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  1. You guys should shop for a used Pathfinder 23 DV. I have one and noticed that the standard center console is unusually tall, has non-skid on the top and enough space to stand comfortably up there. I think all you'd need is a tower built to accommodate steering and throttle and you'd be good to go.
  2. Launching 18HPX-V

    Polliwog, my 15 hpxv did the same thing. I was able to lower the bow roller by cutting off about 2 inches from the end of the brackets it was attached to and redrilling the holes lower down on the remaining bracket. I've only used the boat once since I did it, but I was able to winch the boat up to the roller like a normal boat.
  3. If you're using a Garmin GPS to find your way back into Hell's Bay, you might have some difficulty. Garmin's charts are extremely inaccurate in that area. In the past, I have used Google Earth to plot waypoints into Hell's Bay and manually transferred those coordinates into my Garmin GPS. It works very well if you create a waypoint at each turn along your intended route. Don't be concerned that your Garmin chart shows your waypoints to be up in the forrest, it's the inaccuracy of their charts which causes this.
  4. Ignition Switch Replacement

    You might consider leaving the wires attached to the existing switch until you get the new one. At that point, unplug the wires from the old switch and plug them into the new switch one at a time. I find it helps "demystify" what all those wire are.

    Check Garmin's website. The manuals for their old and new GPS units normally list the dimensions of the units.
  6. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    Have you checked trailer bunks and springs to see if they are sitting equally? Is the ground beneath the trailer relatively smooth?
  7. FWIW, In the past, I have had friends leave their car at the ENP Flamingo visitors center parking lot for the entire day without any issues.
  8. Minn-Kota Repair Kudos

    My 10 year old Minn-Kota trolling motor went ape yesterday and began spinning in uncontrollable circles. I found out that Minn Kota no longer makes the control board for my unit. I want to let everyone know of the great help I received from both Inshore Marine Specialties and Northland Marine. The folks there took time to help me troubleshoot my unit and find an alternative for the unavailable part.
  9. I'm running a 2010 Yamaha F40 on my 15' HPXV. The prop is a PowerTech 10.25 diameter/11 Pitch (REB3R11P-YS50). It will turn 6000 RPM with a light load, around 5500 RPM fully loaded. The hole-shot is adequate but nothing to write home about. Top end is 30 MPH. Cruise is 25MPH. Boat gets 8 miles per gallon at cruise.
  10. I have a Minn Kota Riptide 70 Copilot (which I originally had on a previous boat) on the bow of my 15 HPX. I love the overall performance but I dislike having a 24 volt (2 battery) set-up due to weight and storage concerns. I originally rigged this motor on the boat as a 12 volt system but found that it was inadequate for motoring into a strong current in a headwind. The motor is on a handy MinnKota removable mount, so I can take it off when I don't need it. Theoretically, I believe you could angle it so that it would not interfere with your forward hatch, but mine was mounted using holes from a previous set-up so my forward hatch only opens about 3/4 of the way. As it is, there is still plenty of fishing room on the forward deck and I still have access into the forward compartment. I considered mounting it on the stern but hatch clearances become an issue. Also, my push pole is on the left side and would interfere with the trolling motor. On right side of the stern, the control cable outlet takes up the space you would need in order to mount it over there. I've been told that it is slightly more difficult to control the boat with a stern mount versus a bow mount, but I suppose that depends a lot upon whether you intend to do a lot of maneuvering in strong currents. If you don't frequently fish in strong currents and winds, I'd go with the 55 /12 volt with the Copilot.
  11. Bad News

    Between hurricanes, record rains, and unprecedented dumping of Lake Okeechobee into the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, half the docks in Florida have been under water in the past three weeks. But I wouldn't blame them if they did commit suicide!
  12. Bad News

    Are you sure these weren't from a fish kill? Looks like the kind of thing I saw up in Pensacola in the early '70's when the water quality went to hell.
  13. Robbers

    Saw some video of these scum looting a sporting goods store here in Miami just after the storm blew in. They were carrying away boxes of life-sustaining essentials such as Air Jordan basketball shoes. If I was police chief, I'd issue shoot to kill orders on all looters and let them sort it out later.
  14. MinnKota Riptide shuts itself off

    Just yesterday, my MinnKota quit after about 5 minutes at full speed into a strong tidal flow. I checked the 50 amp breaker in the console and it had not tripped but it was extremely hot. I went into the bow hatch and found the plastic base of the negative terminal post had begun to melt. I let everything cool down for 10 minutes or so and then continued on the rest of the day using lower speeds on the motor with no problem. I'm wondering if the trolling motor itself has some sort of thermal cutout. At any rate, I intend to do a little research to prevent this from happening again.
  15. Thru Hull Fittings

    Bamaskeet, I was hoping no one would say that...