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  1. Trolling Motor Batteries

    Thanks for all of your replies. Batteries are 3 years old, test perfect on a load tester. Cables are new #6 Marine Grade wiring to the trolling motor. I was able to place a clamp-on amp meter on the + cable yesterday, and running the TM at full speed, into the 10mph wind I was showing 40 amps, just what the book says I should draw at wide open. I'm beginning to think Wanaflatsfish is correct with the 75 Ah. I'll take it out this week, and do a more precise test of the time it takes to run the batteries down.
  2. Trolling Motor Batteries

    Thought the same thing. No resistance on the cables, they look perfect.
  3. Trolling Motor Batteries

    I have a 2014 Redfisher with a 24v Minn Kota 80lb Riptide trolling motor. Powering the trolling motor are 2 D31M Optima 900amp deep cycle marine batteries in series. My trolling motor seems to use battery power at a high rate, usually in about 2 hours in light current I get low voltage alarm on my GPS. Both batteries check out perfect on a load tester. How long are you guys getting out of your batteries? Anyone ever measure your amp draw while running your trolling motor? I'm starting to think my trolling motor is using too much current. Below is the exact way I have mine wired. Thanks in advance.
  4. Most Hewes have a reinforcement plate in the bow built in. Not sure about your specific year, but you could check with Hewes. I have an 18' Redfisher and it has one. I mounted my plug below deck. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiVlsiEkorbAhXBxFkKHaFLANwQFggnMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fhewes.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2Fdownloads%2FHewes-Redfisher-16.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3FkIWofnNkiBFqtiigivhu
  5. Trolling motor length

    Worse case scenario, you can always change the shaft on yours to a shorter shaft for a few dollars.
  6. Trolling motor length

    I think I run a 60”on my 18 Redfisher. Too long of a trolling motor shaft isn’t really a problem, a too short shaft on your trolling motor isn’t good. Here’s a good write up on lengths https://www.trollingmotors.net/blogs/selection/86935495-shaft-length-guide
  7. Lappy console door

    What is your door measurements? I can check your measurements with my '14 Redfisher to see how close they are to yours. A new Hewes console door may fit. Also, several Plexiglass shops here in the Keys make these.
  8. Newest member of the family!

    You should contact MBC to see if they will send you a wiring diagram for the year and make of your boat. The newer Hewes have a basic wiring diagram in their owner's manual, and this will help in your future wiring. Good luck with your new Hewes. http://hewes.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/Hewes-Redfisher-18.pdf
  9. Upgrading Trolling motor

    Mine seems to hold me within 6' of where I originally set it.
  10. Upgrading Trolling motor

    24v Minn Kota Riptide ipilot. Has worked flawlessly for 3 years.
  11. Upgrading Trolling motor

    I have the 60" shaft on my 18 Redfisher, I don't believe a 54" would suit your needs.
  12. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Moisture (condensation, water in gas, etc) collecting in the bottom of the tank will cause corrosion. Once the corrosion eats thru the tank, small, pin-hole leaks will develop. Expect 20-25 years out of an aluminum tank.
  13. New 18 Redfisher battery question

    This trolling motor wiring diagram is in your Hewes Owner Manual. Works great. Same as above post.
  14. 2013 18 redfisher

    I have the Guest 3-bank 25amp charger mounted under my console. Works great for my 3 batteries.
  15. 2013 18 redfisher

    I have a cranking battery, and one of the batteries for my 24v trolling motor under my console, and the other battery for the trolling motor in the forward hatch. Balances the boat out nice.