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  1. WTB 16ft Lappy

    BUMP, I have a friend looking for a sea foam or teal colored lappy and is ready to buy today.
  2. Come to the marina now

    What in the world happened? Did the shearwater jump that dock and clip the side of your boat? I remember there wasn’t a whole lot of room between the dock and that shallow spot in front of the cleaning station there..
  3. WTB 16ft Lappy

    Hi- I have a friend that is ready to buy a 16ft Lappy. Was going to sell him my old 18 Redfisher but the timing didn't work out. Located in the St Pete/Tampa Area and he has a budget of roughly $10k. Also - If anyone knows of a sea foam colored 16 Lappy i know he would be all over it. Thanks!
  4. Footrest

    I need to talk to you about fixing my folding tower.. The quotes I am getting are all over the place
  5. To Cover or Not?

    cover it and let the hatches breath after washing it. it looks like your cover goes over the sides which is great.. if you don't cover it you will be mad at yourself a few years down the road when you are wet sanding everything. In fact, for like 10 bucks you can get a cover for that spare and it will keep it from dry rotting.
  6. Smith Sunglasses

    Anyone have any place they like buying Smiths from besides buying direct from their site? I know sometimes you can fine some retailers running good sales. Thanks!
  7. Trolling Motor Lock

    haha Touche.
  8. Trolling Motor Lock

    wow thats a fancy bow dodger you have there..
  9. I am looking for dual power pole brackets with a 14 inch setback. The official name of them from power pole is "M-14-6-S-BLK" If you have an old set laying around let me know! thanks
  10. The final boat accessory!

    Jackplate and tilt/trim
  11. The final boat accessory!

    Hey not going to lie the yeti bucket is one of my favorite things on my boat haha
  12. Tampa Tripletail

    I have been on the tripletail for the last couple weeks and today @FunFlatsFishing and I set out to get a few. If you haven’t caught any this year it’s a great change of pace to chase these things around. Credit to Alex today because without his keen eyesight we wouldn’t have had any in the cooler at the end of the day! Set out at around 10 am and ran out to some coordinates where there was a 17 mile long line of crab bouys only to find that within the last week they must have been moved/removed by the commercial guys. Strike 1. Then the wind was starting to pick up out there. Strike 2. Luckily we didn’t strike out because as we were idling around @FunFlatsFishing Saw a nice triple tail under some floating grass and pitched to him and he landed in the cooler. Switched up our strategy and ended up just running around looking for debris and finding fish. Pretty quickly we put 3 nice tripletail in the boat and almost had a 4th big one too. Stopped by a snook spot in the way in and I was broken off by a big one I couldn’t stop. Finished the day by pulling my stone crab traps and getting some claws. Overall a solid day. Here are the tripletail: one from the other day:
  13. WTB 24 pathfinder

    pm sent
  14. few more

    Now your just showing off! I thought if I stole your traps it might slow you down!
  15. Hit a few today

    Good luck! Is there a lot of floating grass in middle to Upper Tampa Bay right now?