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  1. The final boat accessory!

    Hey not going to lie the yeti bucket is one of my favorite things on my boat haha
  2. Tampa Tripletail

    I have been on the tripletail for the last couple weeks and today @FunFlatsFishing and I set out to get a few. If you haven’t caught any this year it’s a great change of pace to chase these things around. Credit to Alex today because without his keen eyesight we wouldn’t have had any in the cooler at the end of the day! Set out at around 10 am and ran out to some coordinates where there was a 17 mile long line of crab bouys only to find that within the last week they must have been moved/removed by the commercial guys. Strike 1. Then the wind was starting to pick up out there. Strike 2. Luckily we didn’t strike out because as we were idling around @FunFlatsFishing Saw a nice triple tail under some floating grass and pitched to him and he landed in the cooler. Switched up our strategy and ended up just running around looking for debris and finding fish. Pretty quickly we put 3 nice tripletail in the boat and almost had a 4th big one too. Stopped by a snook spot in the way in and I was broken off by a big one I couldn’t stop. Finished the day by pulling my stone crab traps and getting some claws. Overall a solid day. Here are the tripletail: one from the other day:
  3. WTB 24 pathfinder

    pm sent
  4. few more

    Now your just showing off! I thought if I stole your traps it might slow you down!
  5. Hit a few today

    Good luck! Is there a lot of floating grass in middle to Upper Tampa Bay right now?
  6. Hit a few today

    Im going to be out running around for them tomorrow. You going to be out there?
  7. Some inshore grouper action

    I got 4 in a couple hours! Nothing too big but always fun to watch them eat
  8. Some inshore grouper action

    Nice! They sure are fun in shallow water!
  9. Running two finders/transducers??

    Surprised you can run some type of junction box. I have one for my lowrance units and it lets me switch the transducer to display on either my unit in the lower or upper station.
  10. PLB or EPIRB

    I have a PLB. I keep it with me at all times In a ditch bag on the boat and I always take it with me when asked to fish on another boat. It’s great peace of mind. no excuse to not have one
  11. Hi- Looking for a cheap spare/beater prop for my Verado 250. Mainly looking for a prop that I can limp home with and keep around in case I happen to have a spun prop. Thanks!
  12. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Wow that will look great! It will give you the chance to build an awesome place to keep your Pathfinder too!
  13. I have a winshield and grab bar that were off of my 1995 Redfisher. Both are in good shape. $60 for both of them. Prefer local pick up in St Pete. thanks. 727-304-0224
  14. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    I like to live life on the edge..