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  1. Losing power

    2005 and up the Vmax 200 was a 3.3 he must have an early model if he has a single pump 2.6
  2. Losing power

    The 200 Vmax is a big block 3.3 so you have the double pumps. https://www.injectorrx.com/yamaha-hpdi-mystery-filters/ https://www.injectorrx.com/yamaha-hpdi/
  3. Losing power

    No sir Texas
  4. Losing power

    Starting off with everything clean and verifying fuel pressures is the only way to know for sure. Anything else is a gamble, when we get a HPDI in with running issues compression test and fuel pressure check is first thing done.
  5. Losing power

    if you had a clogged injector everything up stream should have been cleaned/filters replaced when the injectors were cleaned. After servicing the complete fuel system boat needs to be rum with a mechanical gauge on the medium pressure pump, and lap top hooked up to verify high pressure fuel is in spec. Ask your tech what the med and high pressure numbers were, if they dont know find a new shop before you lean out the powerhead
  6. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    4 will fit in console no problem, thats where mine are.
  7. Yamaha 2300HPS

    I can see the 72 helping on the 2500 if your not worried about the overhang. Now on the 23 if the 60 is coming out of the water I"m heading to the barn not that mad at them anymore If fishing with the troll motor down I"m usually standing on the anchor hatch which helps a bit.
  8. Yamaha 2300HPS

    60 inch has worked well for me I fish my 23 offshore without any issues. If the 60 is deployed all the way down and the sea state is causing it to blow out you would have a hard time fishing anyway. As far as the 2500 goes if you do not mount the 60 correctly it will limit the rod locker door from opening all the way so the 72 would have to be angled over the side.
  9. New EPA fuel system. Fueling takes forever.

    I was wrong you do not have to remove the deckplate there is access in the battery compartment on port side installing a ducer today and took a few pics.
  10. New EPA fuel system. Fueling takes forever.

    Have your tech look for the canister on the Port side under the battery compartment. There is a removable deckplate under the batteries allows access to bilge to install transducer. Pretty sure I remember seeing the canister and vent hose down there on port side.
  11. Harvey

    Check out the Galveston buoy http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/show_plot.php?station=42035&meas=wvht&uom=E&time_diff=-5&time_label=CDT Freeport http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/show_plot.php?station=42019&meas=wvht&uom=E&time_diff=-5&time_label=CDT Corpus http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/show_plot.php?station=42020&meas=wvht&uom=E&time_diff=-5&time_label=CDT
  12. 2500 Transducer Placement

    If you remove the panel under the batteries you will see the spot on the port side fwd of the step. The factory did a good job with placement you can even install the ducer without taking the boat off trailer.
  13. PATHY 2400 POWERPOLE????

    On the TRS I think transom mount is better, pole mounts lower easier to fish around. The factory puts a plate in the transom on the STBD side where the pole bolts up
  14. Bravo 1 FS

    The FS was a fast prop it slung a blade awhile back running a 22 REV 4 XP now with similar numbers to the post above.
  15. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    I thought about it but it kind of defeats the auto deploy feature if I have to go to the bow and unhook the ram mount it would probably limit the trim not letting the unit go all the way down. I have not had a belt failure since the upgraded parts were installed.