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  1. WTB older Lowrance GPS unit

    Bump. Still looking
  2. Finally an HPX18 owner

    Awesome boat and truck. I have the same Gen 1 Raptor in black and Love it!
  3. WTB older Lowrance GPS unit

    Well the lowrance I had in the tower of my Boat tried to get in a fight with a tree limb while I was towing the boat and it lost. Looking for an older one to take it’s place for the time being until I update everything. Looking for a Lowrance LXC-111 Or Lxc-25 or similar since they are plug and play with my existing wiring. Would consider the Elite and HDS series as well. Let me know what you’ve got!
  4. SOLD! 2001 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    I’m not looking to trade but I might be willing to sell my Action Craft 2110 with a 3/4 tower and verado. Loaded up. Not sure of your budget though..
  5. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    had it for a year and a half as well and will never go without one now. Zero issues.
  6. Sanibel boat ramp?

    Yes the ramp on the island is open and much improved!
  7. Scallop Season 2018

    I'll be out there.
  8. Considering 1998 Hewes Bayfisher 19ft 4 in

    If you really want it I would offer him $5k. Then take your current budget for the repairs/restoration and triple it and take your anticipated timeline to complete the project and double it. If you are still interested after doing the math then go for it, but if you feel yourself getting a little nauseous step away. BTW the most important thing you can do right now is make sure the hull is sound..
  9. WTB Pathfinder 22 or 24

    Did you find one? Or just suspending the search for awhile?
  10. 18 ft 1988 Maverick for sale.

    I know someone who might be interested. Price? Location? And any more pics?
  11. Inboard Pathfinder???

    Looks like a perfect replacement for the Dorado to me...
  12. They are getting thicker!

    Killin it Shane. Those are some nice Poons! If we get a break in the weather this week I might try to sneak out one evening and jump a few. I'll text you if i do and see if you can skip out on work..
  13. WTB 16ft Lappy

    Bump. Friend is expanding his options now looking at clean 17 Mavericks and non-Lappy 16 Redfishers as well. 15k budget. He’s ready to buy today.
  14. Lowery Park Ramp

    I also wanted to add that it doesn't matter what ramp you are at.. it can happen anywhere and what happened to me once was the perfect example of that. Last spring I was launching my boat at my family's place in Sanibel at the boat ramp on the island. Wife was in the boat and I dropped it in. Pulled the trailer out of the water and put the truck in park on the ramp. Started to walk down to the boat to check something out and heard something behind me. Sure enough some young guy had jumped out the bushes and was about 2 steps away from entering my truck. This was the middle of the day and there was NO one at the ramp, no other cars, boats or people. I yelled at him and he quickly stopped and tried to act like he was just looking at my truck and then started to yell back asking me if I thought I "owned the ramp." When I started to jog back to the truck towards him he ran away - Im guessing to a car that was waiting for him. Pretty gutsy to do on an island with one way on/off. Called the police but they were not able to locate him.
  15. Lowery Park Ramp

    Honestly they have become way too relaxed with how many people they let crowd the gandy ramp to fish. When you pull up they act like you are interrupting them and often don’t move lines at all. About 6 months ago I had a guy try to dip some bait out of my Live well when I went to pick up my truck. Crazy. He said “I figured you didn’t need it anymore since you were done for the day”