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  1. flatwater

    WTB 10ft+ cast net (1/4 mesh)

    Ended up buying a barracuda. I have a few of their other nets in different mesh sizes
  2. flatwater

    WTB 10ft+ cast net (1/4 mesh)

    Go for it, I’m looking for something in the Tampa Bay Area
  3. flatwater

    WTB 10ft+ cast net (1/4 mesh)

    Still looking for a used cast net before i order a custom one..
  4. Looking to buy a Lowrance HDS9 or 12 Gen 2 touch or similar unit. Only looking for a 9-12 inch screen size. Open to Simrad equivalents as well. 727-304-0224
  5. flatwater

    WTB 10ft+ cast net (1/4 mesh)

    still looking.
  6. flatwater

    WTB 10ft+ cast net (1/4 mesh)

    Looking to buy a used 10 or 12 ft 1/4 mesh cast net. If you happen to have an extra one laying around let me know. Located in St Pete 727-304-0224
  7. flatwater

    Never-ending Verado Issues...

    Check out my previous post. The issue was resolved 2 years ago by First Choice Marine in st Pete
  8. flatwater

    Never-ending Verado Issues...

    Yep I replaced the wiring harness for the DTS and ignition switch. I’m pretty sure it was a bad ground wire. Ended up only being a few hundred bucks. Since then this verado has been absolutely flawless!!
  9. flatwater

    Busy weekend

    I ran from IRB to bunces yesterday evening and didn’t see a single fish. So strange.
  10. flatwater

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 6000

  11. flatwater

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 6000

    Thanks. Still looking!
  12. flatwater

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 6000

    Looking to buy a Saragosa 6000 thats in decent to new shape. Let me know what you have! Thanks! 727-304-0224
  13. flatwater

    Replacing factory yamaha gauges

    have them rebuilt. http://gaugesaver.com/
  14. flatwater

    Ulterra WARNING!

    Here is a link to a manual way to stow the ulterra. https://minnkotamotors.johnsonoutdoors.com/sites/johnsonoutdoors-store/files/product/minbowmountl3/1082332/ProductManual/MIN_productmanual_Ulterra-BT-Manual-Stow.pdf?_ga=2.19446207.649256294.1536531714-2084380472.1531155181
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