn't an issue. If you are sitting still, you definitely notice the heat. I will eventually change the fabric to something lighter or paint the top of the canvas white.
  12. Woodys Wax / Salt Away Flush Opinions?

    Just to stir the pot a little...How many of you Yamaha guys use the built-in hose attachment to flush your engines? My owner's manual says to not run the engine while using this method. If I don't run the engine, the temps never get hot enough to open the thermostats, so I am essentially only flushing the lower part of the cooling system. Also, since the thermostats remain closed, they do not really get a decent flush either. At 450 hours, the thermostat on my F40 was pretty cruddy although the engine had been flushed after each use. I think the built-in flush on the Yamahas do not provide a sufficient flush of the cooling system. On the subject of Salt Away; I used it religiously on my inboard 5.7 Crusader and was happy with the results. One thing I did notice and was curious about was the fact that the Salt Away left a thin film on the surfaces of the cooling passages. It also left this thin film on the internal zincs, which makes me wonder if it was not defeating their purpose.
  13. Ulterra Wobble

    Seems that I read on some Minn-Kota pubs to remove the prop and rotate it 180 degrees on the shaft.
  14. Nonskid

    Yes it is. Bob at Inshore Marine Specialties did some nonskid repair on my 2004 HPX. His work was flawless!
  15. Gas Deck Fill Stuck

    I've had problems with these pop-ups on both of my MBG boats. After buying one Southco replacement filler neck and using the new cap, I decided to get off the merry-go-round. I took the old broken cap and epoxied the pop-up section closed. That cap is now just like a standard, non-pop-up, run-of the mill fuel cap. With all the gear I carry on my boats, the addition of a cap key is the least of my worries.