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  1. ChrisB

    transducer location help on 2500 hybrid

    Total scan on transom will only work at idle speeds. if you want a bottom reading on plane you need a transducer in front of the step. We usually install both. Picture is of foward ducer on a 25 under the Batteries.
  2. ChrisB

    Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    Look at the picture 16bayfisher posted. it has a bustle transom. Think Carbon Kevlar VARIS version of the HPS hull. The question is the cockpit layout??
  3. ChrisB

    2500 trailer tires

    Its either an alignment issue or you are towing with the tongue to high putting all the weight on rear axle and overloading the tires. Happens all the time on lifted trucks without a drop hitch. Trailer needs to be level so axles can share load
  4. ChrisB

    HPS 250 vs 300

    A 20 inch lower wont work on the NCA Midsection the drive shaft is 5 " to short.
  5. ChrisB

    What did you do to your boat today?

    We use weld mount studs to mount starboard then screw the components to the starboard http://www.weldmountsystems.com/
  6. We usually prop them with an ofx 4 18p for best all around performance, 19 ofx 3 blade will be faster.
  7. Moeller, Livorsi marine, and WEMA all make reed switch fuel senders. Measure the depth of the tank with a wooden dowel and order a sender 1/2 to 1 inch shorter. The new Yamaha 6YC gauge has a fuel level calibration in the menu the tank needs to be empty to cal the gauge. There are two options a single point, empty and full, and a Multi point from empty to full in 1/4 tank increments. The older command link gauge let you select the sensor style only, there in no calibration. http://www.wemausa.com/sensors/coverSensors.shtml#.WsPConKG9D8 http://www.livorsi.com/catalog/senders_sfw.htm http://moellermarine.com/product-category/fuel-accessories/fuel-senders-gauges/reed-style/ https://www.docdroid.net/y26DTq9/6yc-info-station-std-compress.pdf
  8. ChrisB

    2600 TRS

    The middle seat on the rear deck can be used to hold ice and drinks but drains to bilge so no fish. also the front seat is a drink cooler. If you are going fishing strap a cooler to front deck dual puropse casting platform/fishcooler low profile yeti tiedown fit under the cushions when not using cooler. If you try to put batteries in console you are losing the head, and that's really the main reason to get the TRS If you don't need the head go with the HPS
  9. ChrisB

    Texas Pathfinders

    Sundays are my only day off so the 15th works for me.
  10. ChrisB

    2500 Transducer Placement

    Once you get the floor panel under the batteries out of the way it obvious where it goes there is an area on the port side for the ducer. A smaller ducer like the B60 will go in without taking boat off trailer you will have to mount it as far inboard as possible in the pocket. Make a pilot hole on center then use hole saw from bottom so you don't hit trailer bunk, with the bigger size like the B175CHW the boat will have to be lifted off trailer.
  11. ChrisB

    Galveston Bay Trout

    Fished Sat afternoon pre front found the cleanest water we could out of the 20KT winds. Fish were in about 6 feet of water over structure. Ended the day 1 shy of a 2 man limit old Coast Guard bud needed some fillets for a fry so we got him stocked up. Had to move boats into the fishing show Sunday morning, once that was done I headed out for a quick solo trip. Fish were still there but not as aggressive since the front had pushed through. Kept a few for Sunday dinner. If you're in Houston this week come by the George R Brown Convention Center and check out the fishing show we will have a few Pathfinders and Cobias there.
  12. ChrisB

    PF 2500 T-top speakers wiring

    There should already be wires run to hard top. The other end should be with the rest of the rigging under the console. Boat should be prewired for 3 sets of speakers.
  13. ChrisB

    Simrad 4g Radar on 2500 with Hardtop

    Don't have a boat with radar at shop, but a 25 with hardtop on an ameritrail is about 10.5 feet
  14. ChrisB

    Yamaha 250 SHO tilt tube corroded

    You have to pull power head to get to the upper motor mounts and replace tiller. I would not run mine if it bent like that. You see the rust on the tiller about an inch behind the steering cylinder bolt. The paint came off there because it has been bending there every time you trimmed the motor. Every time it bends it gets weaker. Accident waiting to happen it needs to be replaced.
  15. ChrisB

    Simrad 4g Radar on 2500 with Hardtop

    Couple pics so you can see the pad. The top is molded with a crown or curve in it and works fine with out a riser. If you look at the picture of the radar overlay on the chart you can see it is picking up the channel markers the shore line is defined very well you can even see boat houses on the docks on the upper shoreline and the power lines on Highway 146.